Sunday, August 16, 2015

Billionaires and Big Business prove that America has become a PLUTOCRACY

 (Goldman Sachs Tower)
Sisters and Brothers!

I think I've finally figured this same-sex marriage thing out!
There are many, many articles now available which track America's amazing opinion shift with regards to same sex marriage.  Some even mention the salient point that, during the shift, America's 's biggest same sex marriage boosters have been  its billionaires and their big businesses Pundits are 'shocked' that the public opinion follows the big money so closely!  Although most claim that it is vice versa.

Friends, we are now in an atmosphere where if a state, like Indiana or Arkansas, tries to protect the rights of small mom-and-pop businesses to continue business as they always have, then billionaires  and their big businesses rush in to threaten lawmakers with economic sanctions. As they say, threats of little people's livelihoods,  threatening them with living outdoors and starvation, these are all  great incentives to enlightenment! AND it is  Godzilla versus Bambi when Walmart and Microsoft gang up against mom-and-pop!

As a 'right-winger'  it pains me to state what my left wing friends have been warning me about for years.  'follow the money'!!!!   I fear we are in the grips of a
PLUTOCRACY:  a country or society governed by the wealthy. 

If no presidential candidate can address this, nor offer a solution--like perhaps taxing the billions of dollars of accumulated wealth these people and their endowments have sitting around that they use to  threaten us with,--- then I'm just not interested!  I don't want the zillionaires' money, I just don't want it used against me! It is possible to have too much  money!!!