Monday, August 29, 2011

James Akin and kneeling

James, a kneeling Catholic himself, seems to be trying to toe the USCCB's GIRM line. [GIRM says it. James believes it. That settles it!] Our GIRM still says: if you kneel for Holy Communion, then you are in need of catechesis....are you, Mr. Akin, somehow deficient in your understanding of the Holy Eucharist and in need of pastoral Cathechesis? Our American GIRM has said so since 2002! (This 'teaching' of the Amchurch has been in force for 9 years and still is in force for at least 3 more months, despite the impression you give on your podcast, that this statement was quickly edited out of the GIRM in a matter of moments, perhaps being written with disappearing ink!)

James, is there something wrong with admitting that this old GIRM is in conflict with this new Pope? You are being too much like Amchurch bishops who insist there was never anything 'wrong' with the current translation of the Liturgy, but it still needed to be 'corrected'! Will the universe "explode at the speed of light" if an Amchurch, establishment Catholic admits it when the Amchurch is wrong when it ignores and undermines the pope?

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