Thursday, October 3, 2019

9th Century Evangelism

These scenes speak for themselves.

Many heathen Vikings would become 'the Normans' and then go on to become some of the greatest of Crusaders.

By the time of Leif Erickson a hundred and fifty years after these scenes, Catholicism would sweep thru Scandinavia. Leif was one of its missionaries to Iceland

Monday, April 15, 2019


The following is a letter from the Corpus Christi Diocese explaining why there will NOT be a 500th year Jubilee celebration for the naming of Corpus Christi in 1519......

How did Corpus Christi Texas get its name?
In 1519, on the Roman Catholic Feast Day of Corpus Christi, Spanish explorer Alonzo Alvarez de Pineda discovered a lush semi-tropical bay on what is now the southern coast of Texas. The bay, and the city that later sprung up there, took the name  of the feast day celebrating the "Body of Christ."
— Corpus Christi Historical Records

However, our research along with other research does not have any proof that the naming of the Corpus Christi bay occurred on 1519. The date is much later than 1519. Therefore, we are not recognizing the 500thanniversary date. 

We are of course celebrating the Feast of Corpus Christi with a Eucharistic Procession on June 20th beginning at 6:30 pm at the Cathedral and all are welcome.

If you would like more information on the events of the Feast of Corpus Christi, on your phone text the word “CorpusChristi” to “84576” and you will receive updates or visit the Diocese of Corpus Christi website.

God bless,

Jaime Reyna
Director, Offices of Multicultural and Social Ministry
& V Encuentro Coordinator
Diocese of Corpus Christi
361-693-6737 (fax)

Diocese Corrected Full Color Logo

Friday, January 4, 2019

How to get banned from a Conservative Catholic Blog

1. Disagree with the Host
2. About traditional Republicans' dedication to the pro-life cause
3. Criticize early Abolitionist Republicans 


Learn from my indiscretions!!


Great comments, Art and Mr. M!
I wish I had seen this post earlier as it relates well to the ‘Shout your slave’ string. How? ….Just that it touches on an old-school pro-life Democrat who was pro-life at a time when some of our Republican heroes like Nixon and GHW Bush and Goldwater and even Reagan were anything but.
It was Nixon who appointed the Rockefeller commission (!!!) fretting overpopulation. Yes he was scared of that. He only rejected its abortion recommendation because Pat Buchanan advised him he might need to woo Catholic voters for the 1972 election. Even Nixon’s tepid, newly-minted, pro-life support constituted a total reversal of his Administration’s policy towards abortion, since earlier it had –by fiat- made abortions available at military hospitals REGARDLESS of local laws to the contrary.
I’m sorry, Mr. M, in retrospect, the pro-life pirouettes made by Presidents’ Nixon and Bush seem a little cynical. Viewed from the cui-bono angle, it has been to Republican politicians’ advantage to keep abortion legal just so they can have it as an issue to keep Catholics (and now Evangelicals as well) from bolting the party.

Rubbish on stilts. But for the Democrat Party Roe would long ago have been but an obscene memory. Ted Kennedy led the fight against Judge Bork, and if Bork had been on the Court Roe would have been overturned more than a quarter century ago. The strong support of most of the GOP elected officials against abortion is remarkable considering the cultural forces in academia and entertainment in lockstep support of abortion. That the Republicans also draw fire from idiot pro-lifers who can’t distinguish friends from foes is truly pathetic. Peddle your rubbish elsewhere Kneeling Catholic, you are banned from this blog.

post script....How I would have responded....
>>>> if Bork had been on the Court Roe would have been overturned more than a quarter century ago.<<<<

Mr. M, This is a 'counter-factual' argument, (a what would've happened if---------had happened). You might be right that Bork would have been willing to be the swing vote on 1992 Casey vs Planned Parenthood.  That doesn't necessarily follow, however.  20 years after his hearing Bork did convert to Catholicism, RIP. BUT At the time of his confirmation, BORK WAS AN ATHEIST. Throwing one real atheist, Bork, in with 4 other practical atheists (Blackmun, Stevens, O'connor, Souter) and expecting him to act like a Christian might not have worked.

