Thursday, April 2, 2015

Photos from Chilean Abuser-Priest Karadima's Church

With all the talk about Pope Francis' refusal to listen to Father Karadima's sexual abuse victims...
ABC news article about Francis' Karadima/Barros/Errazuriz problem...

 AND with the hinting around that Karadima was/ is some kind of traditionalist.  I thought it might be enlightening to look at the Church which was his center of operations for so many decades.

Perhaps you all can correct me if I am in error here, but I believe these are a couple of photos from the Church 'De El Bosque' in Santiago. Yes, at least there are vaulted ceilings.......but

1. Where is the Tabernacle?  AND

2. (most importantly for the purpose of this blog) Where is the ALTAR RAILING?

It seems to me that such a sanctuary layout --typical of post conciliar, versus-populum, priest-centered worship--is designed to eradicate kneeling during Holy Communion.