Thursday, October 31, 2013


Thank you Father Alan MacDonald @ Southern Orders for tipping us off!  You always have been saying that HH had an AD ORIENTEM aspect. I admit that I had come to fear you were only 'whistling in the dark'. :-(.  I certainly did not see this one coming!

HH may surpass anyone's expectations and become the greatest pope of Christian unity!

Please, everyone, pray for Francis! (if you hate him and everything about him, pray harder!)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

How to Proselytize (for kneeling) (ACTUAL CASE STUDY!)

(The following is a combox exchange from a well known Catholic blog which recently treated the topic of kneeling for Holy Communion and hand Communion vs Communion on the tongue.  The article concludes leaving  the  reader with the implication that neither manner has an advantage over the other. 

Bishop Athanasius Schneider fan, BASF, enters a comment attempting to balance out the article..  'hand Communion Lady enters the fray!  'hand Communion Lady' and BASF go toe-to-toe in the com-boxes.  In the end......HAND COMMUNION LADY BECOMES ANOTHER BISHOP ATHANSIUS SCHNEIDER FAN!!!REALLY!)

[Bishop Athanasius Schneider fan]

A nice balanced treatment. There are two additional points I'd like for you to consider:
1) re: history. I often hear that Hand Communion is ancient. Fact is, it might be or it might not be. The modern practice is however not the ancient practice, the only description of which we owe to to St. Cyril of Jeru., which also guarded that the Holy Fragments were treated with reverence. That is out the window with the modern Communion-any-old-way. When is the last time you saw someone lick their palms to keep the Fragments from being discarded?

2) re: history. There still exist Apostolic Churches which separated from Rome more than 1500 years ago. If Hand Communion, or the modern Communion-any-old-way were so wide spread 1500 years ago, then why do ZERO of these Churches practice Hand Communion? Unless someone argues that the Georgians or Armenians or Copts --or the Russians a little later--all banned Hand Communion to imitate Rome, it must be admitted that Hand Communion could never have been very wide-spread in the ancient Church.

Lastly I would like to point out that your phrase ' all children are made to kneel in order to receive Communion' makes it seem rather tyrannical. I think you could also say 'Children are FORCED TO come to church for an hour before they can receive Holy Communion'. That sounds pretty bad too! When you teach, you 'make' children do things and this can look tyrannical.
Does ' all children are made to kneel *before the King of Kings' sound better?
  • (hand Communion lady)                                                                    

    Just my opinion, but since the norm in our parish and in our diocese is for people to stand and receive Holy Communion in the hand, it appears to me that those who choose to kneel, and to receive on their tongues, are really just making themselves seem more pious and separate from the rest of us faithful Christians. I follow St Ambrose's advice to St. Monica myself - if was good enough for Monica, Augustine, and Jerome, it's good enough for me. So, if I'm at your parish, and everyone is kneeling and receiving lingually, so will I - ever mindful that when the apostles first received the holy body and blood of Christ, they did so at a Seder, and so passed and ate the unleavened bread while reclining around the table like all good Jews continue to do to this day.
      (Bishop Athanasius Schneider fan)
    • Hello, hand Communion Lady!
    • kneeling is hard the first time you do it, for the reason you mention i.e. not wanting to be conspicuous and especially if you fear that the priest or extraordinary minister will upbraid you! 
    • there are times, however, when you should disregard what you think other people might think about you. If they want to judge you, that is more their problem than yours.
      I would argue that instances when God's Honor, or your own conscience demands something, then it's time to disregard the gaze of your friends.
      Kneeling was a development of practice, not an artificial imitation of what someone thought they read in the Church Fathers. It emerged as the Church's appreciation of the Eucharist grew and refined itself. If you feel that Eucharistic tradition was wrong or too over the top, then-by no means-kneel! 

  • [hand Communion Lady]                        

    Hi to you, BASF.Of course, I believe most firmly that you, (and all of us) must follow our conscience but is this a matter of conscience, or of practice? Also, Pope Benedict evidently was addressing a particular issue of sacrilege taking place in Italy and in Europe and therefore instituting practices to prevent abuse. I'm trying to understand why some Catholics feel so strongly about this that they are willing to separate themselves from the rest of their community and even their pastors - but then again, I know that I'll never understand everyone, and that's okay too. Thanks for talking about it with me.

    Hello again, Hand Communion Lady!

    you asked ... "I'm trying to understand why some Catholics feel so strongly about this"

    • Here is my explanation.
      mostly I feel strongly because I think if the Lord Jesus stood right in front of me, undisguised, I would like to believe I would fall to my knees--as did the one grateful leper, and many others. Even if He were to tell me 'it's ok to treat Me like your buddy', I would still kneel before Him. It just *seems* right to fall down before Him!

      (hand Communion Lady)
    • BASF, thank you. You're right. Absolutely. I have to think about this more, and talk to my pastor more. I appreciate the time you took to explain.
    (The end!  Did I exaggerate? We can convert  our opponents of good will if we don't respond to 'digs' (bear wrongs patiently)  and stay on topic-- that topic being Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!  for my fellow pelagians--praying a decade for your opponent can be very effective.  It  also helps if you are graced with an humble and honest opponent!)

    Monday, October 14, 2013

    'Busted Halo's' Father David Dwyer, CSP's 2011 Communion Reception Video Displays Bias

    I stumbled on this the other day....some thoughts........................

    1 ) (+)at least it does mention receiving on the tongue............................

