Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mark Shea defends Communion in the Hand

Blogger Mark Shea, [my print is purple, his is black] has been conducting a one-man anti-Michael Voris campaign and has recently put in some good words for Communion in the hand. (American style Communion "any old way")

Why is Mr. Shea trying to defend this vestige of the 70's [and of the Protestant Reformation]? I guess because Voris opposes it.

Shea bases his rebuttal on the false axiom: liturgy is all a matter of taste like whether or not one likes 'chocolate'.....

[MARK SHEA]...................................
.....That Michael Voris really likes communion on the tongue? Duly noted. I like chocolate. [nice patronizing tone!!] Some gnostics felt that all gustatory pleasure was an evil snare because the body is evil. But does that mean that those who don’t prefer chocolate are somehow kindred spirits with gnostic enemies of our Incarnate Eucharistic Lord? No it doesn’t. And neither, in the end, are those who receive communion in the hand where Holy Church permits it.Read more:
.... >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

..note how Shea abides by the AmChurch 'gag rule' regarding the Holy Father's humble example. i.e. "Don't mention it!" Shea manages to lambast Voris' advocacy of kneeling Communion without ever mentioning the pope's or the head of the CDW's invitation to all Catholics to do the same.

Comments: by "Censor Librorum" (apparently Mr. Shea bans people from commenting on his blog ) sorry, Censor, I'm not banning you, but I am 'bleeping' your post!censor....Ib......

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