Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Is Reporter Edward Pentin one of Pope Francis' Satanic Assassinators'?

Hello Everyone!

I know I have tried to refrain from Holy Father posts, but......

His Holiness' vaunted 22 December scolding of un-named miscreants does make me wonder!
(I try to ignore HH unless he pops up in the Mainstream Media however in this case he made headlines).

HH's remarks condemning gossipers who engage in 'satanic assassination' does harmonize with an 29 October article in South Africa's SOUTHERN CROSS weekly.  The author explains how, when exposed as a liar by the reporter Edward Pentin, Cardinal Kasper's mendacity was understandable (!)  in light of conservatives 'shameful character assassination' of the cardinal in the months leading up to the Synod.

The author goes on to advise three "don'ts" (pieces of advice)  to future Kaspers who say things that are shocking.  DON'T LIE doesn't make the list.

I do suspect that the Holy Father's assault on assassinators has a lot to do with his favorite theologian's fall from favor.  Kasper was such a winsome character, being promoted by a media beloved pope,  until evil conservatives successfully painted him up as a schemer*, a seller of Sacraments** and a liar!

(* google 'team Bergoglio) ** apparently you have to let the Government collect the correct percentage of your income, or else your children won't be baptized nor can you receive Holy Communion)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Voris finds more instances of kneeling Catholics denied Holy Communion


Earlier,UPDATE 10 OCT)Kneeling Catholic,, denied Holy Communion (speaking of whom should be denied Communion!),

I wrote of my experience of being denied Holy Communion and my followup with the priest involved, etc.  To be brief:

1. The priest defended himself using an outdated, 2002, anti-kneeling regulation that has been neglected or revived on the USCCB website.
2. I wrote the priest's Archbishop and told him about my experience and the website issue.
3.  I have received no response as of yet.
4.  The USCCB still has the anti-kneeling 2002 regulation on its website

Voris does his 18 DEC VORTEX on this subject below, but does not seem to be aware of the USCCB website issue:


here is the USCCB website anti-kneeling regulation......



Thursday, December 11, 2014

Karel Gott and Roger Whittaker deliver Christmas joy!

Karel Gott is a  Czech singer who has been quite popular in Germany over the years.

This is a 1979 rendition of 'Der Heiland ist geboren',  The Redeemer is born!.  I love it!

and where would we be without Roger Whittaker's 'Ding Dong Merrily'?!!
I  don't know where Roger got his church bells, but they just go right through me!!