What we do know for sure is that Five Justices voted to uphold Roe v Wade in 1992.  How many of those five Justices were appointed by Republicans?
Souter........... (Bush)
O'connor .......(Reagan)
Stevens........ (Ford)
Blackmun..... (Nixon)

Friday, December 14, 2018

KC Responds to White Supremacist

(from YouTube video comments)

Friends, there ARE White Supremacists who glom onto legitimate causes, like e.g. defending the Cross of St Andrew's Confederate Battle Flag.! Here is my response to one of them..........

(Karl the White Supremacist):
All this may be academic in a few decades. The South will be majority Black and Hispanic. By 2050 whites will be a minority in the United States. The greater cause is to lead a secessionist moment of the still remaining majority white and politically sane states while there is time to at least save a portion of our race via the formation of a white Ethno-State...

Karl, What in the world!?!?! The old Soviet block was chock-full of white ethno-states! They were very sad places in which to dwell. So much for your idea. Go think up something else. Please don’t take offense but you sound kind of like Mr Wilmot, the Yankee architect of the free-soil movement. By Wilmot's own admission, many abolitionists' main goal in keeping America's new western states 'free' was to keep them black-free and for the white race ONLY. Mr. Wilmot and his ilk could not abide the sight often seen in the old South where blacks and whites intermingled, attended the same churches and one another’s weddings, where White Southerners took on African nicknames like Goober and Bubba, where slave owners children were nursed and raised by black Mammies and frolicked with their African children. It was all toooo intimate for the Yankee puritans!

Image result for slave wet nurses

Speaking of intimate...Though paternalistic and brutal, the Old South culture was very bad at distilling a pure white race -if you are into that sort of thing. .....Sad to say- YOU ARE!

Recent DNA studies prove that the unsuspecting southern WHITE man-even after 150 years of segregation- still has more African 'blood' than any other group of American whites. AND grab your smelling salts!-- not all of it sprang from “Romeo and Janelle” couplings but also a good bit comes from “Rodericks and Juliets” .

Will this new revelation soften modern-day puritans' hatred of old Dixie? Will they praise her for producing America's most miscegenated White race, where even Miss Varina, CSA President Jeff Davis' wife , was rumored to have had African parentage? Nope! Opposite day thinking must always rule for the South's-haters--Their new narrative will no doubt soon be: "Confederates were sooooo racist, they were part BLACK!"
President Davis w/wife, Varina
But back to you, Karl! Since your original idea of white ethno-states is just total nonsense, here is a new track for you:.... and please don't wimp out on me, like Richard Spencer and other white nationalists who are atheists and Darwinists! What would you think, Karl, of us Christian folk protecting our Christian 'race' and putting our Lord Jesus right-smack-dab-in-the-middle of The US Constitution?

It would then be "constitutional" when we put prayer and Jesus Christ at the center of our public schools and universities., when we ban usury and exploitation of wage earners and prostitution and pornography and abortion and IVF and marijuana and hallucinogens and blasphemy against our Lord. It would be constitutional when we zealously the tax multi-national corporations who bear us no allegiance, the vast assets of all the zillionaires and endowments and corporations who pushed same-sex marriage and Planned Parenthood upon us and who otherwise have made war on our Christian culture.

With all that loot we could support Christian healthcare for all or some other worthy cause. We could also require our new citizens to swear acknowledgment of our Lord's authority over the secular government.

There are still enough of us Christians, red-yellow-black-and-white to pull this off, if we are only willing.

Bill Gaither and his gospel choir
This course of action would not make America whiter, but it would make it a better place to live.

Monday, November 26, 2018

The Catholic Church is the best and most fitting home for the American South

Gaither Gospel Quartet Tenor, David Phelps with his daughter Maggie Beth sing Agnus Dei

Such perfect intensity! Not bad for Bible belt 'tent revivalists'!

