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pilgrimage of grace

OK, I give up on last Friday's one, even my Yorkshire readers, ventured a guess..... so I'll just tell you the answer and why K. C. thinks it important. The map presented was of the "Pilgrimage of Grace", 1536, a rebellion in Yorkshire against Henry VIII's pillaging of the Church as well as Henry's innovations [which could be considered modest in comparison with what was to follow].

The rebellion was 'spontaneous' and was of the little people. The nobles who led it , even Robert Aske included, were mostly conscripted by the mob and told to 'lead or else!'. Their banner was the Five Wounds of Christ, and wherever they passed, the old religion was restored....
>>>a body of priests marched at their head, bearing a banner, on which was painted the image of the crucified Saviour, with the chalice and the host; and each soldier wore on his sleeve the emblem of his holy cause - a representation of the five wounds of Christ, with the name "Jesus" in the centre. The enterprise was quaintly called "The Pilgrimage of Grace," and wherever the pilgrims appeared, their first object was to re-instate the ejected monks in their monasteries. <<< href="">
Their army [[you kneeling Catholics in Skipton, the rebels actually laid seige to a castle in Skipton!]] eventually swelled to 30,000 and came crashing down on the town of Doncaster where the Duke of Norfok, Thomas Howard -well played as Thomas More's good friend in a Man for all Seasons- with 5,000 of the king's men stalled for time. Thru deceit/false promises the King was able to diffuse the rebellion, the rebels - always wishing to believe the best of the king - disbanded. When Henry showed no intention of keeping his promises, another smaller rebellion sprang up a few months later and was crushed. The king then placed York under marshal law, rounded up some 250 leaders of the original rebellion, including Robert Aske, and hung them, some in their own gardens.
... "Ye shall not enter into this our Pilgrimage of Grace for the commonwealth, but only for the love that ye do bear unto Almighty God his faith, and to Holy Church militant and the maintenance thereof; to the preservation of the King's person and his issue, to the purifying of the nobility, and to expulse all villein >> note 1 blood and evil councillors against the commonwealth from his Grace and his Privy Council of the same. And that ye shall not enter into our said Pilgrimage for no particular profit to yourself, nor to do any displeasure to any private person, but by counsel of the commonwealth, nor slay nor murder for no envy, but in your hearts put away all fear and dread, and take afore you the Cross of Christ, and in your hearts His faith, the restitution of the Church, the suppression of these heretics and their opinions, by all the holy contents of this book."
Why is the "Pilgrimage of Grace" signficant? Why are the doomed Cristeros significant? Or the laity who stood with St. Athansius against a world of bishops and priests? one word - courage. What is it they saw that we don't? What is it that they had that we don't got?
Pray for courage!
K. C.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Name that town!

Who is that visitor?
This is more fun than Ham radio!
How do you read me? over!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Catechism books and Communion in the hand

It is sad that an almost surefire indicator that a youngster in our diocese is not product of our Catholic schools is when he or she receives Communion on the tongue. Such a child will be either home-schooled or from a public school.

These photos are gleaned from an elementary catechism textbook, "We Believe" used in Corpus Christi Diocese which is published by Sadler. 100% of the photos of young people and the Holy Eucharist are of hand Communion. See how a practice introduced as an option has become mandatory? See how deceitful our opponents are! They say "the Church has room for 'all kinds'" but then why does this book contain zero photos of children kneeling to receive Communion, and even zero of children receiving on the tongue?

[my source for this tells me that 99% of the children in the school where this textbook is used take Communion in the hand]

Brainwashing works!

K. C.

[images from "We Believe"

imprimatur Bishop William Bullock

Es triste que un método casi segura para determinar que un joven en nuestra diócesis no es producto de nuestras escuelas católicas es cuando él o ella recibe la Comunión en la boca. Ese niño será el hogar o la escuela de una escuela pública.
Estas fotos son extraídos de un libro de texto elemental catecismo, "creemos", utilizada en la Diócesis de Corpus Christi, que es publicado por Sadler. 100% de las fotos de los jóvenes y la Eucaristía son parte de la Comunión. Vea cómo una práctica introducida como opción se ha convertido en obligatoria? Vea cómo nuestros adversarios son engañosos! Dicen que "la Iglesia tiene espacio para" todo tipo "pero entonces ¿por qué este libro no contiene ningun foto de niños comulgando de rodillas, tanpoco de niños que reciben en la boca?
"Brainwashing" funciona!
K. C.

nurse stanek onto something

Nurse Stanek, who floored Bill O'Reilly with her description of infants being exposed to death at Chicago's Christ hospital, has withheld her condemnation of President Obama's selection of Sonia Sotomayor for the U. S. Supreme Court.

Is Sotomayor anti-abortion? NARAL is afraid that she is. We're still in a wait-and-see-mode.
Pray that Judge Sotomayor's Catholic conscience is alive and well.

If it isn't, and she turns out to be another pro-choice Catholic, we're back where we started.

K. C.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where you are!

Who's that over in Rome? :-)
K. C.

A little courage pays off!

A midwestern parish has been quietly witnessing for 10 years!

from the Catholic Online Forum

>>>Well now, in our old Church here in the Midwest, we had Communion Rails... that weren't being used for Communion. And our Pastor a while back (some 10 years) wanted to start using them again, he mentioned it from the Pulpit one Sunday, and started it the following week. Everyone knelt for Communion; most received it on the tongue, a few in the hand... this practice still goes on at our Masses, with three new Pastors since the one that started it. Not only for First Communion, but for all Masses... with very warm reception, even by visitors to our parish services. We here, are also a growing parish, seems a lot of us Catholic's (old and young alike) see it as "all due reverence" when receiving Communion.>>>>

Irreverence of the past 40 years did not come 'from the people' it was imposed on them by good old fashioned clericalism. Therefore there was no protest when the priest dared to say the obvious, just quiet relief. K. C. has said it before, but it bears repeating: Sheep like shepherding!! Where is Don Camillo?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Raymond Arroyo was delighted!

......when he announced that the Pope had instituted Communion on the tongue, kneeling. When Mr. Arroyo [EWTN 's chief newscaster]giddily announced this almost a year ago [see link at end of post], the idea that the Pope would adopt this practice as permanent might have appeared to be only 'whistling in the dark' on the part of Arroyo and traditionalists. But look at where we now stand!

Of the over 10,000 people who have received Communion from the Holy Father over the past year, there was only one "incident" where an African man, who appeared to be somewhat mentally handicapped, took Communion in the hand. Everyone else has 'surrendered' [isn't that also an important Christian meaning for kneeling? Surrendering to Jesus Christ?]

Add to that the Pope's new prefect to the CDWDS, Cardinal Antonio Canizares, reinstalling Toledo's communion rails and recommending that they be used "because the Holy Father wants it". Not even to mention reconciling thousands of SSPX traditionalists!

As the prophets of old would literally act out their messages instead of just talking, the Pope's kneeler has a terrifying message for the Church's liturgical 'experts':
Repent ! Or dust off your resumes!

K. C.

President Obama picks Sonia Sotomayor for Supreme Court

I've scoured a few blogs and here's what I scavenged

1. She has a ruling in favor of President Bush's Mexico City policy which did put her at odds with pro-choice forces.

2. She is 'probably' a practicing yet unsubstantiated.

3. It is hard to find anywhere she has ruled directly on 'Roe v Wade' or other abortion issues although she does seem to be in favor of school parents being informed of their daughters' pregnancies.

