Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tidal Wave of Confusion Follows Pope Francis' 'GAY' Remarks on the Plane

I recently spoke with a devout  and knowledgeable Baptist lady who is convinced the Pope has changed the Church's doctrine with regards to sodomy. btw,  the Baptist lady is not the only one who is convinced of this.  Saltillo's Bishop Vera says the same thing.  i.e. that Pope Francis is pro-gay rights and all that entails.  And that he is boldly going against 2,000 years of Catholic teaching

These anecdotes are indicative of an ocean of confusion among many who have tried to understand the Holy Father's remarks.  Sadly it reminds me of video clip below....Skip to 6:25 to see what I mean....Faithful Catholics who want to be loyal to Francis,  (Especially us Pelagians who pray rosaries for him!!!) are being put into Rex's position from the video. We are hoping, despite all evidence to the contrary, that the Pope is not contradicting what the Church has always taught
:-(  :-(  :-(


Different people are understanding divergent messages from the Pope's answer.  Remember the iconic scene in 'Stripes' where the recruiter asks Bill Murry and Harold Remis if they are homosexuals....ok, what IS the right understanding?    Help me out here!!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sandro Magister Keeps Up Drumbeat agaisnt MSGR Battista Ricca

MSGR Ricca is still at his post at the Vatican Bank, IOR.

Sandro Magister sees this as direct contradiction to the Holy Father's mission of reforming the Vatican.

For good measure Magister also points the Chaouqui appointment as well.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

30 Minute Interview with WYD 'Panis Angelicus' Girl, Larissa Viana (Can anyone translate Portuguese? Please?!!)  was the original website to feature Larissa Viana and point out that her prayerful rendition of St. Thomas' hymn was about the only truly Catholic/Universally appealing event during the welcome Mass @ Copacabana.

Here the narrator manages to get an interview with the young girl who silenced the gigantic  crowd.
I have no idea what they are saying, but it does feature Larissa singing three Latin prayers, (Pater Noster and Salve Regina as well).  It also has a picture of Larissa kneeling at Mass.  That makes me a big fan!!!


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Clerical Whispers Blog implies that MSGR Battista Ricca is indeed gone from IOR!!

This is not what I gathered from the transatlantic press conference.  However Clerical Whispers seems to assume that the Pope has already found Mr. Magister's accusations against Ricca well-founded and that this is just one more example of the CURIA letting his Holiness down by white-washing Ricca's biography.....

With Bergoglio as well this seems to be the case. With the advantages and risks that every monocratic authority runs. During his first months as pope, the most serious mishap into which Francis has stumbled has been the appointment of the prelate of the IOR, the Vatican "bank," in the person of Monsignor Battista Ricca. An appointment strongly backed by the pope himself, entirely in the dark about the scandalous past of this figure, every documented trace of which was made to disappear.

In cases of this kind, when he sees that the curia is bringing him harm rather than help, Pope Francis feels even more driven to do it himself.

After "L'Espresso" uncovered the scandal on the basis of indisputable testimonies and documents that disappeared in Rome but were kept at the Vatican nunciature in Montevideo, the pope wanted to verify the truth himself. He put his his "segretariola" into action to tell him about and deliver to him all of the evidence in the case. In the interview on the return flight from Rio, his harshest words were directed against the "lobbies," remarking twice that "there was nothing" about the scandal in the "preliminary" investigation on Ricca that they had shown him in the curia....

[UPDATE] the following is from the IOR's Website....Ricca still seems ensconced]]

Msgr. Battista Mario Salvatore Ricca
Appointed ad interim

Msgr. Battista Mario Salvatore Ricca has been with the Section for Relations with States of the Secretariat of State since 2009. He worked at the Section for General Affairs of the Secretariat of State between 2005 and 2009, prior to which he served the Nunciatures of Congo, Algeria, Colombia, Switzerland, Uruguay, and Trinidad & Tobago from 1989 to 2005.
Msgr. Ricca studied at the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy from 1985 to 1989. He was ordained as a priest in Brescia in 1980, and was Parochial Vicar in that city until 1985.
Msgr. Ricca was born in Brescia on 22 January 1956.

Irish "Student Survey" Finds Very Few Believe in Transubstantiation

Folks, yet another depressing story! Let's try to remember that Ireland was one of the many countries whose bishops asked for Communion in the hand back in the70s.  They got it, and I believe kneeling Communion and Communion on the tongue have been eradicated.(This is only what I gather. I have only been thru Ireland a couple of times and those were air stopovers. Feel free to correct me if you live there and go to a Church where most people still receive on the tongue!) 

