Friday, December 14, 2018

KC Responds to White Supremacist

(from YouTube video comments)

Friends, there ARE White Supremacists who glom onto legitimate causes, like e.g. defending the Cross of St Andrew's Confederate Battle Flag.! Here is my response to one of them..........

(Karl the White Supremacist):
All this may be academic in a few decades. The South will be majority Black and Hispanic. By 2050 whites will be a minority in the United States. The greater cause is to lead a secessionist moment of the still remaining majority white and politically sane states while there is time to at least save a portion of our race via the formation of a white Ethno-State...

Karl, What in the world!?!?! The old Soviet block was chock-full of white ethno-states! They were very sad places in which to dwell. So much for your idea. Go think up something else. Please don’t take offense but you sound kind of like Mr Wilmot, the Yankee architect of the free-soil movement. By Wilmot's own admission, many abolitionists' main goal in keeping America's new western states 'free' was to keep them black-free and for the white race ONLY. Mr. Wilmot and his ilk could not abide the sight often seen in the old South where blacks and whites intermingled, attended the same churches and one another’s weddings, where White Southerners took on African nicknames like Goober and Bubba, where slave owners children were nursed and raised by black Mammies and frolicked with their African children. It was all toooo intimate for the Yankee puritans!

Image result for slave wet nurses

Speaking of intimate...Though paternalistic and brutal, the Old South culture was very bad at distilling a pure white race -if you are into that sort of thing. .....Sad to say- YOU ARE!

Recent DNA studies prove that the unsuspecting southern WHITE man-even after 150 years of segregation- still has more African 'blood' than any other group of American whites. AND grab your smelling salts!-- not all of it sprang from “Romeo and Janelle” couplings but also a good bit comes from “Rodericks and Juliets” .

Will this new revelation soften modern-day puritans' hatred of old Dixie? Will they praise her for producing America's most miscegenated White race, where even Miss Varina, CSA President Jeff Davis' wife , was rumored to have had African parentage? Nope! Opposite day thinking must always rule for the South's-haters--Their new narrative will no doubt soon be: "Confederates were sooooo racist, they were part BLACK!"
President Davis w/wife, Varina
But back to you, Karl! Since your original idea of white ethno-states is just total nonsense, here is a new track for you:.... and please don't wimp out on me, like Richard Spencer and other white nationalists who are atheists and Darwinists! What would you think, Karl, of us Christian folk protecting our Christian 'race' and putting our Lord Jesus right-smack-dab-in-the-middle of The US Constitution?

It would then be "constitutional" when we put prayer and Jesus Christ at the center of our public schools and universities., when we ban usury and exploitation of wage earners and prostitution and pornography and abortion and IVF and marijuana and hallucinogens and blasphemy against our Lord. It would be constitutional when we zealously the tax multi-national corporations who bear us no allegiance, the vast assets of all the zillionaires and endowments and corporations who pushed same-sex marriage and Planned Parenthood upon us and who otherwise have made war on our Christian culture.

With all that loot we could support Christian healthcare for all or some other worthy cause. We could also require our new citizens to swear acknowledgment of our Lord's authority over the secular government.

There are still enough of us Christians, red-yellow-black-and-white to pull this off, if we are only willing.

Bill Gaither and his gospel choir
This course of action would not make America whiter, but it would make it a better place to live.