4? ??????

Pray that if confirmed, she will do to President Obama what so many of President Reagan's and Bush's nomineees did to them ....i.e. defy him.

in a fog

K. C.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Kneeling Catholic is not all vinegar!

Sisters and Brothers!

There is such beauty in God's world! There is even beauty in some "modern" music. Take for example Mr. Franz Biebl's Angelus. Check out the video bars! or if you are seated, or kneeling , check out Alfredo Kraus [the kneeling Catholic in the 2nd video bar], who by the way kneels for our Lord's mother in supplication as he sings Gounod's Ave Maria. I love the way he sings from the heart [no sheet music in his hands-it is his prayer]! [[ignore the second video, I haven't figured out how to delete it. ]]

Part of modern liturgists' crime as they beat truly banal music into our children's and into our heads is that this comes at the expense of us being blessed by genuinely beautiful art which reflects a beautiful Faith as well as expresses our Communion with those who came before us.

Pray for me.

K. C.

'Cry for Argentina!' from 'Surge Propera' blog

Wouldn't everyone, even the girl in the skimpy t-shirt, look better if they were kneeling instead of standing around looking bored?

Shame of the organizers of such an event! May God have mercy on them. And yet though some Argentines are shocked, we Americans would even wonder why the outrage? These hootenanny masses are standard operating procedure here. Our children are regularly pressured into participating in 'light-hearted' re-humiliations of the ONE who was humliated for us!

"from 'Surge Propera' blog"


del obispado de san isidro argentina , buenos aires argentina

[PicturesFrom the San Isidro, Argentina Diocese in Buenos Aires --Easter Youth 2009 ]

nº44.] Además de los ministerios instituidos, de lector y de acólito, entre las tareas arriba mencionadas, en primer lugar están los de acólito y de lector con un encargo temporal, a los que se unen otros servicios, descritos en el Misal Romano, y también la tarea de preparar las hostias, lavar los paños litúrgicos y similares.
Todos «los ministros ordenados y los fieles laicos, al desempeñar su función u oficio, harán todo y sólo aquello que les corresponde», y, ya lo hagan en la misma celebración litúrgica, ya en su preparación, sea realizado de tal forma que la liturgia de la Iglesia se desarrolle de manera digna y decorosa.
Se debe evitar el peligro de oscurecer la complementariedad entre la acción de los clérigos y los laicos, para que las tareas de los laicos no sufran una especie de «clericalización», como se dice, mientras los ministros sagrados asumen indebidamente lo que es propio de la vida y de las acciones de los fieles laicos.

[In English from Redemptionis Sacramentum]

[44. Apart from the duly instituted ministries of acolyte and lector,111 the most important ofthese ministries are those of acolyte112 and lector113 by temporary deputation. In additionto these are the other functions that are described in the Roman Missal,114 as well as thefunctions of preparing the hosts, washing the liturgical linens, and the like. All, “whetherordained ministers or lay faithful, in exercising their own office or ministry should doexclusively and fully that which pertains to them.”115 In the liturgical celebration itself aswell as in its preparation, they should do what is necessary so that the Church’s Liturgy willbe carried out worthily and appropriately.]

Sunday, May 24, 2009

EWTN's canon lawyer condemns flu ban on Communion on the tongue!

Sisters and brothers, as of May 7th, ewtn had already weighed in with regards to Bishops taking it upon themselves to ban Communion on the tongue [[and defy the CDWDS' own 2004 Redemptionis Sacramentum]] ...

...>>>>Swine Flu and Communion on the TongueQuestion ...on 5/3/2009: Does an Archbishop have the authority to mandate that all Catholics must receive Holy Communion in the hand as opposed to the tongue due to the Swine Flu scare. Thank-you, -Marie

...>>>>[Since Father Mark Gantley copyrighted his response from May 7th , I will not print it verbatim. He does say unequivocally that an archbishop has no right to forbid Communion on the tongue Just in case anyone is wondering. Father Gantley wrote this after several bishops had already gone and banned Communion on the tongue- to include our own Bishop Edmund Carmody of Corpus Christi Diocese]

... Please pray!

K. C.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Corpus Christi Diocese newspaper article embraces indifferentism

The May 16th edition of "South Texas Catholic", Corpus Christi Diocese's newspaper, carried an enthusiastic endorsement of a March 2009 "Emerging Church" conference in New Mexico. The author of the column, Paul Jeffrey Thomas, never does define the "emerging church" as an ecumenical group whose Catholic representative is Father Richard Rohr. Such an omission is pure mendacity! Mr. Thomas should be sued for false advertising!

..Father Rohr's bongo masses and 'Father-Mother God' blather would shock the sensibilities of most of the newspaper's readers.

Father Rohr [photo] can be seen poo-pooing conservative Catholics in the following intervew link. He says the upcoming conference [the one already mentioned] is to introduce the "emerging church" to Catholics.....

You will get the impression Father Rohr thinks all religions are OK, except ours...

and here is another article describing a blasphemous liturgy conducted by the same Father Rohr:

Some of you have suffered Father Rohr's or similar pied piper acts.
The rest of you! are you ready to be introduced?

I present to you.....Father Rohr!

>>>>>Bongos, Dancers, and Father-Mother God
Richard Rohr’s Mass at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress
At the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress on Saturday evening, March 3, Franciscan Father Richard Rohr celebrated a “general liturgy” in a ballroom at the Anaheim Convention Center. Father Rohr is a founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico and a Congress presenter. The processional hymn was “Christ Be Our Light,” accompanied by bongo drums. Liturgical dancers carried large, flowing banners down each of the aisles in the ballroom. Reaching the front of the ballroom, the dancers stood along either side of the podium, twirling the giant banners. Rohr, making no sign of the cross as he began the liturgy, said to the assembly, “as a fellow member of the Body of Christ, I thank you for allowing me to speak in your name. The Eucharist is always set in the form of a dialogue. First of all, I recognize the presence in you, and you return the compliment, and then the body is born.” Following the readings, Rohr, commenting on the Gospel where Jesus urges His disciples to love their enemies and pray for those who persecute them, talked about the forgiveness shown by the Amish community following the October murders of five young schoolgirls and our inability to extend similar forgiveness without God’s help. While the intercessions were read, several people, standing on each aisle of the ballroom, were making choreographed hand movements. Several audience members joined in mimicking the movements. The offertory procession began with two women waving banners, followed by two liturgical dancers, carrying a white tablecloth, sashaying up to the podium where Rohr sat waiting. They were followed by others who carried the hosts in large wicker breadbaskets and the wine in glass and plastic pitchers. Rohr prayed over the gifts, “...make sure this people is hungry and ready to eat. Make sure we are not so filled with ourselves that there is not room for another person within us. Loving God, make sure this people is very hungry.” Rohr changed some of the prayers of the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Opening the preface, he prayed, “Father and Mother God....” Before the consecration of the host, he said, “before he was given up to death, a death he said ‘Yes’ to....” And before the consecration of the wine, Rohr prayed, “when supper was ended, he gave you thanks and praise, gave the cup to his beloved....” Following the consecration, Rohr said the Christ's bloood “will be poured out for you, and for all, so you will know your sins are forgiven.” In praying for the departed, he referred to them as “especially your own beloved who are already with the Lord.” Rohr prefaced the Our Father, by saying, “and now, knowing we are more one than we are many, though we come from different places and races, we all share the same Father-Mother God. We call upon our God, together, in the words that Jesus gave us: Our Father, Who art in Heaven...” <<<<

[[article from]]

Please pray for Corpus Christi Bishop Edmund Carmody and the editors of the South Texas Catholic that they will recognize enemies of Church for the smarmy backstabbers that they are!