I think Pius IX signaled the South's Catholic potential during the American Civil War when he very warmly corresponded with the Confederacy's President, Jefferson Davis.  The  Abolitionist cause was being spearheaded by Transcendentalists and Unitarians who vacillated between indifference and ecstasy over the idea of fomenting race war in the South. That is why The John Brown song was a popular recruiting tool in New England. Who was John Brown?  An apocalyptic preacher who died trying to foment a race war in the American South in 1859. New England elites had met with John Brown and helped him. They  lionized Nat Turner and Toussaint*.

The South by contrast was led by overtly Christian men  who expressed love for God and tradition and home and family and chivalry and patriotism . These virtues were being questioned by self-righteous, fire-breathing  Abolitionists up north, many prominent being anti-christian Unitarians. Maybe Pius IX saw that, despite  the Church's open condemnation of slavery,  the South's inner values harmonized with those of a Catholic society better than those of the puritanical New England ideologues. (At least the South had NEVER made war on Christmas and Easter, nor even burned down any convents, as had the New England Yankees)

But what about slavery? What of the 'racist South'? Perhaps we forget that NO southerner then alive had personally chosen slavery.  They were all born into it. It's brutality did hurt their Christian consciences, but they also had the horrible reminder of the recent Armageddon race war in Haiti to steel their minds against wholesale, chaotic emancipation. Southerners, as goes the old Roman saying, were ' riding the wolf by hanging on to its ears.'  If they suddenly dismounted the wolf of slavery, there was a good reason to expect a dismal end for most southerners, white AND black.

In short, the South hated the imminent threat of rivers of blood more than it hated slavery. Long before the war, a peaceful, gradual emancipation had been on the minds of a good number of Southern elites. Such plans evaporated as northern preaching and threats of war increased.  However, even during the war, at its eleventh hour,** southern leaders enacted General Cleburne's plan for enlisting slaves and EMANCIPATING all those enlisted. This plan was backed by General Robert E. Lee AND JEFFERSON DAVIS. What would have happened if those freed slaves had saved the day for the Confederacy? Certainly a more dignified status for southern blacks than the Union 'paradise' they got after Reconstruction.***

Conversely, the Northern Abolitionists simply hated slavery more than they feared drowning Dixie in rivers of blood. Indeed many hoped that the slaves would rise up and slay their masters as the war advanced.  Thousands of Nat Turners murdering the families**** of the Southern troops on the front would have immediately dissolved the Confederate Army. To many's surprise, that scenario never quite materialized! There were many voices in Europe and even in the Northern States, who feared Lincolns first draft of the Emancipation Proclamation was intended to catalyze a race war in Dixie. President Lincoln relented and softened the most incendiary portion in its final edition. and Southern blacks' personal loyalty and patriotism and Christian decency kept them from fulfilling the dreams of the likes of Thaddeus Steven and William Lloyd Garrison.

The Abolitionists didn't get their race war, but they did get their rivers of blood.  It is a less well-known fact, but a fact nevertheless, that adding to the Civil War's 600,000+ dead soldiers were about a hundred thousand wandering, displaced slaves who perished from small pox, exposure, starvation, etc. The Abolitionists' war to free slaves killed a hundred thousand slaves in short order. But like true revolutionaries, the Abolitionists and their modern-day apologists shrug off the monumental blood sacrifice.  'No sacrifice is too great when we are building heaven on earth!'

But what about the heaven they built us? If it is fair to laud the northern Abolitionists for the war's benefits, like black emancipation and enfranchisement and integrated schools, might it also be fair to credit them for its tragedies? All told, having killed the better part of a million people, the war has then been followed by 150 years of racial hatred and injustice. Our prisons and our abortion clinic dumpsters overflow with black lives wasted.

The Abolitionists got their war and won it. We live in their dream.

* Toussaint oversaw Haitian independence where almost all white women and children and men were slain

** some might argue, too little too which I respond: We only know it was the eleventh hour because we have hindsight.  General Lee was smart but he didn't know the future.

***Some may doubt that southern blacks would have fared better in a Confederacy for which they had fought , than blacks did in a conquered nation where they were seen as the conqueror's tools to humiliate the defeated. To such doubters I would say they are underestimating the cohesion forged among brothers in arms. Such doubters are most likely to have  never been in the military.

**** Nat Turner only murdered one person.  He beat the brains out of a teenage girl with a fence post