Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pope's 29 Sep 2013 Outdoor Mass Marred by inattentive priests, but Hand Communion still discouraged!

(pictures from Vatican's youtube)
During Sunday's Mass there was camera shot after camera shot of sleepy looking priests passing out Our Lord in whatever manner the communicant mandated.   The priests almost to a man had very careless and indifferent manners.
 Looks like kneeling-catholic must have imagined what was earlier termed 'abrupt reminders' not to take the Sacrament in the hand!
There  seemed to  be no evidence of Pope Francis' earlier 'initiative' of enforcing solemnity towards the Blessed Sacrament, and then, at around 1h 14min into the broadcast, the camera found a very focused looking priest instructing two young ladies to put their hands down and receive directly on the tongue.
May Jesus Christ's name be ever praised, and may every knee bend before Him!

I can only speculate as to what is going on.  However I still cannot imagine:
a) a directive being given that each priest should make the communicants succumb to that priest's preference.  
b)Nor can I imagine any priest going against the Pope's directive to 'give the people whatever they want!'
 I can only imagine the earlier proposed scenario where the priests are all being told to encourage Communion on the tongue, but most are simply doing whatever they feel like doing.


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