Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Father Pacwa goes "all in" for kneeling

Father Pacwa hosted his Excellency, Bishop Athanasius Schneider on 09 January 2013.
Bishop Schneider was focused--as always!!  Father Mitch has now hosted Bishop Athanasius at least twice.

It is interesting to see the EWTN audience's reaction.  There were not many happy looking faces!  Father received two call-ins and three studio audience questions.  Here is the breakdown.  Both phone-callers were very sympathetic to his Excellency.  Of those in Birmingham, visiting EWTN, two, at 45:26 and 49:13 of the program, tried to put the bishop on the spot!!  The last questioner, a young man, dispensed with  politeness and didn't bother with saying 'Father',   or even 'Bishop'.  (you may advance 'the tape' by grabbing the end of the gray progress bar)

Please pray for EWTN's anti-kneeling people!  If Father Pacwa and Bishop Schneider cannot even convince EWTN stalwart, that kneeling at Holy Communion is a more clear and intense gesture than queuing up and sticking your hand out ((as if you are waiting for change back from your dollar at a convenience store!!)), then how can we convince Catholics who don't even know who Mother Angelica is?