Monday, October 14, 2013

'Busted Halo's' Father David Dwyer, CSP's 2011 Communion Reception Video Displays Bias

I stumbled on this the other day....some thoughts........................

1 ) (+)at least it does mention receiving on the tongue............................

2) (-)produced in 2011, but makes no mention of Pope Benedict's humble example of kneeling for Holy Communion.  This was quite a topic of conversation back then.  Especially since the USCCB was trying to find a nice way to oppose the Pope on this!

 3) (-)makes no mention of the Holy Fragments which get on many people's hands. Father Dwyer mentions St. Cyril as a support for Hand Communion, but conveniently, Father leaves out Cyril's caution regarding Fragments.

4) (-)makes no mention of the history of how things have been done for at least a millenium, prior to VII.

5) of course has no altar rail visible!

6) (-)makes no mention of how Eastern Catholics receive Holy Communion.

 This last point is very anti-ecumenical and makes it look like Catholics are more interested in looking like Protestants, than saluting our Orthodox brothers. Mention of other Apostolic Churches' Communion practice always undermines Communion-any-old-way. Some of these groups separated from Rome 1500 years ago. (according to modernist narratives this was when everyone had Hand Communion). None, Zero, Nada, Zilch, Shneid, of these groups have Hand Communion.

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