Wednesday, July 18, 2012

pray for kneeling catholic!

yes,i have been quiet for a long time.  i have been fretting and worrying about the state of my soul.  this was spurred by a discussion with another blogger who questioned if my whole blog might be an exercise in detraction.

he may be right.  :-(  i dont currently know the answer to that question.  i need good counsel!  i need prayers!
i invite anyone who is familiar with this blog to comment, especially if your a priest!

on another note:  His Excellency,Bishop Mulvey, has certainly surpised me with his zeal!
with his:
1. beautiful Corpus Christi celebration
2. brave promotion of the Cristiada film
3. brave opposition to obamacare's coercive hhs mandate

i just want to get that in.  i might be taking this blog down!