Thursday, September 8, 2011

Christine @ Laudem Gloriae makes her point!

Christine has an excellent post about priests who give scandal by their callous treatment of the Holy Particles.

This is one of several good points which, if logically stressed, does fatal damage to any-old-way Communion. The Church teaches that each of these tiny Particles is all of Christ, Body-Blood-Soul-Divinity.
(The Jesuit Martyr Edmund Campion expressed a similar logic when he stated that one Drop of the Precious Blood could redeem a thousand worlds!).

But how is this awesome Truth exemplified when:
1) Priests callously brush the Particles to the floor?
2) Priests do not carefully purify their fingers after touching the Species?
3) every single extraordinary minister of Holy Communion does not purify their fingers after touching the Species?
4) every single communicant does not purify their fingers after touching the Species? [there was a time well over a thousand years ago when this was the practice]

If any of the above is the case in a parish, (i.e. the Particles of the Sacred Species are being treated with indifference), then the Truth of the matter is either:

a) not believed
b) callously disregarded

Please feel free to refute what I have said. I would like to believe there is a "c)"
but I can't...:-(


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