Thursday, September 22, 2011

AD ORIENTEM in King George, Virginia

There is at least one parish in America listening to the Holy Father`s liturgical concerns.(St. Anthony's of the Arlington diocese)
Father B. has many kneeling communicants, and his N.O. mass is said Ad Orientem. K.C. has this from a Baptist friend who attended, and who was quite taken by the holy reverence and holy silence there. btw, it wasn't silent because there weren't parishioners. The church was packed.

If being attractive to protestants is what the liturgy is about, -and this is what our brothers and sisters with the tambourines tell us-, then here is one instance of a Baptist being drawn and captivated by the simplicity and beauty of an old fashioned 'low-mass''. This, of course, reminds me of the first remark I ever read from Bishop Athanasius Schneider: that if a Muslim were to wander into a Catholic church and were to see Catholics on their knees-- receiving Holy Communion--it could not help but impress him, and also serve as a living testimony to Truth of our Faith.

UPDATE: This diocese was invilved in some controversy, back on 2002-acc to les femmes-regarding kneeling. It certainly seems to be on the right track now!

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