Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CDW Mush Solidifies: Catholic Truth Society bans kneeling in UK

Remember the CDW's mealy-mouthed ruling about England and Wales?

Supposedly this 'ruling' allowed for Catholics, who wished to do so, to still kneel for Communion. Now that tolerant 'window-dressing" has gone out the window.

Liturgists in the UK have taken their inch and mile! The Catholic Truth Society has now published a missal which states, unequivocally---Communicants come forward in reverent procession; They receive Communion standing. (none of the earlier qualification allowing people to kneel appears!! oh yeah, remember how everyone is obliged to make some kind of gesture of reverence--like taking a bow or .... kneeling!-- That is also out the window. Apparently lining up, like we do at Whataburger, or at the bank, or at a public restoom on a busy day, counts as a reverent gesture!)---

Thanks to Fr. Finnegan for this sad news......

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Website reports that the Pope's Master of Ceremonies is again calling for Catholics to kneel for Holy Communion

The Adoratio Conference in Rome, meeting during the Feast of Corpus Christi, is covered here....


Our hero, and prophet! Athanasius Schneider spoke at the conference and, again, called for Catholics to follow the Holy Father's example and to kneel for Holy Communion

Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Background for upcoming Director Dean Wright's Cristero film!

A real Cristero!


btw. The gentleman in the video is not exaggerating. The Cristeros won the last huge battle of the conflict, Tepatitlan. 900 of their forces defeated 3000 Federales--resoundingly.

Often winning a war is defined by winning the last huge battle, but not in this case.

Reminiscent of the Catholic Pilgrimage of Grace against Henry VIII---where the 'Pilgrims' lost their crushing numerical advantage at the bargaining table, (due to the Duke of Norfolk's use of false promises)---the Cristeros lost their struggle by trusting an agreement hammered out between the Federales and the Catholic Bishops, (mediated by the U.S. State Department). The Cristeros obediently went to their homes where subsequently the government rounded up and executed 5,000 (10%) of them. (see sepia photo above)

President of John Paul II High School (Corpus Christi, TX) sends secret message to Kneeling Catholics!

Father Peter Marsalek has been a positive influence for holy reverence at his school, John Paul II High School, as exemplified here...


and here....


Last week, at John Paul II's graduation ceremony, Father asked the students to remember their school mascot, the Centurion, and how the Centurion knealt down for Jesus and how they must always remember to do the same. [--though Matthew -- only records that he 'beseeched' Jesus, I think the Centurion did kneel. Joseph Marie Vien's depiction above --appropriately-- has the Centurion kneeling].

Thank you Father Marsalek! For everything!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

CDW dumps mush on Kneeling Catholics in UK

from 13 JUN Hermeneutic of Continuity...

"In the Dioceses of England and Wales Holy Communion is to be received standing, though individual members of the faithful may choose to receive Communion while kneeling. However, when they communicate standing, it is recommended that the faithful bow in reverence before receiving the sacrament."

Calling all Kneeling Catholics in England and Wales! This 'clarification' is empty because it contradicts itself. The first phrase is a command which is then qualified, negating its meaning. Sort of like a drill sergeant shouting at his recruits 'Formation at 0430, except for those who don't show up!'.

Blah! Blah! NTL it is clear from this that we have at least one enemy in the CDW. I.e. someone who prefers double talk over the Holy Father's humble example.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Director Dean Wright confirms the historicity of 'Cristiada' film

Hey Everyone!

Want to know the latest about Director Dean Wright's Cristiada film?

Wright's facebook page is linked below. The film is still scheduled to be released later this year! It sure would be great to have a few more trailers!!

From the tone and contents of Wright's posts--in particular his desire that another film be produced featuring the Blessed Padre Miguel Pro--it is plain to see that he is 'one of us'.!

Wright pays to tribute to Cristero Chronicler Jean Meyer below....

We consulted with Jean Meyer extensively while researching the project, as well as meeting with relatives of those involved in the conflict.

While this is still a movie - not a documentary - I don't think you'll be disappointed in how the story is told.

- Dean--------

As Director Wright likes to say VIVA CRISTO REY!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

More background for Cristero film, Cristiada

This is a clip from the 2007 Mexican film, El Padre Pro, by Loyola Producciones. Father Pro was martyred in 1927. A 'must see' for those of us anticipating Dean Wright's Cristiada (starring Corpus Christi's own Eva Longoria) which should be released this fall!


from an interview with the actor/priest who plays the Blessed Padre Pro

La película Padre Pro:

Entrevista con el P. Pedro Reyes, protagonista

La cinta, que aportará información y anécdotas inéditas, se apega estrictamente a la vida del Padre Pro, pero también refleja los problemas sociales y políticos que tuvo que enfrentar el sacerdote durante su ministerio, dada la prohibición y condena del gobierno de Plutarco Elías Calles a cualquier acto de culto religioso público, además de una abierta injerencia del Estado en cuestiones de la Iglesia.

La producción de esta película fue posible gracias a las aportaciones voluntarias de distintas personas y fue grabada en locaciones de México y Europa, continente en el que vivió el Padre Pro luego de que, a causa de la Revolución Mexicana, cerraran los seminarios en nuestro país.

La Arquidiócesis de México y el semanario Desde la fe desea todo el éxito a esta gran producción cinematográfica, cuya intención de ninguna manera es levantar polvaredas con el Estado, ni meter el dedo en las llagas del pasado, sino mostrar con base en fuentes documentales y testimoniales fidedignas, la vida de uno de los personajes más importantes de la vida de la Iglesia en el siglo XX: el beato Agustín Pro......