Wednesday, December 21, 2011

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Ron Paul Hails Wikileaks Traitor Bradley Manning

According to Mr. Paul, Manning is a "political hero" and a "true patriot". (from back in January)

Manning is the very definition of a traitor.... (as in Dante's 9th). Having sworn not to reveal intelligence secrets, he did anyway.  Not for any particular reason either, other than that he was mad at the U.S.  Manning had no idea of what he revealed,  -- Mr. Paul's statement that there was a principle or conscience rings hollow here.  There was no rhyme or reason.  Manning just started shoveling information to Julian Assange as fast as he could.  He could have been endangering the lives U.S. military or diplomatic personnel. He had no idea what he was broadcasting, only that it probably would hurt America.   His intent was not to correct any policy...but only to punish his Country.

If this is how "Ron Paul Junior", (Manning) acts with the relatively small responsibility with which he was entrusted, then imagine how "Ron Paul Senior" will act if we entrust him..........everything!!

For Ron Paul to hold Manning up as a "political hero" shows that Paul utterly lacks patriotism, and holds an open contempt for America's military.  The more I watch him and his feigned calls for "strict constitutionalism", the more I realize that for him,  "strict constitutionalism" is anarchism.  He pretends to call us back to our roots, but we never had those roots!  He reminds me more and more of a cuckoo, not a crazy girl, but a real cuckoo chick....the kind that is snuck into a nest and then kicks all the real offspring over the edge!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Man to Call Ron Paul Out

Can a Candidate for U.S. President be for legalizing prostitution, homosexual marriage, heroine, marijuana and still be hailed by conservatives?

How about .... can he imply with a straight face that George Bush deliberately allowed terrorists to fly into the World Trade Center?

He can if his name is Ron Paul.  Up until now, conservatives have given Paul a pass.

To listen to the likes of Sean Hannity flattering Paul and saying he agrees with most of what Paul advocates is, well, it says a lot about Mr. Hannity. 

Maybe all this Ron- Paul- coddling is coming to an end.................

Monday, December 12, 2011

Some Medal of Honor Recipients' Endorsement for President

Whoever made this video seems to 'get it'.  I don't think a president should treat being Commander in Chief of the military as just an added duty.  It is the central part of the office.  Why do so many non-veterans aspire to lead our nation's military? 

I know there are successful football coaches who have never sweated out on the field, restaurant magnates who have never bussed a table, but I don't think there are very many.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Comedian Jimmy Fallon Gives thumbs down to " Active Participatioin"

: Do you still go to church?
Mr. FALLON: I don’t go to – I tried to go back. When I was out in L.A. and I was kind of struggling for a bit. I went to church for a while, but it’s kind of, it’s gotten gigantic now for me. It’s like too… There’s a band. There’s a band there now, and you got to, you have to hold hands with people through the whole Mass now, and I don’t like doing that. You know, I mean, it used to be the shaking hands piece was the only time you touched each other.
GROSS: Mm-hmm.
Mr. FALLON: Now, I’m holding hands – now I’m lifting people. Like Simba.
Mr. FALLON: I’m holding them (Singing) ha nah hey nah ho.
(Speaking) I’m doing too much. I don’t want – there’s Frisbees being thrown, there’s beach balls going around, people waving lighters, and I go, ‘This is too much for me.’ I want the old way. I want to hang out with the, you know, with the nuns, you know, that was my favorite type of Mass, and the grotto, and just like straight up, just Mass Mass.........

....Mr. Fallon is only 37.  He was one "of the children" the liturgical experts had in mind when they changed everything "for the children".  These experts never take responsibility for hounding people like Jimmy Fallon out of the Church.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Archbp Nichols (UK) stays true to form

From Fr. Blake's blog we learn that the Archbishop of Westminster believes.....homosexual unions which imitate the permanence of marriage are a good thing!  btw he also really does not like Catholics kneeling....

Archbishop Backs Equality

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Archbishop Backs Equality

The Archbisop of Westminster said at a recent press following the Bishop bi-annual meeting:
We would want to emphasise that civil partnerships actually provide a structure in which people of the same sex who want a lifelong relationship [and] a lifelong partnership can find their place and protection and legal provision,
As a Church we are very committed to the notion of equality so that people are treated the same across all the activities of life. The Church holds great store by the value of commitment in relationships and undertakings that people give. Stability in society depends upon the reliability of commitments that people give. That might be in offering to do a job but especially in their relationships with one another. Equality and commitment are both very important and we fully support them.
He did go on to say, "equality and commitment do not amount to marriage".

As is pointed out here, "The bishops conference position on civil partnerships appears to have shifted from 2003 when it told the Government that civil unions would not promote the common good and we therefore strongly oppose them".
It appears that the 2003 CDF document Legal Recognition of Homosexual Unions only applies to Marriage, itself not "civil partnerships. I had obviously misunderstood as the bishops once did.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Catholic Convert Gingrich Displays Protestant Bias

[Friends,  this article is from "TPM".  I post it only because it betrays Newt Gingrich's solid Protestant bias.  i.e. Gingrich's implication - in his interview below- that " the Virgin Mary was not perfect" . 

 There are those among us who are jaundiced towards converts --mostly because of  the deficient state of catechism for adult converts (RCIA classes) . How much Catholicism are they taught? (before they get paraded before the Faithful as modern-day St. Pauls "fresh from Damascus")

  Certainly Mr. Gingrich, who is "the smartest man in the room" could not so blithely say such a thing if he were:

either   a) aware of Catholic Marian dogma or

or         b) a serious student of his new Faith

or         c) more concerned with testifying to what is True than pandering to Christians who believe the Blessed Virgin was a sinner.

