Friday, January 4, 2019

How to get banned from a Conservative Catholic Blog

1. Disagree with the Host
2. About traditional Republicans' dedication to the pro-life cause
3. Criticize early Abolitionist Republicans 


Learn from my indiscretions!!


Great comments, Art and Mr. M!
I wish I had seen this post earlier as it relates well to the ‘Shout your slave’ string. How? ….Just that it touches on an old-school pro-life Democrat who was pro-life at a time when some of our Republican heroes like Nixon and GHW Bush and Goldwater and even Reagan were anything but.
It was Nixon who appointed the Rockefeller commission (!!!) fretting overpopulation. Yes he was scared of that. He only rejected its abortion recommendation because Pat Buchanan advised him he might need to woo Catholic voters for the 1972 election. Even Nixon’s tepid, newly-minted, pro-life support constituted a total reversal of his Administration’s policy towards abortion, since earlier it had –by fiat- made abortions available at military hospitals REGARDLESS of local laws to the contrary.
I’m sorry, Mr. M, in retrospect, the pro-life pirouettes made by Presidents’ Nixon and Bush seem a little cynical. Viewed from the cui-bono angle, it has been to Republican politicians’ advantage to keep abortion legal just so they can have it as an issue to keep Catholics (and now Evangelicals as well) from bolting the party.

Rubbish on stilts. But for the Democrat Party Roe would long ago have been but an obscene memory. Ted Kennedy led the fight against Judge Bork, and if Bork had been on the Court Roe would have been overturned more than a quarter century ago. The strong support of most of the GOP elected officials against abortion is remarkable considering the cultural forces in academia and entertainment in lockstep support of abortion. That the Republicans also draw fire from idiot pro-lifers who can’t distinguish friends from foes is truly pathetic. Peddle your rubbish elsewhere Kneeling Catholic, you are banned from this blog.

post script....How I would have responded....
>>>> if Bork had been on the Court Roe would have been overturned more than a quarter century ago.<<<<

Mr. M, This is a 'counter-factual' argument, (a what would've happened if---------had happened). You might be right that Bork would have been willing to be the swing vote on 1992 Casey vs Planned Parenthood.  That doesn't necessarily follow, however.  20 years after his hearing Bork did convert to Catholicism, RIP. BUT At the time of his confirmation, BORK WAS AN ATHEIST. Throwing one real atheist, Bork, in with 4 other practical atheists (Blackmun, Stevens, O'connor, Souter) and expecting him to act like a Christian might not have worked.

What we do know for sure is that Five Justices voted to uphold Roe v Wade in 1992.  How many of those five Justices were appointed by Republicans?
Souter........... (Bush)
O'connor .......(Reagan)
Stevens........ (Ford)
Blackmun..... (Nixon)