But, please [[[don't!!!]]] try to tell me there is no connection between posture and belief!!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>;Shockingly” – to quote this report – while fewer than 60 percent of respondents considered themselves Catholic, ATHEISTS emerged as the second largest group  at 20 percent.
Abortion is an extremely sensitive and current topic, and the survey shows that 83.5 percent of the Irish students believe that abortion should be allowed in Ireland while 76.8 percent think that the Catholic Church has too much power in the country.
When asked “Do you attend communal religious ceremonies and functions?” the highest response was “no” at 61 percent, and those who responded “yes” mainly attend only 1-3 times a year.

While 61.5 percent of  the Catholic students who were asked if they take communion said “yes”, only 32.2 percent believe that it’s the body and blood of Christ.

When offered a number of choices for why students don’t follow a religion, the response to top the scale was that they “don’t believe in the teachings” (77.8 percent).
45.2 percent of students only follow a religion because of their parents influence, yet 40 percent of the students who took the survey wouldn’t want their children to follow the same religion they were brought up with. Only 13.7 percent follow a religion due to a strong faith.
According to the survey, students regard “looking good” (in 5th place) as being more important than “religious beliefs” (6th), with friends and family topping the list of importance.


 Here's another Irish story from 2010 about Communion in the Hand>>>>>>>

Massgoer in Eucharist Incident Restrained [Demands Communion in Hand]
Irish Times ^ | 9/16/10 | Tom Shiel
Posted on Friday, September 17, 2010 6:20:50 AM by marshmallow
A MASSGOER who objected to receiving the Eucharist on his tongue at a Latin Mass in Co Mayo had to be restrained when his protests led to a scuffle in the church. The incident at Knock Shrine was described by the Latin Mass Society of Ireland as "sad" and "disturbing". It occurred when a man approached the altar of the parish church and insisted he get communion in his hand rather than on the tongue. Fr Wulfran Lebocq, who was assisting on the altar, quietly told the communicant to take communion on his tongue. This is in accordance with the traditional Latin rite.

According to onlookers, the communicant told the priest: "You're in Ireland now".

Before being restrained, the communicant grabbed a host from the ciborium, and in the process the host fell on the floor.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Papal Mass for Feast of the Assumption Marred by Priests’ Indifference

Either there is a standing order for Communion on the tongue, in which these priests are either too craven or weak or too rebellious to comply
Pope Francis and MSGR Guido Marini have relented to calls for Communion any-old-way!

Two [ or more] Questions Regarding Fr. Barron's Mass-As-Sacrifice-Video

This video comes highly heralded.  Putatively because Father, normally a staunch advocate of Vatican II reforms,  seems to lament the loss of the Sacrificial understanding of the post-Vatican II Church.  Sadly he does not elaborate too far..

There are laudable items in this video....however I must question a couple of points

1) why are all the communicants illutstrated in the last minute of Father's video hand communicants?
    After Father emphasizes the awesomeness and terribleness of the Mass, he then culminates it with people who do not even make any sign of reverence and then grab the Hosts?!!!  This is the cognitive dissonance which Father forces on us:  That the Eucharist is  God Himself, but it's good to treat It in a casual way. in other words, it's good to confuse young children who then think it is a snack time because that is what it looks like. You cannot start too early with double-think!!

2) Father uses the Biblical phrase about Our Lord taking all the sins of the world upon himself on the Cross.  I may be all alone on this, but I think this phrase cries out for qualification!  Many Protestants, and perhaps Prof. Balthazar as well, believe that Christ actually became a guilty sinner on the Cross, therefore God was just in punishing Him. At that point Christ 'actually deserved it'.???!!!!  This is what many believe!  Sort of like- sin is a substance that can be  poured out of a bucket onto you and there you are! Even if you are the Most Holy, you are sinner! I see such a belief is a huge departure from the standard, traditional Catholic teaching on the Atonement . i.e that.Christ is the EVER- Pure, Holy, Stainless Victim  whose voluntary Sacrifice satisfies/propitiates and assuages God the Father's righteous anger towards any sinner to whom It's Infinite benefits are applied.

This particular topic has really gotten under my skin and
I must go on!!: Did the Israelites pick an unblemished lamb and then dump pollutions on it before they sacrificed it?
At least that's how I have understood it.  Maybe I am wrong?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cristero Historian Jean Myer Laments What Alsacian Catholics Have Lost Since Vatican II

This is an excerpt from a NCRegister interview from June 2012.  Professor Meyer, an Alsacian descendant raised in the South of France, reminisces how that 50 years ago 100% (!!!!)of Alsacian* men and women went to Mass on Sundays.