Perhaps I  am over-reacting?   ]

Newt: I’m Not The Perfect Candidate — Nobody Is Perfect, Except Christ

Newt GingrichNewt Gingrich

(Gringrich) “I think — look, anybody who’s honest about it knows that no person except Christ has ever been perfect. So I don’t claim to be the perfect candidate. I just claim to be a lot more conservative than Mitt Romney, and a lot more electable than anybody else.
And I think if you look at my track record of reforming welfare, cutting taxes, balancing the federal budget for four straight years, leading House Republicans to their first majority in 40 years, and their first re-election as a majority since 1928, I think that stacks up pretty well.”
Gingrich has previously invoked the grace and forgiveness of God when dealing with a key imperfection of his: His past infidelity and divorces.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Tantamergo indicts Archbp Gomez' architecture

Archbishop Gomez is considered "conservative".  He was only in San Antonio after 2004.  Maybe this is not his baby?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

2011 National Catholic Youth Conference has priests movin' and groovin'

From Indianapolis last week.  Sponsors for the event included GIA and WLP music publishers, and Lifeteen, among others.

The Fr. Tony Ricard dancing video is from NCYC's 2007

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Father Francis Michel to remain close to Thiberville

France 3 haute normandie 23/11/2011 19h by Thiberville

[[French speaker needed to give us a gist from the above video!!!!!]]
[[from Mundabor's blog from 23 November 2011......................]]

Great news from France, where it was announced that Father Michel, the hero of Thiberville, is now allowed to have his own parish in Le Planquay, in the smallest church of the diocese.
Le Planquay is merely 5 km away from Thiberville. Let’s call it a nice walk, or bicycle ride.
What appears evident to me is that the intent here was certainly not to “punish” Father Michel with a small church, but to allow him to remain as near as possible to his congregation.
Unfortunately, whilst Bishop Nourrichard has been clearly bypassed by the decision – forced on him by the Congregation for the Clergy – the bad news is that said Bishop Nourrichard remains in charge of the diocese. In time, perhaps, this problem will be sorted out, too.
We should pray for Bishop Nourrichard, of course. I promise you I’ll try until I succeed.
For the moment, let us rejoice for Father Michel and for his brave parishioners, soon able to have their beloved priest again.
Bishop Nourrichard was appointed to his present position by the current Pontiff.

Thanks, Mundabor!

also for French speakers.....  this is most likely the source for Mundabor

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Corpus Christi Cathedral sings Cristero National Anthem

Actually, it was last week that "Tu Reinaras" was sung.

While we are at it.......

Let's not forget Vincente Fernandez' tribute to the Cristeros!  Here is Vicente, live!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

More information about Cristiada!

Pepe Alonso's 07 Nov program.... 

Mr. Barroso begins discussing Cristiada at about 20 minutes into the program.....

About 25 minutes into the program Mr. Barroso explains that the plans are to release the film in 2012 during Holy Week!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

EWTN Still Resists Pope's Humble Invitation

This morning I watched the (daily) morning Mass on EWTN. It occurred to me that even though many communicants there do kneel for Communion, the ministers of Holy Communion still do not give them a kneeler, nor is there a Communion rail in the chapel, and additionally the ministers stand on the step above the communicants which makes it even more apparent that they are discouraging kneeling Catholics!
"If you must kneel, (sigh) then kneel, but I might just tip over on top of you!"
Add to the above, that the altar appears to be wooden, and you start to perceive subliminal messages: "No Reform of the Reform needed!" or maybe "USCCB Rocks!"
Maybe it's just me!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Vatican Cardinal Turkson Backs Protests

from Bloomberg......

Oct. 24 (Bloomberg) -- A senior Vatican official said the Occupy Wall Street protests were justified, as the Holy See called for overhauling global financial rules and establishing an international market regulator.
"Do people at a certain time have a right to say: 'Do business differently, look at the way you are doing business because this is not leading to our welfare, to our good?'" Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson told reporters at the Vatican today. "Can people demand this of the people of Wall Street? I think people can and should be able to."
The comments by the Ghanaian-born cardinal came as the Vatican office he heads, the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, called for changes in the way financial markets are run and regulated. The appeal is the latest by the Vatican following a 2009 encyclical by Pope Benedict XVI calling for a new financial order.
The council laid out its proposals in a document released today in Vatican City that included a call for taxing financial transactions. Economic injustices including "the hoarding of goods on a great scale" may create "a climate of growing hostility and even violence, and ultimately undermine the very foundations of democratic institutions, even those considered most solid," according to the text.
The Vatican called for a global authority with "universal jurisdiction" over financial policy, including a "central world bank" with functions similar to those of national ones. Such sweeping changes would have to be "gradual," according to the document.
"Everybody knows about globalization, everybody feels its impact," Turkson said. "But single individual countries don't have the competence to deal with it."
--Editors: Alan Crawford, Dan LiefgreenRead more:

Compare Cardinal Turkson's idea of expanding one world government with the definition of "subsidiarity" found in Wikipedia--of all places! 

Subsidiarity is an organizing principle that matters ought to be handled by the smallest, lowest or least centralized competent authority. Political decisions should be taken at a local level if possible, rather than by a central authority. [1] The Oxford English Dictionary defines subsidiarity as the idea that a central authority should have a subsidiary function, performing only those tasks which cannot be performed effectively at a more immediate or local level.
The word subsidiarity is derived from the Latin word subsidiarius and has its origins in Catholic social teaching.......

Subsidiarity--that governments should be as localized and as small as possible-- is part of the Church's social teaching.  Cardinal Turkson's idea contradicts it.  not only does he contradict "subsidiarity", he contradicts himself.  He seems to be saying...."the solution to the problems of globalization is more globalization!"

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Republican Candidates' disappointing answers on Iraq and Afghanistan

It seems that the Republicans have taken Bill Clinton's advice "it's the economy, stupid" to heart. All GOP talk is about the President Obama's dismal economic ventures.

Whatever has happened to the party of our nation's security?

What has happened to the party of our nation's honor?

The fact remains we have put our hands "to the plow" in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it has cost our "military families" dearly. Not all have lost loved ones or limbs. But many have. What lesson have we learned from their sacrifice? Do we "look back" now? And say "It was all a big mistake! (Sorry!)" ????

Republican hopefuls now compete with one another over who would be quickest to bring our troops home! Some are even labelling Afghanistan "Obama's war"! They never mention the "V" word perhaps because it is axiomatic that in war there are only two possible outcomes: victory or some version of defeat and they have opted for the latter.

