Friday, April 18, 2014

The Guido Marini Effect (Good Friday 2014)

Yes, Friends!

There is more to the 'Francis Effect' than 'rainbows and unicorns'!

There is heavy lifting to be done by clerics--like the Don Camillo in these pictures-- who must exercise fortitude!
Will the Holy Father also exercise fortitude when he deals with the German Bishops who want to abandon the Church's discipline, and doctrine(!), with regards to Christian men who want to ditch their first wives and children in order to pursue 'true love'?
Pray, sisters and brothers! Pray for Pope Frank!
(also feel free to print these pictures out and make your own Guido Marini Flipbook!)



Pope Speaks Latin for Chrism Mass

In the interest of being balanced, I did see the Holy Thursday Mass. 

The reverence given to the Holy Eucharist was not nearly that of the Palm Sunday Mass.

I'm guessing here, but *I think* MSGR Marini does not order priests about when the Holy Father visits other parishes.  I certainly hope this changes! 

Yes the Holy Father showed he is quite flexible for his age, as he washed the feet of men and women laity.  I would drop any protest of this, if the Holy Father could genuflect just as deeply after he confects the Eucharist!

Oh yes, with regards to Tuesday's Chrism Mass, It was beautiful!  and Pope Francis CAN speak Latin. (That's 'pro-multis' for you Balthasar fans!)

Catholic Answers' Tim Staples goes after Father Barron and Dr. Balthasar

Yes, Friends

I know you are tired of me 'going after' Father Barron for his ...whatever....

But now, respectable Catholics are taking swipes at him as well! the aforementioned Hans Urs von Balthasar, and Fr. Robert Barron, have posited the possibility that all men could well be saved. Indeed, Fr. Barron even claims that as Catholics we "must" hold this to be a real possibility.

In a word, both of these great men are wrong. The teaching of the Church is clear. CCC 1034 teaches us that Jesus "solemnly proclaim[ed]" that Christ will, in fact, "pronounce the condemnation: 'Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire!'" And the Church can do nothing but repeat her Lord's solemn words......


Monday, April 14, 2014

MSGR Marini's Influence Strengthened, hand Communion is suppressed in Papal Liturgy

Pope Francis has renewed MSGR M  as the Papal MC. 

The Pope's Palm Sunday Mass certainly reflected a more Catholic, Universal, Latin (CREDO, PATER NOSTER, etc.) Liturgy.  It  was beautiful, but even more beautiful were the gentle reminders which were being given to communicants to receive on the tongue!  (see, e.g., 1H: 58m: 45 sec; or 2h; 11m: 32-38s)

Traditionalists and all of you who long for solemnity, do not lose heart!  PIERO Marini, the one everyone was certain would be transforming our Liturgy,  will not be joining the CDW and has been instead sent to work with Eastern Catholics.  I doubt ARCHBSHP Piero M's liturgical ideas are going to fly very high in the lands of ad orientem worship!  Meanwhile, MSGR Guido Marini is conducting his own Eucharistic Reverence Campaign and now he is certain of the Holy Father's backing! 


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This same video was discussed over at you are for your edification....

