Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Doug Kmiec, a hand Communion Catholic

Dear Friends,

President Obama's number one 2008 Catholic backer was Doug Kmiec. We probably don't need to go into all Mr. Kmiec has done to get Catholics over their opposition to a candidate allied with abortion, embryonic stem-cell experimentation, artificial birth control, human cloning, homosexual marriage, etc. Mr. Kmiec' recommendation for opposing these crimes against human dignity is simply to promote them. Never mind the contradiction there....he's a professor! [btw.our own diocesan newspaper, South Texas Catholic granted Mr. Kmiec some free space just prior to the election]

Part of Kmiec' scheme was to stir up sympathy because in Sep. of 2008 he had been denied Holy Communion. Listen to his story:
[he's green, I'm red]

...But I was not to receive the Eucharist that evening. The couples who stood in line before my wife and myself received the body of Christ in their hands or on their tongues and returned to their seats. My wife received. My hand outstretched, the priest shook his head from side to side. [Kmiec is a hand Communion kind of guy? I'm shocked I tell you, shocked!!]Was that a no?...... All the traditions--prayers before meals, May alters and rosaries, novenas and indulgences, the pilgrimages to ten churches on Good Friday--all had somehow been zeroed out. [Does Prof. Kmiec think his pious litany should have given him leverage with God Almighty?]

Friends! Sisters and brothers! We are being fed the line that it is possible to do all kinds of things in our worship which were foreign to our Catholic ancestors; take Communion in the hand; turn our churches into 'modern art'; jump around and sing like snake handlers; etc; and yet , 'they' say, we can still keep our same ancient Faith. I have two words for 'them'- lex orandi!

It seems that many of the Holy Father's 'conservative friends' like Cardinal Schonborn (the Cardinal of the now famous balloon mass ! ) think you can mix weird worship with orthodox belief.

But I must remind you that it was less than a year a go that Professor Kmiec would have also been named as a 'conservative friend' of the pope! False friends these are! They shed their orthodoxy as easily as they flick Crumbs of the most Holy Eucharist from their unworthy hands!

If the new prefect for the CDWDS says the pope is surrounded by enemies, then all can not be well! If priests and bishops are going to let Christ's vicar 'twist in the wind' (and they will,) then it is up to the laity to support their Holy Father and let their voices be heard!Otherwise the the pope's efforts to heal and restore the Church are doomed. He is crying out to us! Will we help him? Are days of Catholic courange over ? Where is don Camillo? .

Picasso once did beautiful work!


I've heard it said that beauty is the ally of truth. Perhaps it is no accident that as we see truth obscured, we are also subjected to banal, ugly liturgies and just plain ugly church buildings.
Is it not right to say that Judas was the first 'modern' person in that he railed against "extravagance" in our worship of Jesus? He certainly thought that woman with the alabaster jar had gone a little overboard. I think our opponents see people who kneel as going a little overboard. But how can we see Marines at Iwo Jima, or Padre Pio, or doomed cristeros all kneeling for Holy Communion and not want to go a little overboard?

Shouldn't we be wanting to identify ourselves with people like Padre Pio, Mary Magdalene, the grateful leper, the hundred generations of Catholics, before the great 'wreckovation', who knealt before Jesus and did not approach Him standing like Judas Iscariot?

Thank you Mrs. Flanery for reminding us of this!

K. C.

Hidden One:1, Mrs. Easter: 0

Well friends! 'hidden one' contributed the only comment/answer to Mrs. Easter and his remark was polite, yet rigorously, witheringly logical. Mrs. Easter's earlier statement that ' How we receive is not nearly as important as what is in our heart.' betrays a diminished-[therefore uncatholic]- regard for the body. Her reply never gets around to addressing that central problem....

I add 'hidden one's' reply to the post below in blue. [Worthy opponents!] Try to help Mrs.Easter out! suggest a reply which gets her out of the corner. I intend to demonstrate, as a great saint once said of his sectarian opponents:

'they cannot defend their doctrine in disputation!'

K. C.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mrs. "Easter" takes on Kneeling Catholic!


Many of you from Corpus Christi are on my "mailing list" which has been culled from '40 days for life' emails as well as from websites of various parishes in our diocese, and a few 'chain' emails which have been forwarded to K. C.[I do LOVE a good chain letter!] Naturally a few people have requested to be removed from the list and a few have voiced strong opinions about what this blog is doing. God bless them! at least they see how important this issue is and are paying attention even though they stand on the wrong side, i.e. they are opposing the pope's gentle 'do-as-I-do'.

Yes, K. C. would love a grand fiat! But perhaps the Holy Father knows that 'do-as-I-do', once voiced, becomes 'do-as-I-say'. We laity have had our fill of 'do-as-I-say 'prelates who preach a great line, like chastity, or fortitude, yet deny their own words with their scandalous and or weak deportment. Ah! don't go there, K. C.! !

I personally believe the pope is patiently waiting for priests and bishops to show their true colors and just maybe, as the old man in the cristero video said so directly, whether they still have what it is that makes men men!