This is dishonorable in the extreme. Thousands have willingly laid down their lives and tens of thousands have willingly surrendered arms, legs, even testicles (It is a sad fact that half of the blasts that blow off legs do not detour around the genitalia). Do we not owe it to them, our heroes, and to our national honor to do whatever it takes to win these wars? Do Mitt Romney and crew really think we have been defeated? Can they, like modern day Pilates "wash their hands" and pretend we can just run away and bear no responsibility for the ensuing slaughter of Afghanis and Iraqis who cooperated with Americans?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bishops in Phoenix and in Madison (WI) reduce distribution of Most Precious Blood

His Excellency, Bishop Morlino, along with Phoenix' Bishop Olmsted, have both called into question the practice of frequently distributing Christ's Blood during Holy Communion. More than questioning the practice, they are restricting it! Bishop Morlino has pointed out that the original permission for the practice was granted only for a 30 year trial in 1975. Finally we have a Bishop who can do the math!

The practice of distributing under both kinds is a source of all kinds of liturgical confusion. "If I receive the Host in one location and then have to walk 30 feet to another site to receive the Blood, then what sign of reverence is required before the Chalice being as I still carry the Body of Christ in my mouth? What about the three or four other extraordinary ministers I must pass getting back to my seat? a genuflection for each?

The question of "both kinds" is closely bound to the practice of multiplying exctraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. They stand everywhere, so there are multiple foci of worship for a believer approaching the Sacrament. He is likely to pass three or four Sacred Species prior to arriving. This is how the practice breeds 'familiarity', and then a lackadaisical attitude towards the Sacrament.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

is father Michel of Thiberville gone?

Steven Janco's New Gloria Has People 'Swayin' to the Music'!

Corpus Christ Cathedral debuted the new translation of the Gloria this Sunday. The musical accompaniment was by Steven Janco, of World Liturgical Press, Renssalear Program.

The tune is a fast waltz rythm, and it is apparently difficult to keep from swaying to the 6/8 beat. We noticed one of our priests "movin' and groovin'" to the new tune. I'm afraid this is an example of trying to mix oil with water. It's possible if you stir really hard! I believe it would be more congruent with the Holy Father's intention simply to apply Gregorian melodies (now that the Gloria has been translated to follow Latin phrasing.) Or, even to some of the beautiful polyphonic settings, e.g. William Byrd here:

This might disappoint composers looking to get a lock on becoming the "Marty Haugen" for the new Translation, - and to turn a quick profit. Sorry.

There is also the need to prevent as much as possible Church funds being funneled to the same tired-old composers who have been part and parcel of the Church's decline over the past 50 years. Bill Veeck was once asked his opinion of the high salaries paid to superstars. Veeck replied that he wasn't bothered by the high cost of excellence, but that he was aghast at the high cost of mediocrity. We've paid enough! Let's have excellence!

Let's not fund the Pope's enemies!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Rockford Bishop breaks USCCB's gag rule!

His Excellency, Bishop Doran, makes a candid reference to the Holy Father's humble example of distributing Communion to kneeling Catholics only. The bishop of Rockford (Illinois) also goes as far as to say that the Holy Father's action has MEANING!

This is most certainly a "crack in the dike" of USCCB solidarity. The USCCB's attempt to undermine the Pope's intentions by "staying mum" cannot survive an open discussion! The USCCB's "stand for Communion " [and "stand against the pope"] rule can last only as long as discussion is strangled and ignorance reigns.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kneeling Catholic takes on Reverend Know It All

RevKIA>>I still get irritated when someone flops to their knees in the Communion line, causing the people behind them to trip. <<<

I love RevKIA's style and follow his blog. From previous posts Father has written, I assumed he was a friend to kneeling Catholics. Not so! Father apparently believes kneeling Catholics are disobedient! Not to mention prideful-attention-grabbers!

Father, when someone kneels in Communion line it makes them harder to see.

(Most soldiers who have been under fire will tell you, keeping low to the ground makes it harder for enemy snipers to spot you.)

Often the only people to notice kneeling Catholics are:

1. The minister of Holy Communion

2. The altar server at his side

3. The person immediately behind the kneeling Catholic.

Anyone else noticing must be making a real effort, or else watching the Communion line on TV!

RevKIA>>I still get irritated when someone flops to their knees in the Communion line, causing the people behind them to trip. <<<

Father! (I tried to post this on his blog but was unsuccessful)
How many people have you seen tripped by a kneeling Catholic? I'm serious.
I normally love reading your blog, but this remark is quite hurtful. If you're going to discuss why kneeling Catholics get on your nerves, then why not
begin by explaining how the Holy Father and the Vatican have confused us by stating, in deed and in word [], that kneeling Communion is preferred?

I frankly do not see the benefit of 'obeying' local clerics who themselves are disobediently ignoring the Pope's intention, and are using their authority to command us to disregard him as well. Maybe the best way for you American clerics to teach us obedience would be for you, yourselves to model it!

respectfully yours,


Thursday, September 22, 2011

AD ORIENTEM in King George, Virginia

There is at least one parish in America listening to the Holy Father`s liturgical concerns.(St. Anthony's of the Arlington diocese)
Father B. has many kneeling communicants, and his N.O. mass is said Ad Orientem. K.C. has this from a Baptist friend who attended, and who was quite taken by the holy reverence and holy silence there. btw, it wasn't silent because there weren't parishioners. The church was packed.

If being attractive to protestants is what the liturgy is about, -and this is what our brothers and sisters with the tambourines tell us-, then here is one instance of a Baptist being drawn and captivated by the simplicity and beauty of an old fashioned 'low-mass''. This, of course, reminds me of the first remark I ever read from Bishop Athanasius Schneider: that if a Muslim were to wander into a Catholic church and were to see Catholics on their knees-- receiving Holy Communion--it could not help but impress him, and also serve as a living testimony to Truth of our Faith.

UPDATE: This diocese was invilved in some controversy, back on 2002-acc to les femmes-regarding kneeling. It certainly seems to be on the right track now!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

More "chatter" about Cristiada

comments on Cristiada's Facebook page and Angelqueen blog indicate the premier might be in.............May 2012 :-(

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spokane Bishop, Wakinya Ska, bans pro-life prayers


comes news that Bishop Blaze Cupich, AKA Wakinya Ska

has forbidden his priests and seminarians from praying outside of abortion clinics.