Friday, May 22, 2009

ewtn out on a limb on swine flu communion

Sisters and brothers, as May 7th, ewtn had already weighed in with regards to Bishops taking it upon themselves to ban Communion on the tongue [[and defy the CDWDS' own 2004 Redemptionis Sacramentum]]

>>>>Swine Flu and Communion on the TongueQuestion ...on 5/3/2009: Does an Archbishop have the authority to mandate that all Catholics must receive Holy Communion in the hand as opposed to the tongue due to the Swine Flu scare. Thank-you, -Marie
>>>>[Since Father Mark Gantley copyrighted his response from May 7th , I will not print it verbatim. He does say unequivocally that an archbishop has no right to forbid Communion on the tongue Just in case anyone is wondering. Father Gantley wrote this after several bishops had already gone and banned Communion on the tongue- to include our own Bishop Edmund Carmody of Corpus Christi Diocese]

Please pray!

K. C.

Kneeling Catholics in Yorkshire, the quiz continues!

[Monday, 25th May: Last chance and hint before I 'spill' the beans.....

Our heroes' antagonists sound much like the clericalizing over-the-hill beatle-mania priests who assure us that their protestantizing innovations were 'all for the best'....

"'And we, with our whole council, think it right strange that ye, who be but brutes and inexpert folk, do take upon you to appoint us who be meet or not for our council; we will, therefore, bear no such meddling at your hands, it being inconsistent with the duty of good subjects to interfere in such matters.'"

Who's going to win???]]

There's eight of you marked by that 'hot-air balloon' by Skipton!

I was looking at the map of those of you in the UK and was reminded of some kneeling Catholics in your 'neck of woods' a few years back. I even found you a map [with some critical information blocked out to make it challenging] Do you know what the map on top is about?

My last hint is that they were against liturgical innovations. oo-oo-oo that gave it away!

de Brantigny! now you can really be challenged (btw Jimmy Stewart played opposite Grace Kelly in Rear Window :-) )

Can you read my mind? You are now in the final round!

more tomorrow!

K. C.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

de Brantigny takes first prize!

[updated on 23 may to reflect the winner]I know, I know-- another kneeling Catholic! Guess her name and maybe I'll give you a prize !

Wer ist die kniende Dame? Ihr Deutsch wisst bestimmt!

¿Quién está de rodillas en la Santa Comunión? Si adivina la derecha tal vez te mandaré un premio!

Кто на коленях во время Святого Причастия? Если угадать права я, возможно, будем посылать вам награда!

وهو راكع خلال قربان المقدس؟ إذا كنت تخمين الحق ربما سوف يرسل لك مكافأة!



Wednesday, May 20, 2009

His Excellency: Daniel Jenky

[K. C.s comments are in red. the Lord God's are purple] [[thanks, Hidden One for the admonishment, I hope you like the softening of this post]]
Yesterday as I saw 'Catholic Answers Forum' make mention of a U. S. diocese where Communion on the tongue was being stamped out with a fervor exemplified by an angry deacon barking at a lady to stick her hand out, I wondered what Bishop would instigate and preside over such a tragedy. Now we know: His Excellency, Bishop Jenky of Peoria, IL

[this is the same Bishop Jenky whom John Allen quotes regarding the Notre Dame fiasco: >>>>church-run schools “should never choose between being excellent or being Catholic.” Our Catholic tradition, he said, is “so profound, so wide and so self-confident in its exploration of truth that it can dare to ask questions and promote dialogue.”<<<<]

I know most of you don't see the connection between 'modern liturgical experts' and 'pro-choice catholicism'. But believe me, it exists. A luke-warm posture when approaching Jesus promotes a luke-warm approach to Jesus in general. If you want to be really 'pro-life' then kneel for the Lord of life!

>>>>PEORIA — Harry Williams, a regular attendee of the weekday noon Mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, prefers during Holy Communion to receive the Sacred Host on the top of his tongue.
"No big deal. Just a personal preference," [this shoulder shrugging attitude is what I don't understand. 'personal preference'? Like there is no reason behind it? no reality? no history? no meaning? Is religion also just a 'personal preference'? Mr. Williams, I know you don't want to say anything against your bishop. In such cases, instead of selling truth short-- try to remember what Sir Thomas More did in 'a Man for All Seasons' and just don't say anything!] the Peoria resident said after services Wednesday.

But this week he's had no choice. Bishop Daniel Jenky has directed pastors and chaplains of the Catholic Diocese of Peoria to alter traditional Communion practices because of the swine flu outbreak. The directives include suspending distribution of the Sacred Host wafer on the tongue - it may still be delivered hand to hand from priest to parishioner - and suspending distribution of wine, or Precious Blood, entirely until the threat has passed.

The Illinois State Department of Health had confirmed 225 cases of swine flu in the state by Wednesday, including one in Knox County. Medical experts say the spread of the illness can be slowed by people following basic hygiene including: covering one's nose and mouth when sneezing, not sharing food utensils or drinking vessels, frequently washing hands with soap and water, staying home when sick and avoiding close contact with sick people.

"While avoiding any semblance of panic, pastors and chaplains, especially those who minister to the young, aged or infirmed, should also pay close attention as this situation develops," Jenky wrote in a letter dated April 30. "If necessary, the Office of Catholic Schools or other departments of the Curia may take other initiatives to guarantee the health of the faithful and to cooperate with civil authorities."

The letter was an update from a previous statement from the diocese.
Along with tweaking Communion practices, Jenky directed parish priests to recommend to parishioners that they greet those around them with a nod of the head or a smile during the sign of peace, not a handshake or hug.
Also, that "pastors should take every precaution to guarantee that ministers of Holy Communion wash their hands before the communion rite and all vessels should be properly sanitized after ritual purification," Jenky wrote. ['properly sanitized'! here is a bishop who has forgotten what and who he is. He apparently always wanted to be a nurse and now's his chance!]
The changes at Sacred Heart's noon Mass on Wednesday were so subtle [Genesis 3: 1 Now the serpent was more subtle than any of the beasts of the earth which the Lord God made.] And as to almost go unnoticed. No wine [this article is apparently written by a confused Catholic]was offered at Communion and all Sacred Host wafers were delivered hand to hand. Introducing the sign of peace, Father Aquinas did ask his parishioners to offer with a "nod or a smile a sign of peace," although many in attendance shook the hands of others.
"I didn't know or notice that directives had been made," said Phillip Maxwell, another weekday Sacred Heart regular. "I understand it though. I don't think it's an overreaction. The bishop is the leader of the church here and he is responsible for the protection of his parishioners on matters like this." [what about on matters like 'the salvation of souls'?]