Back to the point! I am 'pasting' an incomplete exchange from a gracious lady, let us call her "Mrs. Easter". It is incomplete because I owe Mrs. "Easter" a response, feel free to suggest what I should write next....[I don't need to remind you to be polite, but I will anyway!].........[[I'm red, and Mrs. "E." is in green]]


Please remove me from your list. It is an interesting topic and I applaud you for taking action.

Please understand that this is a non issue for me. Everyone approaches the Lord in their own way - some kneel, some stand. Some receive on the tongue, others in the hand. Some receive from the cup and some not. Holy Mother Church, in her great wisdom, offers us the options we need to express our relationship with the Lord. And we do not receive the same way every time. Just depends.... How we receive is not nearly as important as what is in our heart. "Come to me", he invites, and we come. Isn't that what really matters?

Mrs. E.

As a farewell you might check out todays "blog" as the story is about a priest in our diocese. you probably know him.

>>How we receive is not nearly as important as what is in our heart. <<<

but Mrs. Easter! We are soul and body. How can it be a matter of indifference as to whether a person, with his body, demonstrates the incredible gratitude, Greek "eucharist", which we owe the One we come before so intimately?

Kneeling, as in the case of the grateful leper, is an extreme gesture of thankfulness, is it not? I will pray for you! I think if you consider how "uncatholic" it is to separate soul from body, saying 'it only matters what you do with your soul - and not your body', you will come around!

Jesus is King and Lord, but also friend, brother, lover....for all of which I am incredibly grateful. "I no longer call you slaves, but friends". I Do think that when I times we feel that we want/need to be on our knees before the Lord, it should be easy and accepted in our communion lines. No one should be made to feel uncomfortable in their choice of reception as long as it is one of those prescribed by the Church.

I don't feel at all "separated" from my soul....just the opposite. I am united to Christ in this life as I hope to be in the next.

Corpus Christi!

Dear Mrs. Easter,

I regretfully inform you that you have contradicted yourself.You have first said, "How we receive is not nearly as important as what is in our heart," a statement which implicitly indicates a separation of soul and body: this notion (as has been said) is heretical. When this uncomfortable fact was pointed out, you responded by writing, "I don't feel at all "separated" from my soul....just the opposite," a statement clearly meant to imply that your theology does not separate body and soul, by reason that you "feel" that it does not.

Be assured that feelings and logic are two very different things, and that your feeling and your expressed theology do not agree. I also find it upsetting that your response indicates that there is a separate identity of 'you' and 'your soul' (which you "feel" are not separated). One could consider this a matter of semantics, but, indeed, in speaking thus, you HAVe indicated a separation, for part of 'you' is 'your soul'. (You would have done better to say that 'your body' does not feel separated from 'your soul'.)Thus, the original point that you are in err stands. (I might further, tangentially, note that the manner in which we receive Communion very much does matter, according to Scripture, Tradition, the Magisterium, the Saints, et al, all of which command or recommend, depending on their station, the greatest possible amount of reverence be shown the Blessed Sacrament. If kneeling and standing showed the same amount of respect, in Western society, there would be no issue. However, they most certainly do not.)

I trust that you will take this into consideration. I will remember you in my prayers.

hidden one

Friday, April 24, 2009

Help me entitle this post!

I'm speechless!

Do it yourself sacraments?

<<ordinary and extraordinary ministers who, in reality, are not administering the sacrament.>>>[Reverend Frederick Heuser]

There is an excellent article on the modern diminishment of the priest's role in the sacraments found at the above link. Father Heuser does not use the weird image of a Monarch snatching the crown away from the bishop's hand so he can put it on himself (I heard that somewhere else) but his article does point out that taking Communion in the hand removes the Eucharistic minister's role entirely.

I can hear 'so what?' Imagine, Father Heuser writes, a bishop handing a container of Holy Chrism to a confirmation candidate so that he can anoint himself? Or someone baptizing themselves? That is what is happening when people take Communion in the hand. They are not allowing the minister to administer. They are self-administering. This refusal to allow onself to receive a Sacrament communicated from another human minister attacks a fundamental truth of Catholicism, i.e. salvation comes to us thru the ministry of a flesh-and-blood, identifiable, human organization known as the Church.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Looks as if "Rome" is listening in!

Pray for Father Peter Marsalek!

"CORPUS CHRISTI — The Rev. Peter M. Marsalek, tennis pro turned engineer then priest and educator, is the bishop’s choice to restructure two Diocese of Corpus Christi schools." [Caller Times reporter Mike Baird]

This is just in! The article does not mention that Father Marsalek is an advocate of kneeling during Holy Communion!

But Kneeling Catholic's sources report that this is indeed the case!

One of the saddest things K. C. sees is when people with good intentions and good sense, miss opportunities because they let other "experts" set their priorities. In Bishop Schneider's interview with Father Pacwa [or was it Al Kresta?!], the bishop tells how an Italian priest finally got the courage to present Bishop Schneider's book, Dominus Est!, to his congregation and caused an erruption!
The parish, in which previously everyone took Communion, indifferently in their hands, voluntarily switched to receiving Communion on the tongue, and the young people insisted upon kneeling. They then asked the priest: "Why were we never told this before? "

Father, our children are being kept in careful, guarded, ignorance by a group of tired, worn-out leaders. They [and we] live, as St. Edmund Campion put it, 'in a kingdom of un-learned ears'! Please, Teach them! (and us!)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hello over there in India!