If this is indeed the case, this would be another example of a progressive, inculturating, American bishop who is trying to put a distance between himself and pro-lifers.

There is a bond between reverent worship of God and reverence for life.


On the eve of the 2008 presidential election, Bishop Cupich wrote an op-ed piece for America magazine condemning Catholics who might vote against Barak Obama solely because he was black. Cupich tried to maintain an even-handed appearance saying it was also evil to support any politician solely because they were "pro-abortion".

Please note that his Excellency did not say it was sinful to vote for a candidate because he might be "pro-choice", which in many people's minds is not the same as "pro-abortion". Nor did the bishop say voting for a candidate because he is "pro-abortion" AND pro-homosexual marriage is sinful. Bishop Cupich said voting "pro-abortion" is only sinful if being "pro-abortion" is the "sole" issue..........

In any election people have many reasons to support one candidate or to oppose another. Some of these reasons may be wise and good, some not so good, and others simply wrong. The promotion neither of abortion nor racism can ever be a motivation for one’s vote. Voting for a candidate solely because of that candidate’s support for abortion or against him or her solely on the basis of his or her race is to promote an intrinsic evil. To do so consciously is indeed sinful. That is behavior incompatible with being a Christian. To allow racism to reign in our hearts and to determine our choice in this solemn moment for our nation is to cooperate with one of the great evils that has afflicted our society. In the words of Brothers and Sisters to Us, “It mocks the words of Jesus, ‘Treat others the way you would have them treat you.’”Blase Cupich

Nowhere does the bishop say it would be a good thing to vote against a politician because he is "pro-choice"!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Christine @ Laudem Gloriae makes her point!

Christine has an excellent post about priests who give scandal by their callous treatment of the Holy Particles.

This is one of several good points which, if logically stressed, does fatal damage to any-old-way Communion. The Church teaches that each of these tiny Particles is all of Christ, Body-Blood-Soul-Divinity.
(The Jesuit Martyr Edmund Campion expressed a similar logic when he stated that one Drop of the Precious Blood could redeem a thousand worlds!).

But how is this awesome Truth exemplified when:
1) Priests callously brush the Particles to the floor?
2) Priests do not carefully purify their fingers after touching the Species?
3) every single extraordinary minister of Holy Communion does not purify their fingers after touching the Species?
4) every single communicant does not purify their fingers after touching the Species? [there was a time well over a thousand years ago when this was the practice]

If any of the above is the case in a parish, (i.e. the Particles of the Sacred Species are being treated with indifference), then the Truth of the matter is either:

a) not believed
b) callously disregarded

Please feel free to refute what I have said. I would like to believe there is a "c)"
but I can't...:-(


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Have Mark Shea and James Akin seen this?

This is Michael Voris 19APR discussion about Catholics who kneel for Holy Communion....
He addresses many of the weak arguments trotted out against kneeling e.g...
1) kneeling makes people trip
2) kneeling slows down the queue
3) kneeling makes people with bad knees feel left out
4) etc....

Voris demonstrates that the people who make these arguments are world champion one-minute-scholars, i.e. people who believe 60 seconds of contemplation given to any particular topic is sufficient to master it.

If either Mr. Shea or Mr. Akin can refute even one of Voris' arguments in this video, I'll shut this blog down! Oh yeah, Frank of YIMCatholic, you are also welcome to try and shut me up-as well! I'll even print your posts when you 'dare' to disagree with me .......

Ok, don't limit yourself to answering Voris' arguments here...make some of your own!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dean Wright set to announce Cristiada's premier!!!

Dean>>>An announcement will be made as soon as everything is set. It shouldn't be too much longer. Hang in there please!! Viva Cristo Rey!!<<<

Dean!! You have us on pins and needles! I for one, want a T-shirt!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Glasglow Archbishop Conti interprets new Translation as a sign we should continue to Stand for Holy Communion


Ever read 'The Last Battle?' If you have, then you know it is possible for people to misinterpret signs. In C.S. Lewis final book of the Narnia series, Shift, an ape, convinces a donkey to dress up as Aslan. The excerpt about interpreting signs is posted below.

Our Holy Father has mounted a single-handed battle for reverence. The new English translation is part of that. Kneeling for Holy Communion is part of that. The Vatican has even gone as far as to issue a statement to that effect ....

How does his Grace, Archb Conti interpret these signs?

Why, the Holy Father, or God Himself or somebody important must really wants us all to STAND for Holy Communion! Oh yeah, those genuflections? Let's lose those too! Just nod your head or take a bow and move on! Can't you see? It's so plain!.........Queuing up is so worhip! .........Next!!................................

((from C.S. Lewis' Last Battle) At that moment there came a great thunderclap right overhead and the ground trembled with a small earthquake. Both the animals lost their balance and were flung on their faces.
"There!" gasped Puzzle, as soon as he had breath to speak. "It's a sign, a warning. I knew we were doing something dreadfully wicked. Take this wretched skin off me at once."

"No, no," said the Ape (whose mind worked very quickly)."It's a sign the other way. I was just going to say that if the real Aslan, as you call him, meant us to go on with this, he would send us a thunderclap and an earth-tremor. It was just on the tip of my tongue,only the sign itself came before I could get the words out. You've got to do it now, Puzzle. And please don't let us have any more arguing. You know you don't understand these things. What could a donkey know about signs?" What could a donkey know about signs?" (Shift the ape)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vatican statement on kneeling for Holy Communion

(I must say THANKYOU to Deacon ('s bench) Kandra, for tipping me off to this---I, k.c., was unaware that kneeling Catholics now have an actual document Vatican statement to lean upon! This all makes it more puzzling for me to see how people with good, careful, instincts, like Deacon Kandra [[see his post]] and James Akin, can still insist on playing the 'GIRM card' on kneeling Catholics. [the GIRM says kneeling Catholics must be pastorally admonished for kneeling] Fine! Play your little Amchurch GIRM card! We trump your GIRM with our King!


