Monday, July 11, 2016

Trump chooses Dallas Police Chief David Brown as VP Running Mate!

Remember, you heard it here first.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Why is Planned Parenthood only attacking Trump and not his opponents?

Actually this post is about a little more than Planned is a response to Father Guarnizo's post here trump is unstable narcissist
I just could not log in over there because I am boycotting facebook :-)

Your Excellency (and Father G),

Sadly, I must disagree with your post for the following reasons (among others)

1. Regarding Trump being egotistical:  Being mentally bent towards narcissism is not unusual in presidents, nor in presidential candidates. Any 'humility' I see in any of these people reminds me too much of the Holy Father's much heralded humility displays.  Please!.....isn't it better to just be honest about one's raw ambition?

2. Trumps bluster is his negotiating style.  I think he sees himself as able to deliver  about 10% of what he promises.  So he promises 'the world' as his opening position.  Everyone knows he is exaggerating. This is a tactic which allows adversaries to save face when they return home and say, 'if it weren't for me, that crazy man would have gotten the whole world!"

3. Trump is the only presidential candidate  who is dead serious about defending persecuted Christians--even if Israel doesn't like it-- because it favors ISIS (why State of Israel prefers ISIS ).  Trump doesn't root for Turkey when it targeted Russian planes bombing al-Qaeda and ISIS-unlike his Republican opponents, nor does
Trump root for vile punk rock groups who desecrate Russian Churches (as did Cruz in paragraph 5 of this article Ted defends Pussy Riot).  Only Donald Trump has praised Putin for his willingness take action in Syria--and both of you should know that every single Christian in Syria supports Putin's actions against ISIS there.(Russian planes boot ISIS out of Palmyra)  Lastly I don't think Trump would ever get huffy and stomp out of a meeting with persecuted Middle Eastern Christians proclaiming 'I will not stand with you!"  as Cruz did here (I will not stand with you).

4.  Regarding Trump's position on abortion:......Even as I write this, Planned Parenthood is running an ad against Trump
(Planned Parenthood singles out Trump).  Why, Father and your Excellency, isn't Planned Parenthood running an ad against Trump's opponents?  Aren't a person's enemies a good measure of his identity? On the other hand, Ted Cruz is echoing Planned Parenthood's attack,  piling on Trump's comment about punishing women who get abortions....and regarding that! really, forgive me, but I don't see what is so obviously wrong with some sort of punishment, e.g.mandatory community service--for aborting mothers.  They could 'volunteer' in a maternity ward or in a home for severely handicapped infants,    Is it not pure hot-air to say we support passing a law that will have NO penalties, NO penance for about 100% of the law's violators?  Is that what we pro-lifers have been fighting for these past 50 years? a land where it is NOT OK to perform an abortion, but IT IS OK TO HAVE AN ABORTION? Would such a toothless law save one baby's life?  Newcomer Trump is not the only one to misunderstand the Right-to-Life position.  Include me!

I certainly hope I have not overstepped.  I hold you in highest regard.

your loyal sheep,


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Archbishop Broglio of the Military Archdiocese is indignant that a kneeling communicant was denied Holy Communion

I was recently informed about a member of the Armed Services being denied Holy Communion in a military parish because they kneeled for Holy Communion.

Archbishop Broglio, the Archbishop for the Military Services responds.......

I deeply regret this lack of respect to you and your legitimate rights.
You may tell the priest in question that I will not tolerate this disregard for the options of the faithful.
I will also see how I can remind the Army priests in [deleted] about the GIRM.  Unfortunately, not everyone reads carefully everything that is published and promulgated.
May the Lord bless you and give you strength.
Sincerely in Christ,
+Timothy Broglio

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Kneeling Catholics comment on Tantumblogo regarding Ted Cruz


by way of full disclosure...I was totally indifferent to this years crop of candidates, but lately have started to gravitate towards Trump....not because of his being a great person, but because of Ted Cruz's deficiencies......

1. the birther issue, this question will not go away..Cruz will lose in the general election.  Many nativist conservatives, --having it drilled into them that Obama is disloyal because he wasn't born in the USA-- will feel luke-warm about electing a man who really wasn't born in the USA and maintained Canadian citizenship until a couple years ago....they will just stay home

2. Cruz' doctrinaire espousal of free trade to the detriment of rustbelt workers. We can forget about him picking up any 'swing states' like Pennsylvania.  He just cannot win. He thinks he's Ronald Reagan?  Reagan carried CA twice....that's not going to happen...

3. Gog and Magog. I heard a fundamentalist call in to Michael Savage the other day to explain that Cruz can never cooperate with Putin against ISIS because he sees Russia as either Gog or Magog and teaming up with Iran to invade Israel for Armageddon.....Is this true? beats me! but it does seem to harmonize. Cruz' behavior seems to indicate that he's a believer in Left Behind LEFT BEHIND and Russia....

4. Cruz stomping out of a persecuted Middle Eastern Christian forum because they would not admit that 'the State of Israel is persecuted Christians biggest ally'  and then implying that they all hated Jews (State of Israel best friend of persecuted Christians ) because some people could not stomach his shilling for Netanyahu at meeting condemning ISIS which IS Israel's favorite player in Syria, ( why Israel likes ISIS  )

5. Cruz' father's story is not compelling.  He fought to install Castro.  He's now a  health-and-wealth preacher.  Ted is his disciple.  Is it unfair?  Maybe, but remember how we have tried to tie 'Reverend Wright'  and Farrakhan around President O's neck?

Monday, February 1, 2016

Boorstein of Washington Post helps homosexual priest out himself

"The Chicago priest remembers wanting to speak from the pulpit when same-sex marriage became legal in California in 2008. But he talked himself out of it. “I thought: ‘Oh my gosh, if I talk about it, they’ll think I’m gay.’ ”......

In the article, Father soandso, talks about about his great respect for the Church's teaching on sexuality, but just seems to disagree with it.

One of the few places where Boorstein quotes him, 'I'm gay, I'm a priest, period'.
Conveys several things:
1. Father Soandso wants his sexuality to be in his parishioner's face
2. by not stating what he means: he has a live-in rentboy in the rectory? or he only has same sex attraction which he never has acted out?...Father Soandso puts his stamp of approval on priests who do have rentboys.....

I'm afraid we have to chalk such ambiguity up to the Holy Father

I'm gay,I'm a priest, period