Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hank Williams tells it like it is!!!

There's something about the American South that makes it a natural ally to Catholicism.  This is even though it is overwhelmingly Protestant.  I think Pius IX sensed this when he wrote  Jefferson Davis after the South had resoundingly lost the  Civil War.  Why is this?

I think the South holds dear and maintains a handful of virtues to which more secular, sophisticated east/west coast and 'northern' people have long since turned up their noses.  Things like patriotism and personal honor.  It's hero's, men like Tom Landry and Robert E. Lee, have been above all devout Christians who knew how to keep their lives centered on one thing

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Pope Francis goes all in for Malthus and Zero Population Growth

Pontifical Academy statement

(Quotes in italics)

Unsustainable consumption coupled with a record human population and the uses of inappropriate technologies are causally linked with the destruction of the world’s sustainability and resilience.......To save as much of the sustainable fabric of the world as possible, we need to take many steps, among them reaching a level and sustainable population; .......

[[the Pope's document even goes onto claim]].............BLUE WHALE POPULATION NINETY NINE PERCENT DECREASE...... [[[ this seems to be contradicted here..]]]..california blue whales at 97 percent of historic levels

Regardless of the current number of blue whales, the Pope's chart seeks to link human population and  carbon emissions with their demise.  That is total horse manure!  Whales have been recovering and multiplying since the 1960's after restrictions were imposed on their hunting.  It is indisputable that whale population has greatly increased along with our carbon emissions and our own human population explosion since the 1960's!!