Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spokane Bishop, Wakinya Ska, bans pro-life prayers


comes news that Bishop Blaze Cupich, AKA Wakinya Ska

has forbidden his priests and seminarians from praying outside of abortion clinics.

If this is indeed the case, this would be another example of a progressive, inculturating, American bishop who is trying to put a distance between himself and pro-lifers.

There is a bond between reverent worship of God and reverence for life.


On the eve of the 2008 presidential election, Bishop Cupich wrote an op-ed piece for America magazine condemning Catholics who might vote against Barak Obama solely because he was black. Cupich tried to maintain an even-handed appearance saying it was also evil to support any politician solely because they were "pro-abortion".

Please note that his Excellency did not say it was sinful to vote for a candidate because he might be "pro-choice", which in many people's minds is not the same as "pro-abortion". Nor did the bishop say voting for a candidate because he is "pro-abortion" AND pro-homosexual marriage is sinful. Bishop Cupich said voting "pro-abortion" is only sinful if being "pro-abortion" is the "sole" issue..........

In any election people have many reasons to support one candidate or to oppose another. Some of these reasons may be wise and good, some not so good, and others simply wrong. The promotion neither of abortion nor racism can ever be a motivation for one’s vote. Voting for a candidate solely because of that candidate’s support for abortion or against him or her solely on the basis of his or her race is to promote an intrinsic evil. To do so consciously is indeed sinful. That is behavior incompatible with being a Christian. To allow racism to reign in our hearts and to determine our choice in this solemn moment for our nation is to cooperate with one of the great evils that has afflicted our society. In the words of Brothers and Sisters to Us, “It mocks the words of Jesus, ‘Treat others the way you would have them treat you.’”Blase Cupich

Nowhere does the bishop say it would be a good thing to vote against a politician because he is "pro-choice"!

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