Sunday, December 12, 2021



Tony, these were some of the images google suggested for us....

Is that me on the big plate? :-)

Saturday, October 16, 2021

When a Mormon gets something right that most Catholics don't



Markan priority is the scholarly theory that the Gospel of Mark was composed before Matthew and Luke, and that latter two copied then copied from Mark. Nowadays very few Catholic apologists, not even Trent Horn, are willing to challenge Markan priority.

Not so, this nerdy Mormon guy, ( NMG). NMG totally DEMOLISHES Markan priority starting @ 04:00 and then he delivers a hilarious coup de grace @ 06:30!

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Atheist performs two HOST DESECRATIONS on Youtube

                                                 skip to  39:15

                                             Skip to 09:40

I ran across these videos a couple of weeks ago....the first is from 2017 and the second is from 2019.

There might be reason to wonder whether the individual might have desecrated an unconsecrated wafer....however I think we can pretty much take him at his word on this.....Not sure what to say about this, other than reparations and prayers and sacrifices need to be made.

Communion in the hand must be banned.

Monday, December 14, 2020


This is last year, where Charlie was still performing at 85 years old...Note  0:04 the audience of "deplorables"

@ 3:00 of his 2017 interview

When I when I first started 
giving interviews and all different  
reporters would say: "now Charlie how does 
it feel to be the Jackie Robinson of 
country music?",  or "how does it feel to be 
the first colored country singer?" or "
how does it feel to be the first Negro 
country singer" or Charlie how does it  
feel to be the first Afro- American 
country singer?" I said I feel the same way as when I was "colored" 
 I don't feel no different..... so 
I try to narrow it down to that and they 
say "well which one do you want?" I said well "
that's four of them,"  I said "well I'm 
Charlie pride the staunch American!" 

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Corpus Christi Voter's Guide update for   DECEMBER 15, 2020 City Council Run-Off Election

 Colonel A M Hobby Camp 713 Sons of Confederate Veterans, (SCV)

Our candidates did very well!! I'll have more on that later BUT in the meantime, we have a mayoral run-off coming up, with one week of early voting December 5-11.

Remember to vote for.....




Paulette reads and responds to emails. She loves tradition and wants to clean up the blight around our historical Rose Hill Cemetery where so many of our civil war veterans are interred. I have great respect for Paulette's opponent, HOWEVER we should recall that he was responsible for destroying our ICONIC Memorial Coliseum which was dedicated to our WWII fallen! Enough said!!


Very much like Paulette Guajardo, Kaylynn answers emails  and wants to clean up Rose Hill Cemetery's surroundings. Her opponent has never responded despite numerous appeals.




Mr. Lerma did very respectfully respond to my original email to him.  He did not have any specific responses.