Communion received on the tongue and while kneeling
The most ancient practice of distributing Holy Communion was, with all probability, to give Communion to the faithful in the palm of the hand. The history of the liturgy, however, makes clear that rather early on a process took place to change this practice.

From the time of the Fathers of the Church, a tendency was born and consolidated whereby distribution of Holy Communion in the hand became more and more restricted in favor of distributing Holy Communion on the tongue. The motivation for this practice is two-fold: a) first, to avoid, as much as possible, the dropping of Eucharistic particles; b) second, to increase among the faithful devotion to the Real Presence of Christ in the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

Saint Thomas Aquinas also refers to the practice of receiving Holy Communion only on the tongue. He affirms that touching the Body of the Lord is proper only to the ordained priest.
Therefore, for various reasons, among which the Angelic Doctor cites respect for the Sacrament, he writes: “. . . out of reverence towards this Sacrament, nothing touches it, but what is consecrated; hence the corporal and the chalice are consecrated, and likewise the priest's hands, for touching this Sacrament. Hence, it is not lawful for anyone else to touch it except from necessity, for instance, if it were to fall upon the ground, or else in some other case of urgency” (Summa Theologiae, III, 82, 3).

Over the centuries the Church has always characterized the moment of Holy Communion with sacredness and the greatest respect, forcing herself constantly to develop to the best of her ability external signs that would promote understanding of this great sacramental mystery. In her loving and pastoral solicitude the Church has made sure that the faithful receive Holy Communion having the right interior dispositions, among which dispositions stands out the need for the Faithful to comprehend and consider interiorly the Real Presence of Him Whom they are to receive. (See The Catechism of Pope Pius X, nn. 628 & 636).

The Western Church has established kneeling as one of the signs of devotion appropriate to communicants. A celebrated saying of Saint Augustine, cited by Pope Benedict XVI in n. 66 of his Encyclical Sacramentum Caritatis, ("Sacrament of Love"), teaches: “No one eats that flesh without first adoring it; we should sin were we not to adore it” (Enarrationes in Psalmos 98, 9). Kneeling indicates and promotes the adoration necessary before receiving the Eucharistic Christ.

From this perspective, the then-Cardinal Ratzinger assured that: "Communion only reaches its true depth when it is supported and surrounded by adoration" [The Spirit of the Liturgy (Ignatius Press, 2000), p. 90]. For this reason, Cardinal Ratzinger maintained that “the practice of kneeling for Holy Communion has in its favor a centuries-old tradition, and it is a particularly expressive sign of adoration, completely appropriate in light of the true, real and substantial presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ under the consecrated species” [cited in the Letter "This Congregation" of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, 1 July 1, 2002].

John Paul II, in his last Encyclical, Ecclesia de Eucharistia ("The Church comes from the Eucharist"), wrote in n. 61: “By giving the Eucharist the prominence it deserves, and by being careful not to diminish any of its dimensions or demands, we show that we are truly conscious of the greatness of this gift. We are urged to do so by an uninterrupted tradition, which from the first centuries on has found the Christian community ever vigilant in guarding this ‘treasure.’ Inspired by love, the Church is anxious to hand on to future generations of Christians, without loss, her faith and teaching with regard to the mystery of the Eucharist. There can be no danger of excess in our care for this mystery, for ‘in this sacrament is recapitulated the whole mystery of our salvation.’”

In continuity with the teaching of his Predecessor, starting with the Solemnity of Corpus Christi in the year 2008, the Holy Father, Benedict XVI, began to distribute to the faithful the Body of the Lord, by placing it directly on the tongue of the faithful as they remain kneeling.


Monday, August 29, 2011

James Akin and kneeling

James, a kneeling Catholic himself, seems to be trying to toe the USCCB's GIRM line. [GIRM says it. James believes it. That settles it!] Our GIRM still says: if you kneel for Holy Communion, then you are in need of catechesis....are you, Mr. Akin, somehow deficient in your understanding of the Holy Eucharist and in need of pastoral Cathechesis? Our American GIRM has said so since 2002! (This 'teaching' of the Amchurch has been in force for 9 years and still is in force for at least 3 more months, despite the impression you give on your podcast, that this statement was quickly edited out of the GIRM in a matter of moments, perhaps being written with disappearing ink!)

James, is there something wrong with admitting that this old GIRM is in conflict with this new Pope? You are being too much like Amchurch bishops who insist there was never anything 'wrong' with the current translation of the Liturgy, but it still needed to be 'corrected'! Will the universe "explode at the speed of light" if an Amchurch, establishment Catholic admits it when the Amchurch is wrong when it ignores and undermines the pope?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mark Shea defends Communion in the Hand

Blogger Mark Shea, [my print is purple, his is black] has been conducting a one-man anti-Michael Voris campaign and has recently put in some good words for Communion in the hand. (American style Communion "any old way")

Why is Mr. Shea trying to defend this vestige of the 70's [and of the Protestant Reformation]? I guess because Voris opposes it.

Shea bases his rebuttal on the false axiom: liturgy is all a matter of taste like whether or not one likes 'chocolate'.....

[MARK SHEA]...................................
.....That Michael Voris really likes communion on the tongue? Duly noted. I like chocolate. [nice patronizing tone!!] Some gnostics felt that all gustatory pleasure was an evil snare because the body is evil. But does that mean that those who don’t prefer chocolate are somehow kindred spirits with gnostic enemies of our Incarnate Eucharistic Lord? No it doesn’t. And neither, in the end, are those who receive communion in the hand where Holy Church permits it.Read more:
.... >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

..note how Shea abides by the AmChurch 'gag rule' regarding the Holy Father's humble example. i.e. "Don't mention it!" Shea manages to lambast Voris' advocacy of kneeling Communion without ever mentioning the pope's or the head of the CDW's invitation to all Catholics to do the same.

Comments: by "Censor Librorum" (apparently Mr. Shea bans people from commenting on his blog ) sorry, Censor, I'm not banning you, but I am 'bleeping' your post!censor....Ib......

Corpus Christi Diocese Schools teach Communion in the Hand

(His Excellency Bishop Mulvey distributing Holy Communion)

Want to know the best predicter of whether or not a child in the Corpus Christi Diocese will take Communion in the hand -any old way- ....or receive it, reverently, on the tongue?