One local parish priest, who didn't want to be identified by name or church because he was not authorized by the diocese to speak to the press on the matter, did say the directives were an overreaction - but in a positive way.
"This is the time to overreact," he said. "The directives will back down after this passes, but in the meantime it is a wake-up call. These are all good practices for all the time that the bishop has directed for the safety of the people."
The important thing for Sacred Heart parishioner Williams was that the slight[there's that 'liturgy's no big deal' editorializing on the part of the writer ] changes did not alter the experience he seeks when attending Mass.
"To us Catholics, we're still receiving Jesus, (the changes are not) going to keep me away from Mass," Williams said.

Scott Hilyard can be reached at 686-3244 or at

article copied from....

Never say never!

"Hidden One", who used to be my hero, has just informed me that my earlier claim, that banning Communion on the tongue has "never been done before", is wrong! It has been done before! Some "public-heath-minded" Canadian bishop or bishops did it way back in 2003 in response to the SARS scare.

I didn't know that. I was like totally ignorant of that fact...!! [How dare you embarrass me like that, Hidden One!!]

In retrospect I would say it was poetic timing, if not a direct response to the Canadians, that the Church, CDWDS followed up with "Redemptionis Sacramentum" in 2004, which specfically forbids any more bishops or 'papitas'[miniature popes/potato chips] from repeating this outrage. ...'forbids', yet does not we now see.

[later entry, 20:47 wednesday: speaking of potato chips, I am reminded of the famous "mr. potato head Mass!" watching this also helps me to remember to never say that something has never happened in a Catholic church. ]

K. C.

On another note the "Catholic answers forum" has been conducting a lively debate

....>>>>Chiltepin post 116 “I'm sorry for declaring my heartache…”Post 19 “... I ...had a deacon very rudely shake his head and bark at me "No, in your hand!" I was horrified, panicked and complied. Then went back to the pew and cried. I wish I had just turned around but I was so startled.”<<<<<

>>>Weepixie71 post 66 “…we are going to drive to springfield il diocese to go to mass because they are allowing you to receive communion on the tongue there.”<<<<

Your Excellencies!! people are being made to transgress against their consciences and are being disturbed and lectured and confused. Is this what you wanted??

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fingers touching tongues is rare!

Thank you, Fra Fredrik Crichton-Stuart who mentione>>>..........Alcázar acota que él prefiere darla en la mano. “Hay personas que no abren bien la boca... Un día casi me dejan sin dedos. Me los han pintado (labial) o dejado con saliva”Que tonteria - yo fue Ministero Extraordinaria y nunca en 5 anos esto passaba a mi.....<<<
translation: [The little ecuadoran priest's statement that he likes hand Communion so he doesn't get spit on his fingers] then Cricton-Stuart adds:

"What stupidity! I was an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion for 5 years and that never happened to me!..."

Una papita de

la papita [ alguien que se presenta como papa pequeno] es verde

mis commentarios son rojos

>>>>....Ahora, otro tema, es la reverencia. Ahí, tiendo a estar de acuerdo con ustedes['TIENDO' pero, como veremos mas adelante, de veras no] en que recibir a Jesús Sacramentado con las manos, corriendo el riesgo que caigan partículas de las especies al suelo y bajo peligro de profanación no es una idea muy atractiva. [no muy atractiva??? pero acceptable?] En algunos lugares (casi todos, por lo demás) hay normas que establecen como derecho del fiel recibir la Sagrada Eucaristía de esta forma (la cual puede omitirse si hay riesgo de profanación).

...Pero cuando se trata de una emergencia sanitaria -suponiendo que fuera seria-, parece razonable pensar que puede adoptarse de forma obligatoria la recepción de la Sagrada Eucaristía con las manos,[en cuyos ojos?? !tenemos otro papa pequeno, una papita, aqui!] instruyendo a los fieles para evitar cualquier profanación o maltrato y asegurando una buena calidad del pan a consagrar para que no caigan partículas.[que tan frecuentamente oyemos esas instrucciones i advertencias? Nunca!] Piensen que la otra opción es quedarse sin Misa...[hay solo dos opciones??...eso no es honesto. tambien se puede decir la Misa sin comulgar... o se puede comulgar de acuerdo con las regulaciones ecclesiasticas] ¡Eso es terrible! [i profanacion es solo 'no muy atractiva']

....Por lo tanto, creo que es perfectamente legítimo forzar a los fieles a recibir la Sagrada Eucaristía en las manos [mandarles en contra de sus consciencias???? Papita!!](y, evidentemente, se les puede y debe exigir tenerlas limpias) mientras dure la emergencia. Se podrían adoptar ciertas posiciones para hacer de esto algo más reverente (e.g. pedir a los fieles que se arrodillen y estiren las manos) [ de nuevo.... ella nos ofrece la poca esperanza que los sacerdotes tengan cuidado]<<<<
otros commentarios??

Bologna Archbishop bans hand Communion

Well! Yesterday K. C. featured a U. K. Bishop banning kneeling during Holy Communion. [In my book, such a prelate has earned the name 'papita', the diminutive of the Spanish for pope, 'papa' uh except that 'papita' means 'potato chip'.]

Today we have a Don Camillo. A hero! Archbishop Caffarra of Bologna, Italy. The Archbishop has banned hand Communion in the large churches of his archdiocese.

Archbishop Caffara moves in the pope's direction; Bishop Drainey of Middlesbrough moves away. Bishop Edmund Carmody, along with the New Zealand bishops and those of Mexico, contradicts the Church's norms on Communion. How long will must we see this zig-zagging? Pray for reconciliaton and an end to confusion!

Thanks to Te-Deum blogspot for the text of Archbishop Caffarra's letter.

K. C.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kneeling Catholic yet to enter Greenland, Antartica

Africa and Scandinavia need a little work too!

Bishop's continued ban taking its toll

A Kneeling Catholic source at St. Patrick's in Corpus Christi has noted that while Bishop Edmund Carmody's ban is not being strictly enforced and priests are not arguing with or lecturing communicants [any more] who still want to receive on the tongue, the ban is still producing a near universal conformity.

The source observed the pastor, Msgr. Roger Smith, carefully purify all the ciboriums and his fingers after Holy Communion, something he does quite beautifully. However when this is done after 99% of the laity have taken hand Communion and are not in the least concerned with Fragments, a question emerges:

Msgr., are only the Fragments on your fingers truly the Eucharist?

I believe there was once a heresy in England which said that the Eucharist is only Christ as long as one believed it was, but when that belief ceased then so did Christ's Presence. That heresy becomes our de facto faith, or perhaps schizophrenia does, when we see that the Fragments adhering the priests fingers are a huge concern, but those on ours are of no concern.

In a recent book by Claire Asquith, Shadowplay [K. C. has yet to lay hands on it!] she conjectures that Shakespeare's fool in the "twelfth night" was secretly quoting the martyr Edmund Campion when he said "That that is, is" . i.e. objective reality -- truth exists whether or not we choose to acknowledge it. As Catholics we need to understand what our is ... is! Is the Fragments, which are so callously disregarded, the Eucharist or is they not?!!

K. C.

New Bishop in UK bans kneeling for Communion???

This news comes by way of the May 3rd 2009 'Catholic Action UK' blog.

