Sunday, October 9, 2016

Diamond and Silk fetch smelling salts for Bill Clinton's supporters offended byTrump's braggadocio

I am beginning to think that the Clinton campaign has stumbled into a trap.

Diamond and Silk powerfully point out the irony of those who want to put a rapist back into the white house and yet are offended by a surreptitious recording of Donald Trump bragging to a cohort about his sexploits--real or imagined-- .

Suddenly, we are told by those who say Trump exaggerates and lies about his wealth, that we must take his locker room bragging at face value. Men never lie to their buddies about sexploits! that's a fact.

 I really wonder if those genuinely offended at hearing such language have ever been around enlisted MEN in our nations military, or even around a construction site when men know the womenfolk aren't listening. It is a plain fact that the elite have no such experience.  Thankfully, many of the DeplorABLE have.

(as/I write, the NYT is printing an article about how Planned Parenthood is campaigning against Donald Trump with more money than ever before.)

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