Sunday, September 16, 2012


Yes, I have been conspicuously quiet about “For Greater Glory”—a film I had high hopes for. Why? I guess I was a little disappointed. It is hard to put my finger on—but wait! I think I know some of the things that bothered me:

1. The only scene with Holy Communion---had the communicants STANDING. This anachronism was surely unintentional, but it does kind of undermine my blog!

2. The music. What was that anyway? It wasn’t Mexican! I had heard from antagonistic critics that the music was syrupy and intrusive. Alas, it was. Maybe they can re-score the film?

3. The loud, smacking kisses – mainly between Longoria and Garcia, you know, it sounded like someone chewing with their mouth open? There were only a few, but really!

4. The unhistorical attempt to introduce characters who didn’t know each other, to each other. E.g. Gorostieta and the boy. Or Catorce and the boy.

5. The unhistorical attempt to redeem Padre Vega.  According to all accounts, he was "Pancho Villa in a cassock":: a vengeful, womanizing scoundrel.  This was no secret to the brave men under his command.  I think we're 'grown up' enough to deal with the truth.

6. The unfocused length. Keep in mind, my young’uns have been known to watch 4 hours straight of Ted Turner’s ‘Gettysburg’ and still cry at the end (for General Armistead). This film— they anticipated greatly—wore them out.

There WERE many things I loved about the film! The following ‘short’ video has most of them. Be sure and listen to the distinguished Frenchman in the sweater! That’s Jean Meyer. Professor Meyer is a real hero !e. His voluminous studies and interviews eventually overwhelmed the government’s AND the Church’s unwillingness to remember the Cristeros.