I'm afraid I do not understand the Holy Father's apparent animus towards people who look fondly back at those 'good old days'.  They were not only good-old-days.  They were beautiful and holy old days.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>NCR:I think I read somewhere that you had, to some extent, a conversion yourself, in terms of philosophical viewpoint.

MYER: As a historian, I was a Marxist; so the agrarian problem was the key to everything, and I came with the idea, as I told you, that the few mentions of the Cristeros were that they were just the puppets of the landlords in order to impede an agrarian reform. Very quickly I discovered that it was not true. So I left my Marxist ideas and accepted more the … thesis that the superstructures may change the structures and not only the structures determining the superstructures.
And the deep Christian faith of the Mexican people confirmed
 my own Catholic faith personality.
I was educated as a Catholic in a very practicing family, and I never stopped being one, but I discovered a new dimension, because in France — in my France, because I was born in the south of France in Provence — in contrast with Alsace, in Alsace the churches were, it’s not true today, but 50 years ago, 100% of the men and the women went to Mass on Sunday … everybody was very religious.
But in Provence, it was very different. In Provence, maybe 20%, 30% were practicing. A very, very high practice for today, but I think that today 8% or 10% only. So, the Mexican people confirmed me in my Christianity.<<<<

Read more:

*Alsace is a section of eastern France along the Rhein river, which has sometimes belonged to Germany

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Sorry for shouting, dear Folks, but there is a time for it!

His Holiness, Pope FrancisApostolic Palace
00120 Vatican City

BTW the cost for a letter from the USA to Vatican City thru the USPS = $1.10.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kneeling Catholic Calls on Pope Francis to BAN WYD/JMJ !!!!!

Such things!

This is 1000 times worse than the Bishops' Village People routine!!

Holy Father!!!

Such things are offensive and scandalous! 

They do not hurt our'' pride', nor our 'exclusivity', nor our 'Pelagianism'! 

They hurt our heartfelt desire to see people treat Our Lord with respect!!!  With Adoration!!

Is this too much to ask?

your loyal servant,


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pope Francis re-appoints SSPX SYMPATHIZER POZZO to Papal Commission Ecclesia Dei

Can you estimate how long it will take for the Lefebvrists to return to the Catholic Church?
“We have no fixed date in mind. We are praying, working, and acting so that the re-integration of the SSPX into full ecclesial communion does not take too long.” (DEC 2010)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Brazilian Traditionalist BLOG backs Pope Francis 100%!!!

((my comment:  there was a small fear among traditionalists at the introduction of Summorum Pontificum  that Pope Benedict had given up on trying to make the Novus Ordo more reverent.  I think Pope Francis in is pope-on-a-plane remarks hinted that this is not acceptable, i.e. the Novus Ordo is in need of reform to recapture its sense of adoration.  'he said as much when questioned by a Russian Orthodox reporter. The following is a post by the Brazilian traditionalist blog, Salvem a Liturgia regarding the controversy swirling around the FFI being forced to celebrate the Novus Ordo. I'll bet it will be reverently celebrated, Ad Orientem, with kneeling communicants and the 'whole nine yards'! This will force some of the cross-pollination that Pope Benedict had hoped for))

straight from Salvem a Liturgia thru Google translate to you!!!!>>>>>

There is nothing more traditional than obedience and reverence to the Pope, and that is exactly what the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate will offer / are offering.

Much has been said in the blogosphere about the intervention of the Holy See in the congregation of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. But the truth is that no Pope Francisco has not banned the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. Simply put, after examining the situation personally and praying, he decided that the ordinary form of the liturgy sacrada Franciscans of the Immaculate is the same as the ordinary form of the Roman Rite. That said, the Pope Francisco is not "anti-Tridentine Mass", nor prohibited FFI in the future, to offer the Holy Sacrifice in the extraordinary form. But he is saying that the friars / communities should request and obtain permission first.

According to Fr Maximilian, the motu proprio Summorum pontificorum, created divisions in the congregation of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, resistance and exaggerated zeal and confusion, however, the Holy Mother Church is giving a new opportunity to implement Summorum pontificorum with your help and guidance, ie, one is great opportunity for FFI start implementation from scratch in a way that does not lose the drive and with the help of the Mother Church.<<<<<