>>>>After ticking off a communicant for kneeling to receive Holy Communion, Bishop Drainey of Middlesbrough had the Chair of the Bishop's Council for Liturgy, Fr Gerard Robinson, write as follows:

'Approaching the altar, if one opts to kneel on receiving Holy Communion, rather than showing reverence by means of the communion procession, one is drawing attention to oneself rather than allowing all the attention and reverence be focused on the presence of our Blessed Lord in the Eucharist.' <<<<

How has K. C. missed this???

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What that Spanish article below is about!

A may 14th Equadoran newspaper article lamenting that 40 years after the Vatican's 'suggestion' to switch to hand Communion, few people in Ecuador are paying attention and most people still receive on the tongue. This is despite the local hierarchy's efforts to get 'up to date.' The priest in the photo is all worried about getting spit on his fingers which he says happens all the time. He thinks hand Communion is better. The lady taking Communion in the hand is a catechist [Where is the ciborium? What kind of staging is this?] . Of course! it is always the 'experts' who want to impose innovations and or skandal.

The article does make mention of Bishop Laise's book 'Communion in the Hand' which lists Satanism as one of the profanation dangers which hand Communion facilitates. The authors refer to Satanism as an 'inconvenience'.

Among other things, the article repeats the oft-heard argument that 'since the disciples took the Eucharist in their hands, it must be ok.' This is the protestant reformers' argument that the medieval church, 199AD to 1520, with its growing appreciation of the Eucharist, made one huge error and departure from pure apostolic Christianity. They anticipated the Church's litugical 'experts' of the 1960's and 70's in that they also were against kneeling before the Eucharist and receiving on the tongue because these practices fortified the Catholic dogma...
...They still do.
..And 'liturgical experts' who repeat this protestant argument are saying in a sneaky way that the protestant reformers were right and the Church was wrong.
K. C.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Noticias de los Equitorianos!

[from the Guayaquil Express in Ecuador]

"La comunión en la mano casi no se ve en Guayaquil
La disposición vaticana, de hace 40 años, tiene pocos seguidores" [mis mensajes son colorados]

>>> Actualizado 16:24 (GMT -5)

Los primeros en recibir el cuerpo de Jesús en sus manos a decir de la Iglesia Universal, fueron los apóstoles, lo cual se produjo durante la institución de la Eucaristía en la Última Cena.La práctica que duró hasta el siglo IX, fue hecha a un lado posteriormente, por un cambio de espiritualidad inherente a que el hombre pecador, solo debía acercarse a Dios con “respeto y temor reverencial”. Esto originó la entrega de la hostia consagrada en la boca.

....A fines de 1968, la Santa Sede consultó a los obispos del mundo entero sobre la posibilidad de dar a los fieles nuevamente (opcional) la comunión en sus manos.Más de un tercio vio la sugerencia con buenos ojos. [que fraccion de angeles caieron con Satanas, un tercio?]
Un año después (1969) se estableció que la disposición entraría en marcha en los países donde sus conferencias episcopales lo creyeran conveniente.

......En la década del 90, según Rómulo Aguilar, Vicario general de la Arquidiócesis de Guayaquil, “fue monseñor Juan Larrea Holguín”, entonces arzobispo de la ciudad, quien estableció que se imparta en la urbe, la práctica sugerida por la Iglesia hace 40 años. [????quien sugerio eso???? el Papa no! sino curas pequenos quien querian ponerse como papitas! :-) bueno, por lo menos vemos que comulgar en la mano viene, no del pueblo, sino es esforzado a ellos de arriva!! en una palabra ---'clericalismo']

..........Sin embargo, la controversia suscitada en la década pasada en relación a que muchos fieles estimaron que coger la hostia con la mano era irrespetar a Cristo, hoy, eso parece estar en el olvido; solo porque lo dispuesto como opcional, no caló en el interés mayoritario de los fieles. El viernes último de doce fieles que recibieron la comunión en la Merced, solo dos pusieron sus manos.

........¿Es correcta o no, la práctica que tiene sustento en los primeros siglos del cristianismo? Los sacerdotes Agustín Alcázar y Juan Tomalá coinciden en que no es un irrespeto, pues si se lo hace con devoción, con reverencia “no se falta”.La catequista [siempre la idea de 'expertos'!]Rosa Pancho recibe la comunión en la mano porque considera que es “un gesto de adoración. [y estar de rodillas con manos orando? no es adorar???]La Eucaristía es el alimento espiritual de nuestras almas”.[y? recibir directamente en la boca? eso no es comer???]Pero recomienda a sus alumnos aceptar a Jesús en la boca “para evitar que las partículas caigan”.[eso pasa tambien con usted, senora] Recibir la hostia en las manos tiene sus riesgos y observa al mismo tiempo otro tipo de inconvenientes que parecen molestar a los curas.

.........El libro “Comunión en la mano”, del sacerdote argentino Juan Rodolfo Laise [y el obispo, no?!], cita que un peligro de profanación o sacrilegio material es la caída de las formas o de los fragmentos consagrados (al suelo)”.Para el Vicario Aguilar, el inconveniente también se produce si se recibe la comunión en la boca (porque se la llevan). “La irreverencia viene de las sectas satánicas. [el satanismo es solo 'inconveniente"]La brujería abusa de lo sagrado para invocar espíritus”... Otras veces la usan “para despreciar a Jesús, porque la colocan encima de las heces fecales, la pisotean o piensan que lo sagrado les puede quitar enfermedades”.

..........Alcázar acota que él prefiere darla en la mano. “Hay personas que no abren bien la boca... Un día casi me dejan sin dedos. Me los han pintado (labial) o dejado con saliva”.Más allá de que lo dispuesto no convenga a algunos clérigos, aceptar la hostia en la mano no parece tener seguidores en Guayaquil [Deo gratias!], sea por desconocimiento o porque, dice Rómulo Aguilar, comulgar en la boca “es más rápido”. (SRD)<<<<
[Commentarios?? ahora yo simplemente digo: El periodista miente cuando dice que la Iglesia queria esa practica] mas despues..........

No Relief yet in Corpus Christi Diocese!


A few days ago, K. C. went out on a limb and predicted an imminent lifting of the ban on Communion on the tongue. This was because the initial swine flu panic has passed and because the ban itself was not being honored nor enforced. Thank God! But my limb has been chopped off. His excellency, Edmund Carmody, has not lifted the ban! Please pray that he soon will. Please pray that he soon will recommend that his diocese follow the Holy Father's (and 'Brave One's') example!

the blog has done some coverage of the swine-flu-Communion-on-the-tongue-ban. Mr. Richert, the blogger, has highlighted the blatant violation of the Church's law that such a ban represents.

Listen to one of his antagonists, a Kurt Higdon, who is a parishioner from my home diocese!

Kurt: >>>>In my diocese of Corpus Christi, TX, there is now no communion on the tongue [actually, Kurt, my sources tell me that not even the bishop himself is enforcing the ban. Thank God!] or from the cup, no touching at the kiss of peace, and (at least in my parish) no holy water fonts. No distinction is made as to whether or not a person feels ill since someone could be infected or a carrier without current symptoms. These measures, while strict, are I believe justified by the situation and may help impede the spread of this flu. As far as “mandating communion in the hand” is concerned, what is actually meant is forbidding communion on the tongue. To me, common sense would indicate that communion on the tongue or from the cup would be more likely to spread the flu than communion in the hand. ['common sense would indicate' that Kurt does not receive on the tongue, or else he would know that priests don't touch your tongue even one time in a thousand- hence the danger is imagined. This ban is catering to ignorant people's imaginations!]

