Sunday, October 13, 2013

Eye Witness Confirms Holy Father's Intention to Eradicate Hand Communion

Father Alan McDonald, of Southern Orders was a minister of Holy Communion at Sunday's Papal Mass.  He was told, (by the Papal MC or one of his minions), explicitly, to take great care distributing Holy Communion and TO DISTRIBUTE ON THE TONGUE. 

Dear Father Alan!
Thanks for being our 'fly on the wall'.

Up until now I have had to resort to process of elimination to discern that the ministers of Holy Communion are being told to only distribute on the tongue.
Now we know for certain.  The Pope, thru MSGR Marini, thru who-knows-who has the intention of eradicating hand Communion.  It is the ministers (usually priests) who take it upon themselves to please the people and distribute 'any old way'!

Shame on them and their disobedience and their lack of fortitude and their human respect!!!

Father McDonald responds>>>>

The biggest problem, KC is that the MC who comes into the Blessed Sacrament Chapel to instruct us speaks to us in Italian. I understand Italian very well but I know many in the chapel distributing Holy Communion do not know Italian.

However, once you go to your station and you have literally mobs of people reaching out to you for Holy Communion, as though they are starving children in some 3rd world country, you or at least I freaked out and gave Holy Communion as best as I could but it was awkward.

In other words a better system for distributing Holy Communion needs to be devised. I don't know what that system would be, but the current one is broken and has been for a long time for these mega Masses.
Anonymous  responds
"you have literally mobs of people reaching out to you for Holy Communion, as though they are starving children in some 3rd world country"

I don't know, Father, but I rather like this imagery.

For aren't we all children of God starving for Jesus Christ?

Anyway, thanks for sharing your story. It does sound incredibly awesome.

And speaking of which, is our pope as awesome in real life as seen on Youtube? :-)

KC responds to Anonymous................

Hello Anonymous! 

I don't think I should let you have  it both ways! Don't you know the original rationale for Communion-any-old-way was: 'Don't treat us like we are children!  Adults can feed themselves!!'  :-)

And if you are serious about the child analogy, then I hope you might drop any opposition to the Holy Father instructing that Communion  is only to be distributed on the tongue. This is what his subordinates  have been  doing since his election.  I have suspected this before. Now Father McDonald has removed all doubt.

I rather like today's Gospel's image even better than yours. The one GRATEFUL leper approached Jesus and fell at His feet!


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