Monday, March 2, 2015

The Francis Effect in Argentina

Friends, as a follow-up to my Sunday post regarding the 'Morlino' effect in the Madison Wisconsin Diocese, I did a little research to see what kind of statistical effects Pope Francis had on his native Argentina during his tenure as its chief prelate there. He was selected by Pope St. John Paul II to be Archbishop of Buenos Aires beginning in 1998, and picked as Cardinal in 2001.  I use the term 'Argentina's chief prelate' because there are currently only three voting cardinals in Argentina and as the Archbishop and Cardinal of Buenos Aires, Francis was head of the Capital's diocese.

To be fair, I did first  find the Church's official statistics
which say that from 1950 to the present the percentage of Catholics in the Buenos Aires diocese has increased from 89.5% to 91.6%.   Indeed it does claim 91.6% for 8 of the 9 years prior to 2013. Such exact, level numbers do look and smell like fudge!  The CIA factbook reports similar stats, but adds that only 20% of Argentinians are practicing Catholics.  Again, how and where did this come from?

A much more believable article, believable because it states how and where it got its information, is a 2014 Pew research survey....

If Pew is reliable, then the Francis effect is hardly something even Francis would want for the entire Catholic Church.

1. from 1970 to 2014 the percentage of self-identified Argentinian Catholics fell from 91% to 71%

2. of those that still identify as Catholic, Argentinian Catholics are among the most likely Latin American Catholics to favor abortion and same-sex marriage.  e.g. the article found an overwhelming majority favor the latter by 52% to 40% opposed.

3. "Argentines ranked toward the bottom of the regional charts in terms of how important religion is in their lives, with only 43 percent saying it was very important."

4.   "In terms of “religious commitment,” only 13 percent in Argentina said they had a “high” commitment, compared to 72 percent that qualified it as “medium.”
Only Uruguay (35 percent) and Chile (15 percent) had a higher proportion of its population that had low religious commitment."
We must pray for the Holy Father that his past performance and his mindset and the mindset of his fellow Argentinian clerics that begat such a decline in his flock's Faith are not locked into the future of his pontificate.  

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Vocations up 550% in Kneeling Communion Diocese

Madison Wisconsin Bishop  Morlino gave the message below a few years back, 2010 I think.

Father Z is reporting that under his Excellency's direction the number seminarians has exploded from 6 to 33!! (

Perhaps  there are several factors at work here.....but, if the Holy Father, Pope Francis, is serious about re-invigorating the Church, then I think it is time for his 'Mount Carmel' moment.  I am referring  to the famous contest where the Prophet Elijah invited King Ahab and everyone to witness a contest between him and his enemy clerics.(Who happen to be prophets for the false god, Ba'al).

It is time to reach a final judgement on the experiments of the past 50 years.  Let him look hard at --what  practices have promoted holiness and growth and evangelization and reverence and worship of Jesus Christ and SALVATION --- and what practices have not, and have even strangled faith and led little ones to have a lackadaisical attitude towards our Lord and have corrupted Christ's Teachings and driven the poor to leave the Catholic Church for other faiths. (as has happened undeniably in his Holiness' own native land)

Pope Francis must eventually decide what he hates  less:

a) tradition minded Catholics, his so-called 'museum mummies'
b) empty Seminaries coupled with emptying churches

Time is short.  He must overcome whatever prejudices he might have brought with him from Argentina and promote either option a or option b as his program for the Church

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Katrina Fernandez of Crescat and quiet Diane of Te Deum Blog Condemn Irresponsible Eucharistic Ministers at Papal Mass

Katrina really cuts right to the heart in this post......


And Diane of Te Deum, who normally refrains from harsh criticisms, jumps into the fray!

Diane gives a treatise and of course pays homage to the number one (living) hero of all who want to restore WORSHIP of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist,

Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan, a prophet, whose career path -- in today's church of smiling crowd-pleasers and careerists and  and modernists -- points towards Golgotha.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Holy Father walks back big-families-have-rabbits-for-parents remark. Leaves Jesus out of it

(I copied the His Holiness' quote from Rorate Caeli)

It disturbs me that if I search this explanation for mention of Jesus or Christ, I come up empty.
'Santo Ninyo' finally gets mentioned, but only as prop for St. Joseph. OTOH I can find Francis' constant theme of putting the 'person' in the center of our considerations.   I can understand him soft-pedaling Jesus Christ in front of the United Nations (did not our first Peter do the same at a campfire?), but this address was made at the Vatican!!

His economic harangue against capitalism here rings much louder that any appeal to Christian faith or even just plain logic.  One gets the feeling that humanity's problems could be solved if we would simply make 'the person' the center and measure of everything (and join hands with the other 'isms' which claim to do just that)

he meetings with families and young people, in Manila, were significant moments of the visit to the Philippines. Healthy families are essential to the life of society. It gives comfort and hope to see many families that welcome children as a true gift of God. They know that every child is a blessing. I've heard - some people say - that families with many children and the birth of so many children are among the causes of poverty. I think this is a rather simplistic opinion. I can say, all we can say, that the main cause of poverty is an economic system that has removed the person from its center, replacing him with the god of money, an economic system that excludes, always excludes: That excludes children, the elderly, the young, the jobless ... - and that creates the throw-away culture in which we live. We have grown used to seeing people being discarded. This is the main cause of poverty, not families. Evoking the figure of St Joseph, who protected the life of the "Santo Niño", so revered in that country, I mentioned that we need to protect families, which face various threats, so that they can witness the beauty of the family in God's plan. Families need to be defended from new ideological colonization, that seek to threaten their identity and mission.
General Audience - Rome
January 21, 2015

Sunday, January 18, 2015

People pass Holy Eucharist hand to hand at Papal Mass in Manilla

why is this  allowed!?  (at 1h:37m:30sec)

Is there a fear that the parishioners will stampede or riot unless the Holy Eucharist is distributed in the most laissez faire, haphazard manner possible?  

If that is sort of crowd we think are dealing with, why would we be subjecting our Lord to such a crowd?   If communicants think it is too high a requirement or too much trouble to receive reverently then one does them favor by removing the opportunity for them to commit sacrilege.  No? (Frankism) Truly!

Where is the  basic care taken to prevent souvenir hunters? (

If this is the only case of Our Lord being treated with supreme indifference by His minister-distributors, (and the camera just happened to catch it), then I apologize for nitpicking.  If this was widespread, the blame for such abuses, abscondments and further desecrations lies directly on the event's cowardly organizers.