Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Republican Candidates' disappointing answers on Iraq and Afghanistan

It seems that the Republicans have taken Bill Clinton's advice "it's the economy, stupid" to heart. All GOP talk is about the President Obama's dismal economic ventures.

Whatever has happened to the party of our nation's security?

What has happened to the party of our nation's honor?

The fact remains we have put our hands "to the plow" in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it has cost our "military families" dearly. Not all have lost loved ones or limbs. But many have. What lesson have we learned from their sacrifice? Do we "look back" now? And say "It was all a big mistake! (Sorry!)" ????

Republican hopefuls now compete with one another over who would be quickest to bring our troops home! Some are even labelling Afghanistan "Obama's war"! They never mention the "V" word perhaps because it is axiomatic that in war there are only two possible outcomes: victory or some version of defeat and they have opted for the latter.

This is dishonorable in the extreme. Thousands have willingly laid down their lives and tens of thousands have willingly surrendered arms, legs, even testicles (It is a sad fact that half of the blasts that blow off legs do not detour around the genitalia). Do we not owe it to them, our heroes, and to our national honor to do whatever it takes to win these wars? Do Mitt Romney and crew really think we have been defeated? Can they, like modern day Pilates "wash their hands" and pretend we can just run away and bear no responsibility for the ensuing slaughter of Afghanis and Iraqis who cooperated with Americans?


  1. Yeah, more soldiers should die so you can feel like you "won".


  2. Mr. Salvage,

    I notice you're Canadian. Maybe I should have checked that before I published your comment. However, even Canada has suffered casualties in Afghanistan, so I guess...you're entitled to your opinion.

    Thanks for reading.