Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hand Communion almost eradicated at Pope Francis' 15 November Episcopal Ordination Mass

The Holy Father  and MSGR Marini seem to have gotten the message out.  There were quite a number of kneeling communicants,  many, many people, including apparent seminarians receiving on the tongue and no good clear camera shots of anyone who took the Host in their hand.

Additionally, it was a very solemn Liturgy with great big Benedictine candlesticks on the altar!

I have been frustrated by some of the papal liturgies, and the flagrant defiance of the Pope's 'no-hand-Communion' instruction which has been in force, but not enforced by ministers of Holy Communion.  I hope and pray that the Pope's approach continues to promote solemnity and adoration!!


Friday, November 15, 2013

President of Italy thanks Pope Francis for his lack of dogma and his promotion of uncertainty

Dear Holy Father!

The world sings your praises only because they see you dismantling Catholic dogma! (and promotion of uncertainty).  Pres. Napolitano says that to your face and you say nothing but that you are in 'SOLIDARITY' with him?


Sunday, November 10, 2013

NY TIMES highlights the confusion Pope Francis' remarks and style have been engendering

Same sex marriage advocates citing Pope Francis as their hero.
A Pro-life Catholics tearing up her Pope Francis prayer card.

Holy Father!

I really do not see how confusing Catholic officials and embittering Catholic faithful can possibly be things for which you should be congratulated.  :-(   :-(  :-(