The answer is: whether or not you send them to a Catholic school in the City of Corpus Christi. From observing the 'Catholic schools Mass', (see photos) there seems to be only one school in the Diocese, St. Anthony's in Robstown, which instills simple, reverent reception. (see the pictures on the website-- of the two girls in plain white blouses. Note their hands folded in prayer and their worshipful demeanor!)

Additionally, if you travel the diocese to small towns which have no Catholic schools, you will certainly see much less hand Communion. From this, it is logical to conclude that it is the Catholic schools themselves that promote hand Communion.

This fits in with a theme I see as a simple fact: the "spirit of Vatican II" reforms have been imposed on the little people, by the "people that run things". Therefore, the farther you go from "power centers", like out to little towns or to Latvia!, the more you will see traditional Catholic customs. People that run things like to be around power centers, [like fire ants like to be around dirty laundry!] Generally they have little interest in rural areas.

This is not to say that 'hand Communion' is part of the diocese's official curriculum, but only that the atmosphere of the schools, the examples set by teachers, principals, religion teachers--actively counteracts the 'reverency initiatives' ofthe Holy Father himself!

The last photo is from the 2010 graduation Mass for Corpus Christi's John Paul II High School.

Kneeling Catholic had hoped that this photo was a glimpse of things to come. A simple imitation of the Holy Father's example. Now it just seems to have been only a brief respite from our Diocese's downward spiral, i.e. its turning a deaf ear to our Holy Father's cri du coer*.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Deacon Greg Kandra of 'Deacon's Bench' Speaks against the Pope's Initiative

YIMCATHOLIC / "Why I am Catholic" is a new blog out which lately has tried to up its readership/hits by piling on Father Corapi and now, Michael Voris.

YIMC has a tendentious posting policy...i.e. if you challenge YIMC and show them to be irrational or disingenuine, they will not print your post. period

[[thanks to Father Ray Blake for the nice picture]]

I know a poster who was recently censored for simply pointing out that Karl Rahner, a hero for YIMCATHOLIC, was a public dissenter from Human Vitae. That post never saw the light of day on YIMCATHOLIC.

I know a poster who pointed out how 'Frank', YIMCATHOLIC's editor--claiming to love the fact that the Pope was INVITING people to receive Communion kneeling and how he loved that style of leadership ---then turning around within a paragraph or two and saying he would prefer a directive from the Holy Father -- was trying to have it both ways.......That post never saw the light of day on YIMCATHOLIC.

Apparently YIMC just loves invitations -rather than directives- because they are so easy to ignore!? Maybe Paul VI should have just put Humana Vitae out as a suggestion?

Now that YIMCATHOLIC has gotten in on attacking the Pope's "Kneeling during Communion" invitation the blog has attracted a new cheerleader: Deacon Greg Kandra... [Deacon's Bench blog]
Kandra, not being up to directly attacking the Pope for inviting people to kneel, instead attacks Voris for drawing attention to the Pope's invitation........

>Deacon Greg Kandra said...
>Michael Voris has also stated that the preferred method for receiving communion is kneeling >and on the tongue -- a notion that is not only incorrect, but patently false, as anyone can >discover by a quick scan of the GIRM. He's got strong opinions. But he's not the most >authoritative or reliable of teachers.
>August 21, 2011 10:50 PM

Too bad for you, Deacon Kandra, some of us still believe that 1 + 1= 2!! If you condemn kneeling when the Pope invites us to kneel, then you are setting yourself up against the Holy Father. Most American clerics have the cunning to ignore the Pope, rather than trying to explain why they think he is wrong and they are right. Most, but not you!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

News about the film Cristiada!

Hey you Spanish speakers!! give me a synopsis of these!

Producer Pablob Barroso speaks here of the importance of 'fighting for your Faith'....
(He considers this film to be a big salvo in the battle for truth)

And child-actor Mauricio Kuri speaks here

and here!

(This is a very moving testimony of how this experience has opened the young man's eyes to the great fire which should burn in each Catholic's heart -- having such heroes as the Cristeros)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Queen Sofia of Spain can kneel!

A while back,

k.c. published a photo of her Highness, Queen Sofia of Spain, --breaking convention--refusing to kneel and then taking Communion in the hand from the Pope. K.c., and others who were scandalized, got chided for jumping conclusions and being un-charitable "Is it possible that the woman has a bad knee and is unable to kneel? I’m just askin’" more charitable commentators opined. has video of her greeting the Pope earlier today. k.c. is thankful that her Highness has gotten over her stiff joints!! k.c. will also 'look the other way' when her Highness receives Jesus this time around..............NOT!!!!!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bishop Athanasius Schneider Stays on Message

Friends! On the 19th of last month his Excellency, Athanasius Schneider spoke on Radio Maria SudTirol, [Region on the Swiss/Italian border].

His topic--as it often is- was Hand Communion. An article from is copied below. In it Bishop Schneider says:

1) the post Vatican II 'historians'--who claimed they were re-instituting an earlier form of Communion by introducing Hand Communion-- were wrong.

2) the current practice of Hand Communion is a crass imitation of the Hand Communion invented by Calvinist Congregations of the 16th CTY who saw it as a way to destroy Faith in the Real Presence. Not even Martin Luther would have allowed such a casual reception.

This man, Schneider, has the Holy Father's ear! And the Holy Spirit has Bishop Schneider's ear! Please listen to his message. If you believe the Holy Eucharist is the Center of our Faith, then reverence and adoration for It are paramount! We cannot progress, we cannot build, we cannot win, if we do not hear this simple message!

[[thanks to Eponymous Flower for this tip-off]]

.....use Google Translate!!

Das hätte es nicht einmal bei Luther gegeben
Im letzten Jahrhundert ertrotzten altliberale Bischöfe die Handkommunion. Sie benützten dazu eine Geschichtslüge.

