Saturday, October 6, 2018

Marty Haugen's 'Mass of Creation' vanishes from Corpus Christi Cathedral

If anything gives me hope for the CHURCH, it is the youth.  Two posts ago I ran our diocese's introduction to it's new Director of Sacred Music.  I did highlight that he is one of 11 siblings....and his early statement emphasizing SACRED music certainly hinted that the music program might be taking a more solemn direction.  With the diocese's recordings of September's Masses, we now have a few more indicators....




September 09

...of where we are going!

A few years back I had hoped that the new English Translation would make Haugen's Mass of Creation obsolete, but alas!  Someone updated Marty's work and it was right back with us!
Now, at least in our diocesan 'flagship', Haugen is being quietly laid to rest.


Saturday, September 15, 2018

"Exaltation of Holy Cross" Celebrations in Christian Village Recaptured by Assad

The Fireworks are to commemorate the mountaintop fires lit from Jerusalem to Constantinople that proclaimed the joyous news that the True Cross had been recovered by Warrior Emperor Heraclius.

Watching these rowdy celebrations under Assad's 'brutal dictatorship', I wonder, if yesterday, any such boisterous exaltations, anything remotely comparable, sprang up anywhere in the Land of the Free?

Wikipedia says Hezbollah drove Al-Qaeda out of Maaloula in 2014. Looks like Hezbollah did good work!

Saturday, September 8, 2018


Thankyou Bishop Mulvey!!!!

From the diocesan website....... 

Mr. Scott Powell as the new Director of Sacred Music

  • Mr. Scott Powell as the new Director of Sacred MusicAugust 27, 2018

    Corpus Christi Cathedral is pleased to announce Mr. Scott Powell as the new Director of Sacred Music. Scott comes to us from Washington state where he has served in various musical positions.  Most recently he has served as the Director of Music & Liturgy and Principal Organist at the historic Proto-Cathedral of St. James the Greater in Vancouver, WA, where he was the founder and director of the St. James Collegium Musicum, a professional choir and music ensemble that provides music for the Masses, Vespers & Compline services, and sacred music concerts at the Proto-Cathedral of St. James the Greater.  He has also served as Music Assistant for the Concordia University Concert & Advanced Choirs.  In addition, his professional experience includes extensive experience in liturgy and liturgical ministries in the parish, deanery, and diocesan contexts.
    "I am very excited for the opportunity to serve the Diocese and Cathedral of Corpus Christi in this important ministry. I look forward to working with this parish community in creating a beautiful environment within the Sacred Liturgy in which to worship our Lord." he said.  
    Scott studied Organ Performance at the University of Washington, Seattle and Choral Conducting at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon. 
    In his free time, he enjoys cooking, hiking and refereeing college and professional soccer. Scott is one of eleven children. 
    The Most Rev. Wm. Michael Mulvey, Bishop of Corpus Christi said, “I welcome Scott as our new music director at Corpus Christi Cathedral.  He brings with him an impressive range of musical abilities and a deep love for the beauty and sacredness of the liturgy. We are greatly looking forward to working with him to continue and foster the tradition of sacred music at our Cathedral and in our Diocese.”
    Please join us in giving Scott a warm South Texas welcome to Corpus Christi Cathedral and to the Diocese of Corpus Christi.
    Corpus Christi Cathedral is the Cathedral church of the Diocese of Corpus Christi.  Under the leadership of Bishop Wm. Michael Mulvey, the Diocese of Corpus Christi serves over 400,000 Catholics in 12 counties in the Coastal Bend area.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

PRO-CHOICE Journal: Banning Abortion Saves Babies

"Does legalizing abortion cause more abortions?"

OBJECTIVES: This article examines the effect of abortion legalization on fertility rates in the United States. METHODS: Fertility rates were compared over time between states that varied in the timing of abortion legalization. RESULTS: States legalizing abortion experienced a 4% decline in fertility relative to states where the legal status of abortion was unchanged. The relative reductions in births to teens, women more than 35 years of age, non-White women, and unmarried women were considerably larger. If women did not travel between states to obtain an abortion, the estimated impact of abortion legalization on birth rates would be about 11%. CONCLUSIONS: A complete recriminalization of abortion nationwide could result in 440,000 additional births per year. A reversal of the Roe v Wade decision leaving abortion legal in some states would substantially limit this impact because of the extent of travel between states.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

North Korean Leader Kim is 'ALL IN'

Neocon Democrats and Republicans are expressing their skepticism over the Kim-Trump summit -- trying to cover their soft rumps in case things go bad. But everyone is missing the obvious.....

North Korean News Media covered the summit in REAL TIME.

This is a first for the way they normally operate....In the past they always scrub reports for a few days before releasing anything important. NOT THIS TIME. Kim chose to walk this highwire without any net.

NK news media is now also already proclaiming that President Trump WILL visit NK. North Koreans expect President Trump They also published the entire jointly signed concord document including the promise to DENUCLEARIZE the Peninsula.
Unlike the in the US, the NK news media is not only Kim's cheerleader, it is IS THE VOICE OF KIM.

So now the naysayers say Kim can just go back on his word? Imagine Babe Ruth pointing to the bleachers and then not swinging for them!

Do you think the man who proposes to his girlfriend at halftime doesn't care how she answers?

People do not make promises in public which they don't intend to keep. *

Especially, Koreans who place Honor above all else. Kim now loses face with his people if he stabs Trump in the back or does anything other than follow thru with the only promises ever made live on North Korean TV. He also has placed supreme trust in Mr. Trump, for if the agreement goes badly on account of US perfidy (or if Trump turns down Kim's invitation to visit), then Mr. Kim gets credit for being played the fool. North Korea's Supreme Leader is all in, BIGLY.

* politicians running for office excepted. Neither Trump nor Kim have that excuse.