So I don’t see why people would object to this rule as a temporary measure. [if it is such an unobjectionable rule, then why has it never been done before in response to an epidemic?] This will pass soon enough. In the meantime, why insist on endangering the lives of others just to take communion in your own preferred fashion.[my emphases] <<<<

Comments anyone? .....You know K. C. will have something to say!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bienvenidos estimados hermanos de Hispana!

Gracias a Una Voce Malaga por mencionar a este 'blog'. Espero que hay algo de interes para uds.

Dejenme presentarme . Vivo en el dioces de Corpus Christi y tengo el sueno que el movimiento del Papa -arodillarse por el Cuerpo de Cristo - que el empezo en la fiesta de Corpus Christi 2008, siga creciendo, apoyado por nosotros laicos! Yo veo el acto del Papa como un mensaje secreto para nosotros in este dioces. Que gran terremoto espiritual hubiera in el mundo Catolico si nuestro obispo de Corpus Christi imitara la practica que empezo el Papa en el dia de Corpus Christi!

Unas veces paso coraje. Estoy cansado de sacerdotes y obispos debiles que se portan como gallinas y no como gallos! Pastores que no guian a las ovejas! Creo que el frase - lex orandi lex credendi - significa mucho para nosotros en el dia de hoy. i.e. cuando pastores dejan nuestro culto a mirarse como el de protestantes, o peor, es imposible que eso no haga danos a la Fe Catolica de nosotros y de nuestros ninos. Y cada vez que nosotros estamos de pie ante nuestro Salvador. entonces hacemos nuestros corazones tibios, y perdemos una poca de la Fe, y la gratitud, y la adoracion, y el amor y el fuego que debemos a tener para El.

Oren para mi sueno!
Oren para nuestro Papa!
y el Obispo Edmund Carmody del Corpus Christi!

K. C.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Today's question answered

See the red print in the post 'Who is this kneeling Catholic?'

No prizes for you today!!

K. C.

From 'brave one's' blog

This is from the Holy Father's visit to Jordan on Sunday.
But, Pope Benedict, the germs! [I believe that some of these children might be Eastern Rite Catholics who normally stand for Communion but nevertheless His Holiness' constant companion, the kneeler, is still there!
When will we get it?!

Who is this kneeling Catholic?

Guess right and maybe you'll get a prize!
[Too late! It's St. Steven as painted by Rembrandt]

Also, tell me who referred to this kneeling Catholic in his essay 'the theology of kneeling'!
[Pope Benedict XVI]

[Continuation]A friend has just reminded me that when you kneel that you are in good company!

Part of this good company is the Holy Father himself. Pope Benedict's essay, The Theology of Kneeling is a rigorous, linguistic, scholarly study of kneeling's significance in the Scriptures . Among the many illustrations the erstwhile Cardinal Ratzinger pointed to was that of the first Catholic martyr, St. Steven.

According to Benedict XVI, Steven's kneeling is significant because it is an imitation of our Lord kneeling in the Garden of Gethsemane. Doesn't it remind you of Father Pro? (see the last photo on the right)

Therefore, kneeling not only means fervent love, fervent gratitude, fervent penance, total worship --- it also means fervent intercession that Father Pro and St. Steven made for others and especially that Jesus made for us as He sweat drops of Blood.

K. C.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My comments on 'why kneeling was eradicated'

Ok, I give up! 'hidden one' and 'great one' and 'cristero' and 'brave one' you let me down! :-)

Looks like I'll just have to refute Cardinal Bugnini myself! See the post below with photo of the priest distributing the Holy Eucharist like a Mardi Gras Parade Queen throwing bon bons to onlookers......

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Father Shaji "going to be OK."

>>>>CORPUS CHRISTI — SINTON — A priest stabbed, kicked and beaten Friday in Sinton was upgraded from critical to serious condition but still is unable to talk, Corpus Christi Diocese officials said Saturday.
Diocese officials are encouraged by the recovery of the Rev. Shaji F. Varghese, 42, administrator of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church.
“His wounds weren’t as deep as anticipated,” said Bishop Edmond Carmody, who visited Varghese on Saturday at Christus Spohn Memorial Hospital. “He’s alert. His eyes are open, and he’s going to be OK. But he has a long road ahead.”
Police said David Rodriguez, 36, attacked Varghese about 7:40 a.m. Friday in the side doorway of the sanctuary after both celebrated Mass.
Without incident, authorities arrested Rodriguez, a man who sought help at the church for about a year, parishioners said. He remained in San Patricio County Jail on Saturday on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and tampering with evidence on bonds totaling $350,000, jail officials said.<<<

from our local news paper, the Caller Times (Mike Baird is the reporter)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bishop Carmody relaxes ban against Communion on the tongue!

Though he has not explicitly stated it several unverified reports are filtering in to Kneeling Catholic that Corpus Christi Bishop Edmund Carmody has relaxed his ban against Communion on the tongue. These reports indicate that the bishop himself has been distributing Communion on the tongue and even to those who insist upon kneeling at Masses that he says....

...News flash for all you Father "Enforcers" and extraordinary ministers: If you are interrupting Holy Communion to lecture people on public health, or worse yet -- refusing Holy Communion to certain parishioners, then you are going much farther than the Bishop is going/hence his intention.

Hurray for all the 'Don Camillos" out there who didn't have to be shown or told to do the right thing! remember the Holy Father's example ---"Do as I do".

K. C. suspects that an official repeal of the ban is forthcoming.
Everyone, please to continue to pray for Father Shaji!

K. C.

Why was kneeling eradicated?

Apparently back in 1973, Cardinal [oops 'Hidden One' has alerted me that he was only an Archbishop!] Bugnini, the secretary of the Vatican's Congregation of Divine Worship, CDW, gave reasons like.....

[this is from the website]:
His Emminence's statements are in green and mine are in red. Jesus' are in purple.

"the practice [Communion in the hand] expresses maturity, because the baptized Christian is no longer a spiritual or religious infant" [statement one]

HINT: Mark 10:15 : Amen I say to you, whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, shall not enter into it.
Luke 18:17 : Amen, I say to you: Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a child, shall not enter into it. Bishop Athanasius Schneider drew my attention to these. How could Bugnini want to foster any attitude towards God other than that of a child? Doesn't he want us to enter the kingdom? It was the Serpent who wanted us to assume a more 'grown-up' attitude!

When I remember that his Holiness ,Paul VI, let it slip that the 'smoke of Satan' had penetrated into the Church I cannot help but think of statement like the one above!

"Communion in the hand is dignified and becoming: it is a recognition that the total person is holy, including one's hands." [statement two]

Still waiting for someone to knock this slow pitch out of the park!O. K. I give up! This statement fosters as much presumption as statement number one. i. e. it seems you should just presume you are 'grown up' [one]and 'holy' [two] just because you line up for Holy Communion. Does being in a 'state of grace' mean you are 'holy' i.e. "a saint"? [ 'holy' person and 'saint' are interchangeable terms.] The imprecise language of statement two seems intent on confusing us. Most of us, even when in a state of grace, do not make the grade of 'sainthood'.

