Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sensus Fidelium! Kneeling Communion At Saint Bernadette's

Communion 'any old way' was out for the May 2013 (in the first year of Francis)  First Holy Communion,

at 'Spanish Community First Holy Communion held at the Church of Saint Bernadette'
(somewhere in America?)

Pope Benedict's reform of the reform  is not dead unless we, the laity, let it die thru our own despair and indifference.

It is definitely up to us laity to carry it forward!! Talk to your priests, politely! Ask them things like....

Father, have you ever considered saying the Mass Ad Orientem?
or Father, are the Holy Fragments which are on so many hands after Communion, Jesus Christ as well?

Don't expect the priest to 'make a beeline' for you the next time he sees you.  You probably will not be invited to his next 'mutual admiration' get together. but you can still chase him down if you need him, say in the confessional.

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