Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kneeling Catholic takes on Reverend Know It All

RevKIA>>I still get irritated when someone flops to their knees in the Communion line, causing the people behind them to trip. <<<

I love RevKIA's style and follow his blog. From previous posts Father has written, I assumed he was a friend to kneeling Catholics. Not so! Father apparently believes kneeling Catholics are disobedient! Not to mention prideful-attention-grabbers!

Father, when someone kneels in Communion line it makes them harder to see.

(Most soldiers who have been under fire will tell you, keeping low to the ground makes it harder for enemy snipers to spot you.)

Often the only people to notice kneeling Catholics are:

1. The minister of Holy Communion

2. The altar server at his side

3. The person immediately behind the kneeling Catholic.

Anyone else noticing must be making a real effort, or else watching the Communion line on TV!

RevKIA>>I still get irritated when someone flops to their knees in the Communion line, causing the people behind them to trip. <<<

Father! (I tried to post this on his blog but was unsuccessful)
How many people have you seen tripped by a kneeling Catholic? I'm serious.
I normally love reading your blog, but this remark is quite hurtful. If you're going to discuss why kneeling Catholics get on your nerves, then why not
begin by explaining how the Holy Father and the Vatican have confused us by stating, in deed and in word [], that kneeling Communion is preferred?

I frankly do not see the benefit of 'obeying' local clerics who themselves are disobediently ignoring the Pope's intention, and are using their authority to command us to disregard him as well. Maybe the best way for you American clerics to teach us obedience would be for you, yourselves to model it!

respectfully yours,



  1. just noticed this post from Sept. 2011 -- perhaps you are not aware that RKIA does not just approve of people who kneel for communion but that the communion rail at his parish (which was never removed) is used by a large segment of the congregation on Sundays and by most on weekdays. He does recognize that the bishops have stated that the normative posture in the United States is standing and provides that option as well. In short, he allows the communicant to make the choice and does not deny communion on the basis of the posture chosen.

  2. Father!

    Thanks for the clarification. If you would like, I will take down this post.

    I did not have the full context of your comment. i.e. your surprise kneelers were going out of their way to get in the non-kneeling line. Given the current climate, I am very encouraged that you have stuck with it even though many are celebrating Pope BXVI's absence and treating his liturgical initiatives as if they were not inspired by the Holy Spirit.

    I would so love to here Pope Francis opine or even define one-way or the other "were Pope Bendict's reforms 'of man' or 'of God'?

  3. It is as RKIA says...I receive Jesus kneeling at those beautiful communion rails, Father also celebrates the extraordinary form and
    has been known to celebrate the ordinary form Ad Orientum. In other

  4. PC, thanks for your comment! I would take down this post, except FKIA has not requested it and it might seem like I was trying to cover my error in judgment.