    2) (-)produced in 2011, but makes no mention of Pope Benedict's humble example of kneeling for Holy Communion.  This was quite a topic of conversation back then.  Especially since the USCCB was trying to find a nice way to oppose the Pope on this!

     3) (-)makes no mention of the Holy Fragments which get on many people's hands. Father Dwyer mentions St. Cyril as a support for Hand Communion, but conveniently, Father leaves out Cyril's caution regarding Fragments.

    4) (-)makes no mention of the history of how things have been done for at least a millenium, prior to VII.

    5) of course has no altar rail visible!

    6) (-)makes no mention of how Eastern Catholics receive Holy Communion.

     This last point is very anti-ecumenical and makes it look like Catholics are more interested in looking like Protestants, than saluting our Orthodox brothers. Mention of other Apostolic Churches' Communion practice always undermines Communion-any-old-way. Some of these groups separated from Rome 1500 years ago. (according to modernist narratives this was when everyone had Hand Communion). None, Zero, Nada, Zilch, Shneid, of these groups have Hand Communion.

    Sunday, October 13, 2013

    Eye Witness Confirms Holy Father's Intention to Eradicate Hand Communion

    Father Alan McDonald, of Southern Orders was a minister of Holy Communion at Sunday's Papal Mass.  He was told, (by the Papal MC or one of his minions), explicitly, to take great care distributing Holy Communion and TO DISTRIBUTE ON THE TONGUE. 

    Dear Father Alan!
    Thanks for being our 'fly on the wall'.

    Up until now I have had to resort to process of elimination to discern that the ministers of Holy Communion are being told to only distribute on the tongue.
    Now we know for certain.  The Pope, thru MSGR Marini, thru who-knows-who has the intention of eradicating hand Communion.  It is the ministers (usually priests) who take it upon themselves to please the people and distribute 'any old way'!

    Shame on them and their disobedience and their lack of fortitude and their human respect!!!

    Father McDonald responds>>>>

    The biggest problem, KC is that the MC who comes into the Blessed Sacrament Chapel to instruct us speaks to us in Italian. I understand Italian very well but I know many in the chapel distributing Holy Communion do not know Italian.

    However, once you go to your station and you have literally mobs of people reaching out to you for Holy Communion, as though they are starving children in some 3rd world country, you or at least I freaked out and gave Holy Communion as best as I could but it was awkward.

    In other words a better system for distributing Holy Communion needs to be devised. I don't know what that system would be, but the current one is broken and has been for a long time for these mega Masses.
    Anonymous  responds
    "you have literally mobs of people reaching out to you for Holy Communion, as though they are starving children in some 3rd world country"

    I don't know, Father, but I rather like this imagery.

    For aren't we all children of God starving for Jesus Christ?

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your story. It does sound incredibly awesome.

    And speaking of which, is our pope as awesome in real life as seen on Youtube? :-)

    KC responds to Anonymous................

    Hello Anonymous! 

    I don't think I should let you have  it both ways! Don't you know the original rationale for Communion-any-old-way was: 'Don't treat us like we are children!  Adults can feed themselves!!'  :-)

    And if you are serious about the child analogy, then I hope you might drop any opposition to the Holy Father instructing that Communion  is only to be distributed on the tongue. This is what his subordinates  have been  doing since his election.  I have suspected this before. Now Father McDonald has removed all doubt.

    I rather like today's Gospel's image even better than yours. The one GRATEFUL leper approached Jesus and fell at His feet!


    Saturday, October 12, 2013

    Sensus Fidelium! Kneeling Communion At Saint Bernadette's

    Communion 'any old way' was out for the May 2013 (in the first year of Francis)  First Holy Communion,

    at 'Spanish Community First Holy Communion held at the Church of Saint Bernadette'
    (somewhere in America?)

    Pope Benedict's reform of the reform  is not dead unless we, the laity, let it die thru our own despair and indifference.

    It is definitely up to us laity to carry it forward!! Talk to your priests, politely! Ask them things like....

    Father, have you ever considered saying the Mass Ad Orientem?
    or Father, are the Holy Fragments which are on so many hands after Communion, Jesus Christ as well?

    Don't expect the priest to 'make a beeline' for you the next time he sees you.  You probably will not be invited to his next 'mutual admiration' get together. but you can still chase him down if you need him, say in the confessional.

    Tuesday, October 1, 2013

    Pope's 29 Sep 2013 Outdoor Mass Marred by inattentive priests, but Hand Communion still discouraged!

    (pictures from Vatican's youtube)
    During Sunday's Mass there was camera shot after camera shot of sleepy looking priests passing out Our Lord in whatever manner the communicant mandated.   The priests almost to a man had very careless and indifferent manners.
     Looks like kneeling-catholic must have imagined what was earlier termed 'abrupt reminders' not to take the Sacrament in the hand!
    There  seemed to  be no evidence of Pope Francis' earlier 'initiative' of enforcing solemnity towards the Blessed Sacrament, and then, at around 1h 14min into the broadcast, the camera found a very focused looking priest instructing two young ladies to put their hands down and receive directly on the tongue.
    May Jesus Christ's name be ever praised, and may every knee bend before Him!
    I can only speculate as to what is going on.  However I still cannot imagine:
    a) a directive being given that each priest should make the communicants succumb to that priest's preference.  
    b)Nor can I imagine any priest going against the Pope's directive to 'give the people whatever they want!'
     I can only imagine the earlier proposed scenario where the priests are all being told to encourage Communion on the tongue, but most are simply doing whatever they feel like doing.