Tuesday, August 11, 2020


 SUNDAY 09 AUG 2020

Corpus Christi, Texas' pastor has called on Catholics of the Corpus Christi Diocese to fast on Wednesdays. 

For how long? 

Til this catastrophe is ended.

Bishop Mulvey issues statement following allegations of Archbishop sexual misconduct

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Kneeling Catholic touches on the 'Black Legend'


YouTube would not post my response to Joe Ryan's above video, so here it is here....

Friend, I disagree with you when you contrast the Spanish treatment of American Indians with that of Anglo America. All you need  do is look at the typical illegal immigrant coming from Latin America. They are not Europeans! They are Indians with Spanish surnames and that's it. If the Spanish wiped out the Indians then ((as Custer famously asked)) 'where the hell are all these Indians coming from!?'

A typical Latin American has a lot of Indian blood. Most people with Indian blood who live in the US today have immigrated to us from Latin America (you know, the place where Columbus had them wiped out?)But wait, I thought you said Columbus wiped them out!

Here is another question: Why American Indians embrace Columbus's Catholicism if they hated him and the Spaniards so much? The same might be asked of Christian black America. Why did slaves embrace the religion of their white owners if the Southern master-slave relationship was so poisonous?

The fact is, there is this thing called the 'black legend' about Spain and Catholicism that England and the  puritans cooked up way back in the 17th CTY.   They were in competition with Spain in the new world, so they magnified Catholic (Spanish) misdeeds and downplayed their own evil treatment of the Indians.   Please recall General Amherst giving small-pox blankets to Chief Pontiac in the 18th CTY and the acts of Sheridan and Custer and  Nathaniel Lyon in the 19th. (Why were ALL America's butchers of the Indians also heroes of Mr. Lincoln's  Union Army?) By the early 20th CTY, the US northern states had become ethnically-cleansed, white ethno-states and the Yankees liked it that way.

Yankee Abolitionists like Ralph W  Emerson and Julian Sturdevant explicitly remarked that they first expected  the North American Indians to go extinct and then the North American black men.  They could only say that because they were already witnessing Anglo America's eradication of Indians.