Secondly did Bugnini think that sin is not a matter of the will, but rather that it is located in various parts of the body - hand, tongue, etc? His statement is seems intended to give the false impression that he is actually refuting someone. But the pre-1970 Church did not hold to the counterside of his childish argument. No one ever argued that 'hand is more sinful than the tongue'. But 'unlearned ears' are deceived by such fluffy simplistic lying arguments coming from a man in a high position of authority!

It reminds me of what a friend of mine said after he read the thousand page book Atlas Shrugged: 'I don't see how Ayn Rand could fit such a small idea in such a big book! ' Bugnini's statements lack any true substance.! There's no there there! We have seen the 'man behind the curtain' and he's naked as a jaybird!

Feel free to refute what I have written! Feel free to improve upon it!

K. C.

More on Father Shaji

Friends, please continue to pray for Father Shaji . For what it is worth a local blog, a woman claiming to be the suspected attacker's wife says the man is mentally ill and had stopped taking his medications... [that has not been verified!!!]

from the CALLER-TIMES>>>>>>>
SINTON (Sinton is 30 minutes north of Corpus Christi).— Parishioners on Friday prayed for the priest who handles their baptisms, funerals, marriages, enjoys a good game of basketball outside the rectory and shares his Indian culture with the community while embracing South Texas’ as well.
The Rev. Shaji F. Varghese, 42, was in critical but stable condition late Friday at Christus Spohn Hospital Memorial. He was stabbed repeatedly Friday morning by a man who police said had attended the Mass he had just celebrated at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church.
Varghese, known to parishioners as Father Shaji, came to Sinton seven years ago from India to take over the parish. The church administrator was ordained as a priest in 1994.
“Father Shaji is a loving guy, very caring about his people,” said Robert Gomez, 18, an altar server.
With yellow crime scene tape blocking the front door of the church, a handful of parishioners gathered outside to pray, crying and hugging. By 6 p.m., the group grew to about 100 people; some were former parishioners who returned to Sinton to offer support.
Parishioner Mary Alice Garcia said she respects Father Shaji and the efforts that he makes to be a good pastor.
The Rev. Eduardo Montemayor of the Diocese of Corpus Christi helped lead the group in prayers for their priest and for the man accused in the attack.
In small groups they shared thoughts about Father Shaji and some invited others to their homes to continue to pray.
Gomez, who served at Friday morning’s Mass, said the first thing Father Shaji did when he came to Sinton was to install two basketball hoops on the property.
“He loves basketball,” Gomez said.
Montemayor added that Father Shaji played a game Thursday night.
Montemayor and parishioners described Father Shaji as a spiritual man who also is fun and joyful and takes pleasure in sharing his culture, often through food. But he also embraced local traditions such as church picnics with hot dogs, hamburgers and mariachis.
One parishioner bragged about Father Shaji’s curry chicken. Others told of how he grows his own herbs, many of which are native to India. Gomez recalled a bitter melon Father Shaji once gave him from his garden that was much like a lumpy cucumber.
“He loves to talk to us and always asks questions like: How is school? How is work?” Gomez said. “He is genuinely interested in people and knows his parishioners well. He is very well loved.”
Staff writer Mike Baird contributed to this report. Contact Susan McFarland at 886-3778 or <<<<<<<<

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sinton Priest Stabbed Several Times

This happened this morning about 30 miles from Corpus Christi.

Please pray for Father Shaji......

>>>>>>>>KRIS. TV
SINTON - Reverend Shaji F. Varghese, 42, Administrator of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Sinton, was stabbed several times around 8:00 a.m. Friday morning.
The incident happened around 7:30 a.m. Friday morning, right after the priest finished serving mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.
There were no witnesses.
Meanwhile, a suspect has been arrested.
Father Shaji, as he is called by parishioners, was going to leave church after mass when he was stabbed.
He made his way to the rectory and knocked on the window asking for help.
Another priest who was staying there called 911.
Father Varghese was Halo-flighted to Christus Spohn Memorial Hospital, where he is undergoing surgery. He remains in critical condition.
Parishioners describe him as a kind man who is quiet. They told 6 News he is originally from India.
Meanwhile, investigators are searching for clues. Officers told KRIS 6 News the suspect, David A. Rodriguez, 39, fled the scene after the stabbing but was arrested a short time later at a house in San Patricio County.
Police have charged him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, with a bond set at $250,000. Also, they charged him with tampering with evidence, with a bond set at $100,000.
There is still no word on a motive for the attack. <<<<<

What about the Fragments?

One of the lies that has been spread about regarding 'reviving' hand Communion is:
"We are reviving an ancient Christian practice!" This claim reveals a profound distrust of the traditions passed down thru the ages via the Church. It is hard to distinguish such a jaded notion of God's Providence from that of Protestantism which says that God is either unable or unwilling to teach us reliably via an identifiable, flesh and blood Church.

"We got to get around those mid-Evil days, back to the days when the Christians were just flower children in the catacombs singing Kum-ba-ya!"
Dear opponents, correct me if I am exagerating! Am I not understanding you?

The problem with the depiction above is that it is a lie! What we have now 'revived' isn't even 'hand Communion'! Although a trademark of Protestants has been their insistence on a casual treatment of their Communion bread and wine, what we now have is something Catholics have never, ever practiced prior to the 1970's -- Communion AOW: any-old-way. The ancient quotes below were taken from a South American site, Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam .

My point in posting them is simple. Even where Communion in the hand was practiced, the Fragments of the Holy Eucharist were always treated with regard and adoration, and these witnesses to Tradition stretch back to the 2nd Century. Now the Holy Crumbs are treated with indifference! Some are munched into chewing gum; some, as noted yesterday, are wiped onto diaper wipes and thrown into the garbage. No one purifies their hands and fingers after Holy Communion except the priest and maybe a rare scrupulous extraordinary Eucharistic minister.

Feel free to get me an exact English translation of the following! Maybe "Lucyna" of NZ, who has a wonderful blog, can help me out with a quote from Bishop Schneider's book....

5 Las opiniónes de los Santos, Padres y Doctores de la Iglesia y de la Beata Teresa de Calcuta

Tertuliano: (160-220) "…cuidamos escrupulosamente que algo del cáliz o del pan pueda caer a tierra" (De corona, 3 PL 2, 99);

San Hipólito (170-235) "… cada uno esté atento... que ningún fragmento caiga y se pierda, porque es el Cuerpo de Cristo que debe ser comido por los fieles y no despreciado" (Trad. Ap. 32.).

Orígenes: (185-254) "Con qué precaución y veneración, cuando recibís el Cuerpo del Señor lo conserváis, de manera que no caiga nada o se pierda algo del don consagrado. Os consideraríais justamente culpables si cayese algo en tierra por negligencia vuestra" (In Exod. Hom., hom. XIII, 3, Migne, PG 12, 391).

El mismo Pablo VI comenta así este último texto: «"Consta que los fieles creían y con razón, QUE PECABAN, según recuerda Orígenes, si, habiendo recibido el cuerpo del Señor, y conservándolo con todo cuidado y veneración, algún fragmento caía por negligencia" (Mysterium Fidei, 32).

San Cirilo: (315-387) "... recíbela cuidando que nada de ella se pierda, porque dime: si alguno te diese unas limaduras de oro ¿no las guardarías con toda diligencia procurando no perder nada de ellas? ¿No procurarás, pues, con mucha más diligencia que no se te caiga ninguna migaja de lo que es más precioso que el oro y las piedras preciosas?").