Weihbischof Athanasius Schneider© Marko Tervaportti, Wikipedia, CC
( Die heutige Handkommunion hat keine urkirchlichen Wurzeln.Das betonte Weihbischof Athanasius Schneider (50) von Astana in Kasachstan am 19. Juli vor dem Radiosender ‘Radio Maria Südtirol’.Mons. Schneider ist promovierter Patristiker.Die Handkommunion wurde nach dem Zweiten Vatikanum „ganz neu“ erfunden – stellt der Weihbischof fest.Die Handkommunion hat mit der frühen Kirche nichts zu tun

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cardinal Wuerl says nothing wrong with current translation

Cardinal Wuerl and Scott Hahn's 2nd in Command, Mike Aquilina, have teamed up for a Book promoting the new translation of the Liturgy.

Some of the Cardinal's former progressive allies-- e.g. Praytellblog-- are disappointed that a Cardinal, of the progressive camp, is not standing with his old friends, e.g. Bishop Trautman. Trautman opposes the new translation and wants to stay with the current translation of the Liturgy.

[For posts regarding the Cardinal Wuerl's "progressive" credentials, like his defending pro-abortion politicians' right to Communion see and see this for Wuerl's refusal to discipline pro-choice Catholic pol William Coyne]

Despite Cardinal Wuerl's coauthoring a book promoting the new translation, in an (Feb 2011) EWTN interview discussing his book, the Cardinal did display some talent for straddling both opposing sides' position

.......The cardinal said there is nothing “wrong” with the current translation. “It’s just that now we have a fuller, and I believe richer explanation of, and proclamation of, our faith.”Catholics uncomfortable with the changes should realize nothing essential is being changed, he said.“I’m very sympathetic to people who say ‘I prefer we don’t have any changes at all.’ But change is a part of life even in the unfolding of the liturgy, where we deal with the non-essential items.”.........

Really!!? There is nothing wrong with the current translation, your Emminence?
Actually there is lots wrong with the current translation!! Even praytellblog admits there are severe deficiencies in the " current translation"! If, his Emminence sees nothing wrong with the current translation, then why is it being tossed aside and replaced with something strikingly different? Why is our current ICEL English translation being singled out by the Vatican's CDW as the one translation out of a thousand most in need of replacement? Why is the CDW demanding that the American Church stop using it?

Cardinal Wuerl's self-contradiction reminds me of the absent-minded surgeon who had to schedule a second operation for a patient after he accidentally removed the man's only good leg, but who then still insisted that his first surgery a smashing success!

I won't be buying this book.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cristero film to be released in Madrid during World Youth Day?

[[not a rumor anymore!! Director Wright let's us in on the fact that the World Youth Day attendees will witness selected scenes. The release is yet to come, but soon we will hear the prospective date for a SIMULTANEOUS WORLDWIDE RELEASE!]]
Dean Wright>>>>>CRISTIADA in Madrid, Spain!There will be a special presentation of selected scenes from CRISTIADA on 17 Aug., as this year's "World Youth Day" kicks off with a "Day of Cinema". As Director, the hosts have invited me to speak about the movie & my experiences making it. I'll also be speaking about NARNIA. <<<<

Thank you, Dean Wright!!!

Oh, wouldn't it be nice WHEN our young people at World Youth Day ARE inspired by genuine models traditional Christian piety and chivalry and not by some poor imitation of the Woodstock experience!

Those of us --not familiar with how long a film usually sits before it is released-- are getting impatient! I have no doubt that no matter how long we must wait to see the film, it will be worth it. The world has already waited 80 years to learn this story! What's another few months?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

John Allen vs. Conservatives on Archbishop Sambi

'Sambi was at times put off by the seemingly monolithic focus of some American Catholic leaders on the "life issues"'
says NCR's Allen


......One cornerstone of a nuncio's job, of course, is to shape the appointment of a country's bishops. It's well known that Sambi didn't always get his way, but his influence was nevertheless considerable. Over the last six years, (Sambi was at times put off by the seemingly monolithic focus of some American Catholic leaders on the "life issues". has been someone who's unquestionably orthodox, but not a cultural warrior or an ideologue. [[Permit me to comment! This seems to be a search for the kind of Bishop who will have
'the faith' but no 'works' with which to back it up.]] ( (Sambi was at times put off by the seemingly monolithic focus of some American Catholic leaders on the "life issues". He once told me, "You have to be pro-life to be Catholic, but to be Catholic it's not enough to be pro-life.")
Ever the creature of the Accademia, the Vatican's elite school for diplomats, Sambi was the kind of guy who always hated to tip his hand. One of my last conversations with him came this spring, talking about the appointment of a new archbishop in Philadelphia. In typical fashion, when I asked him off the record what he was hearing about who might wind up in Philadelphia, he turned it around and asked: "Tell me, what are you hearing?"
Sambi, of course, was not without his critics. Like most diplomats, he was adept at shifting with the wind, and his penchant for answering questions with questions could leave people puzzled about what he was trying to say (which, in some cases, was probably intentional). It was also sometimes hard to figure out exactly where Sambi stood with the home office in Rome, and whether what he was telling you truly reflected the thinking either in the Secretariat of State or the papal apartment......

Allen's article is not written "to trash" the Nuncio but to explain a much admired friend. In this, Allen probably comes closer to presenting a clear picture of what the Archbishop was all about, than some of the eulogies delivered by conservatives.

Some conservatives credit the Nuncio with having been a straight talker, and/or a willing booster of the Church's pro-life activists. John Allen says Archbishop Sambi was neither.


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Raymond Arroyo interviews Cardinal Wuerl

update......Instead of a funeral in the U.S., a memorial Mass for Archbishop Sambi will be held at noon in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 14. The Mass will be televised on EWTN.......

Last Friday, EWTN's Raymond Arroyo chose Cardinal Wuerl as the person to eulogize the Papal Nuncio, Pietro Sambi. RIP.

It was very fitting that Arroyo should interview Cardinal Wuerl about Archbishop Sambi. Cardinal Wuerl is deeply indebted to Archbishop Sambi. When Pietro Sambi came to America, Wuerl was an embattled progressive bishop in Pittsburgh . Wuerl is now head of the most prestigious see in America and has been promoted to Cardinal as well. As Arroyo pointed out in his interview, Archbishop Sambi was the man most influential in picking American bishops, archbishops and cardinals since his arrival in 2006. Cardinal Wuerl, being Sambi's top pick, must be considered the epitomy of the American episcopacy Sambi was trying to shape.

