Thursday, October 20, 2016

Never-trumpers are being willfully ignorant of Trump's prolife stance

That does it!

I love these arguments. I hear them often from dear family members.

e.g. Trump is believed to be a  letcher, therefore we are morally obligated to tolerate a rapist, Bill Clinton. (?!!) Logically, declaring Trump morally unfit to be in the White house also declares Mr. Clinton as unfit to be back in the White House.  At their never-Trumper best, these arguments cancel one another out, i.e. one way or another we will be putting  womanizing jerk, perhaps criminal, in the White House. Doesn't this  force us to reevaluate their proposed policies objectively without the above noise?  (we will get to their abortion policies shortly)

For some anti-Trumpers, I am afraid there is simple snobbishness involved. These anti-Trumpers are seeing their  Conservative club inundated with the 'deplorables' i.e. uneducated and/or unemployed people who have never heard of Milton Friedman, or von Mises, people who don't give a damn about America leading the globalist agenda nor our perennial need to antagonize Russia nor our duty to give 3rd world women the opportunity to work in sweatshops to  keep Walmart well-stocked, etc. etc. Trumps pitchfork people want one thing: jobs.  Good paying jobs for MEN who work with their hands making and fixing things. The snobs don't like locking arms with  throwback males who mourn bygone days when their wives could afford to be housewives  (the horror!!), hence the snobs sit on their hands or just vote for Hillary and Bill.

Wednesday night's debate contained a stark exchange over abortion where Trump railed against late-term abortion and stated that Roe v Wade had to be overturned.  This was an exchange over which pro-life never-Trumpers are going to have to show their true colors.  please recall that Trump was attacked prior to the Wisconsin primary both by Planned Parenthood AND BY  REPUBLICANS for his pro-life stance.  Also, remember that  both Bush first ladies, Barbara and Laura( laura for gay marriage AND abortion )were and are pro-choice as was Nancy Reagan.(and also Mrs. John McCain is prochoice ) After seeing how the Bushes cozy up to Hillary for this election, should we really be surprised that the net damage done to Roe v Wade during 20 years of Reagan-Bush was:  NOTHING?

I'm beginning to think that never-Trumpers are less worried that Trump will break his pro-life pledge, and are more worried of how embarrassed they would be if Trump became the first Republican president ever to honor his pro-life pledge!

Either, being pro-life is just window-dressing for the Republican Party...where officials-- once elected--with a wink and a nod-- uphold the abortion status quo, or it is more. Watching so-called pro-lifers stab Mr. Trump in the back makes me wonder if I have been a chump for ever thinking the Bushes and the Reagans and the McCains and the Romneys and  the Becks and the Medveds and the Krauthammers and  the Kasichs and the Kristols and the Shapiros and the Wills ever gave the abortion issue very much importance.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Diamond and Silk fetch smelling salts for Bill Clinton's supporters offended byTrump's braggadocio

I am beginning to think that the Clinton campaign has stumbled into a trap.

Diamond and Silk powerfully point out the irony of those who want to put a rapist back into the white house and yet are offended by a surreptitious recording of Donald Trump bragging to a cohort about his sexploits--real or imagined-- .

Suddenly, we are told by those who say Trump exaggerates and lies about his wealth, that we must take his locker room bragging at face value. Men never lie to their buddies about sexploits! that's a fact.

 I really wonder if those genuinely offended at hearing such language have ever been around enlisted MEN in our nations military, or even around a construction site when men know the womenfolk aren't listening. It is a plain fact that the elite have no such experience.  Thankfully, many of the DeplorABLE have.

(as/I write, the NYT is printing an article about how Planned Parenthood is campaigning against Donald Trump with more money than ever before.)