Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cristero Film coming up!

Dean Wright has completed the new film 'Cristiada'. The film stars well-known actors, e.g. Ruben Blades, Andy Garcia, Corpus Christi's own Eva Longoria, and Peter O'Toole.

As I understand, Professor Jean Meyer was consulted in making this film.
Professor Meyer's book, Cristiada, is the premier chronicle of the Cristero conflict. It certainly seems that director Dean Wright has done his homework and created a powerful, historically accurate film!!

Director Wright won an Oscar for being visual effects supervisor for Lord of the Rings and also served in the same capacity for Chronicles of Narnia. I have to admit, I like his pedigree and predict this film will 'instruct the ignorant', many of whom include not only American Catholic laity, but unfortunately also our clergy! I think this film will blast away cynicism which masquerades as sophistication and knock the snot out of the snotty!

What a blessing and inspiration this film might be for our young people, --well accustomed to seeing the media portray Church scandals--, to see what it 'used to be like' to be Catholic [before our Church leadership was so heavily infiltrated by effeminates].

Once upon a time, Catholicism blended with Mexican chivalry and machismo to produce.....the Cristeros!!



how meyer got to be the cristero historian (Spanish)


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