Wuerl's 2006 installation Mass as D.C.'s archbishop included at least two striking previews of the now infamous papal Mass Wuerl would choreograph for Holy Father's 2008 visit: multicultural/multilingual performances --and prominent pro-choice politicians receiving Holy Communion, in the former case, from the Nuncio himself.

Since his promotion to the United States' chief see, Cardinal Wuerl's pronouncements have been in line with his liturgical practices. He has been outspoken about a pro-choice politician's right to Holy Communion. It would seem Cardinal Wuerl's defense of pro-choice politicians; AND his fondness for Raymond Brown hermeneutics; AND his enthusiasm for loud, non-traditional liturgies work to drown out the Holy Father's 'cri du coer'. I cannot see many logical explanations as to why Wuerl was moved from Pittsurgh to D.C.

Either the Holy Father deliberately elevates leaders who march to a dissonant tune to carry out his reforming mission, or else the Holy Father was convinced by his 'man on the ground' that Wuerl was a good pick to run things in America. (As well as being convinced by the same man that the American Church could do without bishops like Martino of Scranton who had the nerve to deny the Vice President of the U. S. Holy Communion. )

Let us all pray for the Nuncio's soul . His funeral will be held under Cardinal Wuerl's auspices [pray for him too!] and which will be certainly well-attended by pro-choice Catholic politicians.

update......Instead of a funeral in the U.S., a memorial Mass for Archbishop Sambi will be held at noon in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 14. The Mass will be televised on EWTN.......

Let's pray the funeral will not become a scandal and occasion of sin to Catholics who would like to see the Church speak clearly to politicians who flaunt the Church's teachings and then present themselves for Holy Communion. I suspect we will simply see cameras switched off for Holy Communion, as was the case with Senator Kenedy's Funeral. That is one way to avoid scandal.

There is another way to avoid giving scandal: Don't do scandalous things!

Corpus Christi Monsignor explains the multiplication of the "Loaves and Fishes" clearly and traditionally

btw, it's NOT about Jesus shaming the crowd into pulling out picnic baskets which were hidden under their dish-dashes!

Prior to dismissing the faithful, Monsignor also reminds them that each time Jesus becomes present in the Eucharist, a greater miracle occurs than the "Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes". It is Heaven itself breaking in on us!

then click on button for video of English Mass (you should see two huge bouquets of flowers on each side of the altar, if you have the correct Sunday)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Head of CDW calls on Catholics everwhere to kneel for Holy Communion [the beginning of the end of this blog!]


Victory is in sight! The Holy Father's humble example of kneeling Communion has fallen on many deaf ears but not all ears are deaf! Cardinal Canizares hears and he-as head of the CDW- is in the position to do something!

This was just made known to us by "Surge Propera" blog. Cardinal Canizares, the head of the CDW, has recommended that all Catholics (period) receive Communion kneeling and on the tongue. (period)

The Cardinal said this in a July 27? interview with (ACI/EWTN Noticias)

"Yo creo que es necesario para toda la Iglesia que la comunión se haga de rodillas"

Which is roughly translated "I believe it is necessary for the entire Church to receive Communion kneeling"

The ACI interview follows in Spanish.....Somebody get me a translation!! (please).......

Cardenal Cañizares: Es recomendable comulgar en la boca y de rodillas
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Cardenal Antonio Cañizares Llovera
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REDACCIÓN CENTRAL, 27 Jul. 11 / 12:04 am (ACI/EWTN Noticias)En entrevista concedida a ACI Prensa, el Prefecto de la Congregación para el Culto Divino y la Disciplina de los Sacramentos en el Vaticano, Cardenal Antonio Cañizares Llovera, señaló que es recomendable que los católicos comulguen en la boca y de rodillas.
Así lo indicó el Purpurado español que sirve en la Santa Sede como máximo responsable, después del Papa, de la liturgia y los sacramentos en la Iglesia Católica, al ser consultado sobre si es recomendable que los fieles comulguen o no en la mano.
La respuesta del Cardenal fue breve y sencilla: "es recomendable que los fieles comulguen en la boca y de rodillas".
Asimismo, al responder a la pregunta de ACI Prensa sobre la costumbre promovida por el Papa Benedicto XVI de hacer que los fieles que reciben la Eucaristía de él lo hagan en la boca y de rodillas, el Cardenal Cañizares dijo que eso se debe "al sentido que debe tener la comunión, que es de adoración, de reconocimiento de Dios".
"Es sencillamente saber que estamos delante de Dios mismo y que Él vino a nosotros y que nosotros no lo merecemos", afirmó.
El Purpurado dijo también que comulgar de esta forma "es la señal de adoración que es necesario recuperar. Yo creo que es necesario para toda la Iglesia que la comunión se haga de rodillas".
"De hecho –añadió– si se comulga de pie, hay que hacer genuflexión, o hacer una inclinación profunda, cosa que no se hace".
El Prefecto vaticano dijo además que "si trivializamos la comunión, trivializamos todo, y no podemos perder un momento tan importante como es comulgar, como es reconocer la presencia real de Cristo allí presente, del Dios que es amor de los amores como cantamos en una canción española".
Al ser consultado por ACI Prensa sobre los abusos litúrgicos en que incurren algunos actualmente, el Cardenal dijo que es necesario "corregirlos, sobre todo mediante una buena formación: formación de los seminaristas, formación de los sacerdotes, formación de los catequistas, formación de todos los fieles cristianos".
Esta formación, explicó, debe hacer que "se celebre bien, para que se celebre conforme a las exigencias y dignidad de la celebración, conforme a las normas de la Iglesia, que es la única manera que tenemos de celebrar auténticamente la Eucaristía".
Finalmente el Cardenal Cañizares dijo a ACI Prensa que en esta tarea de formación para celebrar bien la liturgia y corregir los abusos, "los obispos tenemos una responsabilidad muy particular, y no podemos dejarla de cumplir, porque todo lo que hagamos en que la Eucaristía se celebre bien será hacer que en la Eucaristía se participe bien".

email for kneelingcatholic is