San Efrén: (306-373) "Comed este pan y no piséis sus migas... una partícula de sus migas puede santificar a miles de miles y es suficiente para dar vida a todos los que la comen" (Serm. in hebd. s., 4, 4).

San Basilio (330-379) afirma claramente que sólo está permitido recibir la Comunión en la mano en tiempos de persecución o, como era el caso de los monjes en el desierto, cuando no hubiera un diácono o un sacerdote que pudiera distribuirla. "No hace falta demostrar que no constituye una falta grave para una persona comulgar con su propia mano en épocas de persecución cuando no hay sacerdote o diácono" (Carta 93). Lo que implica que recibirla en la mano en otras circunstancias, fuera de persecución, será una grave falta.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

just in from Father Zuhlsdorf's blog

Card. Caffara of Bologna: in certain churches only Communion on the tongue

Hermanos de Sudamerica y Mexico! Despierten!

the indifference of modern liturgists

These comments regarding swine flu and this past Sunday's Mass were taken from a forum at
their quotes are in green. I am red.

>>>Then he made a second announcement that just made me cringe. "In addition, after you receive Communion you may pick up a sanitizing hand wipe from the box on the Communion rail." WHY in the WORLD does someone need to wipe their hands after Communion? The only possible reason I could come up with was because the Priest/Deacon had Swine Flu. Well, you just ate what they gave you so it's already in your system. Why the sanitizing hand wipe?<<<

More importantly, what is to be done with the wipe after Fragments are almost certain to adhere to it? [Tossed in a garbage bin no doubt] This is a matter of 'indifference' to modern liturgists. K. C. does not understand that! K. C. does not understand why every person 'taking' Communion in the hand does not bother to purify their hands in the same way they see the priest purifying his? Why do they think the priest does it? Only for show?

>>>>I was an EM and brought some hand sanitizer with me. I used it before mass and after and encouraged the other EMs to do the same. I know that germs are passed on through touching(hands)and my concern was with folks who receive on the tongue. Sometimes you just can't avoid touching their tongue. I left the bottle of hand gel in the sacristy. soap and water is available in the sacristy as well. The EMs I trained recently know to wash their hands and/or use the gel regardless of the flu. <<<<

Calling all Ministers of the Eucharist! Extraordinary and ordinary! K. C. cannot remember the last time K. C.'s tongue was touched. I don't think it even happens once in a thousand times. so my question is, let's say you were called to distribute Viaticum Communion to a dying leper on Molokai, if you were very, very careful, could you avoid touching his tongue?

I assume the answer is yes. Naturally I have a followup: Why not just be very, very careful every time you distribute Holy Communion?

K. C.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Does it matter how we approach our Lord?

Does any one want to tell me about these illustrations? Who are they? Who are you?

K. C. [PS: I meant that you should identify who the people in the illustrations are meant to be. hint: they're in the gospels! ]

Father Zuhlsdorf is unequivocal

>>>> People have the right to receive on the tongue. A priest cannot deny that method. If there is a conflict, one could have recourse to the Congregation. Comment by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf — 5 May 2009 @ 10:35 am <<<<

please note the period after the word method. i.e. "A priest cannot deny Communion on the tongue, period. I would have preferred and exclamation point, but that's just me. :-)

K. C.

Don Camillo lives in Corpus Christi Diocese

These videos have been downloaded from the diocese's broadcast of Sunday's Mass. If you go to the website and watch the Mass in its entirety [it does take time to download ] you will see one 'Don Camillo' and one 'Father Enforcer'. 'Father Enforcer' [in the foreground] meets people who come forward to receive Jesus with a nagging lecture: 'the Bishop says you have to receive in the hand' and browbeats them until they succumb. They all eventually do. [Father Enforcer's conversation with the last man in line is rather lengthy. There is a camera angle shift during his lecture.]

[the 2nd video shows Father Enforcer lecturing the lady in the white jacket] I will not say too much about 'Don Camillo' (named for the brave 1950's, fictional, priest known for his energetic fists), because I don't want to 'out' him. But, you spies out there, should know that K. C. 's information indicates that there was widespread ignoring of the Bishop's edict throughout the Corpus Christi Diocese.

What can one say? 'Thanks, Father Enforcer, for inserting your public health lecture into the most intimate encounter of our lives with the Lord Jesus? 'Or better yet: '!Oye, Padrecito, QUE TE CALLES EL OSICO!'

!Que Viva Don Camillo!

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bishop's ban on Communion on the tongue in force

Some of Kneeling Catholic's sources have it that several people wanting to receive on the tongue(hopefully tomorrow there will be some video of this) were 'corrected' with an unapologetic: "for hygeine reasons the bishop says everyone should take Communion in the hand ".

The ban was not uniformly enforced as at least two 'foreign born' priests still gave Communion on the tongue to those who indicated that desire.

I do have a couple of questions for the 'enforcer' priests and extraordinary eucharistic ministrs:

1."If you are very, very careful, do you really need to touch someone's tongue?"

2. "Since you are forcing many people to do something against their conscience, shouldn't you at least apologize?"

I am soliciting input! If you have knowledge as to how things went on Sunday May 3rd, feel free to email me at or else just post a comment.

K. C.
p.s. see for a an excellent article on this topic.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Corpus Christi Bishop Suspends Communion on the Tongue

Bishop Edmund Carmody has banned Communion on the tongue.

He has done this temporarily in response to the flu epidemic.

A couple of facts need to be remembered.

1. This is an unprecedented action! Bishop Carmody is acting in concert with the bishops of Mexico and a handful of other American Bishops. (To its credit, the Archdiocese of L. A. has not jumped on this bandwagon. ) But this measure has never; not during the 1976 flu epidemic, not during the black plague; ever, been taken before. Communion on the tongue has never before been banned.

2. Ironically according to

the U.S. bishops reaction to the 1976 epidemic was just the opposite of what Bishop Carmody is doing. They decided to retain the ban on Communion in the hand. K. C. does not understand how basic rules of sanitation and logic could have reversed themselves in 32 years!

3. The Bishop's ban is not in accordance with the Church's own guidelines which state conditions where people may be refused Communion in the hand , Redemptionis Sacramentum par. 92; but specify no contingency for refusing Communion on the tongue! I repeat again, this is not the first epidemic the Church has ever experienced.

4. Unintended (or otherwise) consequences of this action will be to overcome many people's inhibition about touching the Eucharist and some will no doubt they just like it better that way. This action will also undermine the Holy Father's ongoing desire to promote Communion on the tongue. Back-stabbers who seek to oppose Pope Benedict XVI will simply state that taking Communion in the hand is preferable because it is 'all a matter of public health.' K. C. believes that priests very seldom touch anyone's tongue and so the main result of this action will be only to ensure that all Hosts are contaminated by the unwashed hands of the Communicants.

However, even if Communion on the tongue were proven to be 'unsanitary', it should not make any difference. The Church has said no one may be denied Communion on the tongue. The reasons for this are not hygein. They are rooted in basic Catholic dogma. If they can be set aside for hygeine then if it were to be proven that artificial contraception extended women's lifespans, we could also suspend Humana Vitae.

Pray for those who are ill! Pray for those who have perished! Pray for Bishop Carmody!

K. C.