Friday, October 1, 2010

Priest advocate for homosexuality hates the new English translation and loves 'Vatican II'

Sisters and Brothers!

There is a freight train coming our way! Next year, the first Sunday of Advent we will no longer be using the same English (no changes for any of the other 9,999 translations of the Mass, just English!) Rome has spoken.

Why? ...remember words/concepts like 'Incarnate', 'grievous fault', etc. ? People from other countries do because they still say them. Every Sunday!! It was only the traitorous translators of the English missal who did away with these treasures along with much else....
I know what your thinking ....."Doesn't 'and became man' doesn't count for Incarnate?" Absolutely not since the credo has both 'and became man' 'et homo factus est' AND 'et Incarnatus est' , the English translators just decided to lessen the emphasis so they got rid of the latter phrase entirely. 'Incarnate is 'Too big of a word!' or else more sinisterly, they just didn't believe it THAT strongly!

Now the pope is telling the American Church to rejoin the rest of the Catholic Church in prayer and there are a number of clerics, who are livid! Imagine! Rome wants the American Church to pray the same way Catholics all over the world already do!! The nerve!!! So much for the American Church being the vanguard for change! The old 'peter-paul-and-mary crowd are griping and backstabbing!

If you can stomach it, visit the link below and you will discover many things! There is at least one priest advocate for homosexual marriage and homosexual sex and homosexual sex and ...!! who is especially angry about the pope's scheduled 2011 tsnami.