Saturday, October 6, 2018

Marty Haugen's 'Mass of Creation' vanishes from Corpus Christi Cathedral

If anything gives me hope for the CHURCH, it is the youth.  Two posts ago I ran our diocese's introduction to it's new Director of Sacred Music.  I did highlight that he is one of 11 siblings....and his early statement emphasizing SACRED music certainly hinted that the music program might be taking a more solemn direction.  With the diocese's recordings of September's Masses, we now have a few more indicators....




September 09

...of where we are going!

A few years back I had hoped that the new English Translation would make Haugen's Mass of Creation obsolete, but alas!  Someone updated Marty's work and it was right back with us!
Now, at least in our diocesan 'flagship', Haugen is being quietly laid to rest.