Saturday, September 3, 2011

Have Mark Shea and James Akin seen this?

This is Michael Voris 19APR discussion about Catholics who kneel for Holy Communion....
He addresses many of the weak arguments trotted out against kneeling e.g...
1) kneeling makes people trip
2) kneeling slows down the queue
3) kneeling makes people with bad knees feel left out
4) etc....

Voris demonstrates that the people who make these arguments are world champion one-minute-scholars, i.e. people who believe 60 seconds of contemplation given to any particular topic is sufficient to master it.

If either Mr. Shea or Mr. Akin can refute even one of Voris' arguments in this video, I'll shut this blog down! Oh yeah, Frank of YIMCatholic, you are also welcome to try and shut me up-as well! I'll even print your posts when you 'dare' to disagree with me .......

Ok, don't limit yourself to answering Voris' arguments here...make some of your own!

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  1. How dare you challenge the intellectual giantness and supreme respectability of the Catholic brain trust.