A wholesome recent(?) innovation under Pope Francis at papal Masses, likely at Msgr. Marini’s instruction and in continuity with Pope Benedict–is encouragement of proper reception on the tongue (rather than on the hands). Check the video
around 1H: 58m: 45 sec (instruction) and 2h; 11m: 32-38s (implementation).
  • #20 by Stanislaus Kosala on April 15, 2014 - 9:29 am
    @Anthony Ruff, OSB – comment #18:
    1,3,5,6,7,8 were not done under John Paul II nor in the first years of Benedict XVI. I’m positive of that.
  • #21 by Fr. Jack Feehily on April 15, 2014 - 1:12 pm
    I want to know what authority the guy with the umbrella had to indicate to the priest how to distribute Communion. Looked like bullying to me. Either manner of receiving HC is reverent and licit. The notion that the tongue is somehow purer than the hand is indefensible. From the mouth people can hurl epithets and judgments at others. And from it can emerge cursing and foul speech. This is simply another way of expressing the superiority of the ordained. “We take it in our sacred hands, while lacking sacred hands you must receive it on the tongue.”
    Perhaps we should innovate an anointing of the hands of the laity to emphasize their priestly character. Why couldn’t the anointing following baptism be applied to the hands as well as the head?
  • #22 by Fritz Bauerschmidt on April 15, 2014 - 2:24 pm
    @Fr. Jack Feehily – comment #21:
    From what I have heard, the mandating of communion on the tongue at the Vatican arose not out of the idea that it was more pure or reverent but because of people taking consecrated hosts home with them as souvenirs.
  • #23 by Reyanna Rice on April 15, 2014 - 2:51 pm
    @Fritz Bauerschmidt – comment #22:
    If you watch closely however, you see it is not a hard and fast rule. Many of the priests fanning out in the square to distribute communion do give it into the hand. BTW, when I watched this Sunday’s liturgy, I was dismayed when I watched a young teenage boy, maybe 13 or 14 approach to receive. He was holding his hands correctly and reverently but what looked like another priest standing by reached out and rather forcefully batted the kids hands down. He looked so startled and scared. He again reached up his hands but the priest giving out the hosts kind of shoved his hand forward towards the boy’s mouth. What kind of message was sent to this young man? What kind of message to non-Catholics, nonbelievers does this send? Granted that maybe those so described may be small in number but bad behavior, and this was BAD behavior in the part of these two priests has a way of making it into the general conversation. I have taken the time to write Papa Francesco but doubt the letter gets to him, but I felt I had to say something to somebody.
  • #24 by Joe Bonesto on April 15, 2014 - 2:58 pm
    @Fr. Jack Feehily – comment #21:
    So what are we supposed to do with It once we have it in our hands, Fr.? Can’t put it in our own mouths–too foul.
    The whole “my hands are a holy as any d*** priest’s” idea is confusing to me. Those are Christ’s hands we’re talking about. He is the only one who can confect the Eucharist.
  • #25 by Henry Edwards on April 15, 2014 - 3:09 pm
    @Fr. Jack Feehily – comment #21:
    It appeared to me that he was indicating not to the priest, but to the people there, that they should receive in the tongue. At any rate, a priest back from a visit to Rome recently said that when the priests who would distribute communion were assembled in advance, they were given instructions to give only on the tongue, but in some groups only in Italian, which many of the visiting priests (from countries with an indult permitting distribution on the hands) didn’t understand. Thus you still see some unintended diversity in the manner of reception in these Vatican Masses.


    Thursday, April 10, 2014

    Holy Father (Pope Francis) Makes Veiled Swipe at President Obama (?)

    10 APR 2014.

    The Holy Father's daily sermon today seemed to be following the 'traditional' lines, irking traditionalists, talking about the dangers of narrowminded and rigid idealogues.  I was getting ready for his coup de gras to to rain down my swollen head and then, like a bolt-from-the-blue, the Pope tightened his focus and and the target became:  President Obama and government social programs?!!  Perhaps I am reading the following excerpt wrong, but it certainly does contain the catchword  'freedom of conscience' from his one-on-one with the U.S. President. 

    “Often rulers say: ‘I have asked for aid, financial support for this,’ ‘But if you want this help, you have to think in this way, and you have to pass this law, and this other law, and this other law,” he said, noting that type of dictatorship “is the same as these people.”
    “It takes up stones to stone the freedom of the people, the freedom of the people, their freedom of conscience, the relationship of the people with God. Today Jesus is crucified once again.”

    Read more:

    On another note....I did read that Pope Francis will again be deviating from tradition on Holy Thursday,  this time washing the feet of handicapped people.  I did wonder what would happen this Holy week, given last year's 'splash'.  I pray traditionalists are not baited into expending vinegar and energy condemning this year's choice.  We do have much larger problems!  like, for example, the slow slide away from MSGR Marini's intensely reverent liturgies,  not once a year, like Holy Thursday, but several times a week! 

    btw, on another note....what ever happened to that predicted take-over of the CDW by the other Marini, (Piero).  It has been about six months since we were assured by 'reliable sources' that this was inevitable.