Today gives K. C. a first! Someone in India has "tuned in". Hey you over there in Kwazulu-natal, South Africa,
give a holler over there and see if they wave!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Taking the eucharist out of the Eucharist!

"I desire therefore, first of all, that supplications, prayers, intercessions and thanksgivings be made for all men:" (1 Timothy 2:1)

The Greek word used for "thanksgivings" is literally "Eucharists". St. Paul might also be translated [or transliterated] :
" I desire that Eucharists be offered for all men. " A first century reference to the Mass being offered on behalf of others? Perhaps K. C. is reaching here :-)

Irrespective of the above interpretation, there is no doubt word "Eucharist" originally meant "thanksgiving". This brings me back to the picture above, (yes it is my second picture from this story, but I do have a lot more!!) This one is taken from Fr. Lovasik's illustrated Children's Bible. The man is the "thankful leper. "

I challenge all of you who oppose me!
Find me an illustration of a "thankful leper" who is standing before Jesus. If you do, I will shut this blog down tomorrow. [no fair using your own crayons!] Kneeling means sincere, profound, overwhelming gratitude. The USCCB and so many Directors of Religious Education think they are being cute by ignoring the Vicar of Christ's - "do as I do", .
But don't they realize that by eradicating kneeling they are eradicating gratitude? They are literally taking the eucharist out of the Eucharist!

Monday, April 20, 2009

de una pagina de "una voce malaga"

"NO PROFANÉIS SU MEMORIA.06/09/08. Cuando se leen, en algunos debates, ataques e incluso burlas de supuestos católicos ..... contra la comunión de rodillas, etc. Deberían algunas de éstas personas mirar esta impresionante imagen. Un capellán católico da la comunión a soldados americanos arrodillados, en la batalla-masacre de Iwo Jima, Japón, durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, en la que murieron miles de estadounidenses y de japoneses. ....."

I want to love Jesus like that!

There is a country song by the group Shenandoah" I want to be loved like that" where the singer sees love in:
"An old man kneeling all alone
plants his flowers in a garden of stone.
For seven years now she's been gone,
and his devotion is still going strong"
the singer concludes that whatever "love" is...that's it.
There's just something about the intensity of kneeling, {American Soldiers at Iwo Jima WWII}that other more lukewarm gestures can never express.

More kneeling in Spanish!

>>>>La Comunión de Rodillas

Tres Catedrales españolas han vuelto, desde esta Semana Santa, a facilitar que la Sagrada Comunión pueda recibirse arrodillado, de lo cual nos alegramos. Con ello, se adhieren a la catequesis práctica de Su Santidad el Papa Benedicto XVI, quien administra la Comunión en la boca y de rodillas en sus Misas.En la Catedral Málaga, a partir de la Misa crismal, el Obispo, don Jesús Esteban Catalá, administra la Sagrada Comunión ante un reclinatorio, en el que los fieles pueden arrodillarse al recibirla.En la Catedral de Toledo, su Administrador Apostólico, el Cardenal don Antonio Cañizares ha dispuesto la reposición del comulgatorio.....

viva Cristo Rey!

Que demos apoyo a los cardinales valientes i obispos que ayudan el Papa!

Athanasius plus don Antonio contra el mundo!

Aqui hay mas informacion! de Europa Press

dice el Cardinal "la renovación del mundo no vendrá sin la renovación eucarística y sin la renovación de la liturgia, y para ello hemos de cuidar más las celebraciones, el silencio, la proclamación y escucha de la palabra, el arrodillarnos, la manera de comulgar, la manera de estar en el templo, el canto, el impulso y participación en las parroquias de la adoración".

Prefect for the CDWDS reinstalls Cathedral Communion rail

and expressly the encourages the faithful to kneel!

If this keeps up, kneelingcatholic will soon be out of business

Te Deum laudamus!!!

The pope's new Prefect of the CDWDS has just left Toledo Spain where his final acts were to reinstall the commuion rails and encourage the faithful to use them.

This is just in from New Liturgical Movement!>>>

Reporter: A few days ago you prompted the faithful to receive Holy Communion kneeling. Does the Church by reforming the liturgy in this way come closer to man?

Cardinal Cañizares: Communion kneeling signifies respect for God, it is the heart of man which prostrates itself before the One Who loves him unto the end. These are signs, it is not about change for change's sake, it is about looking for the whole meaning and overcoming the secularisation of our world. One of the objectives of our congregations is to realise in these years a great campaign of liturgical formation.<<<

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trouble in Corpus Christi


A disclaimer is needed! I live in the Corpus Christi Diocese (USA!) and am conducting a campaign to petition our local bishop to follow our Holy Father's example and reinstitute Communion kneeling and on the tongue. I love that so many of you live in other countries, but I am frustrated that my message is not resounding here locally nearly as well! I have been sending out emails to many Catholic activists in our diocese. On Friday I invited all of them to please let me know if they did not want to receive any more notifications. About 7 % - so far- have written to request termination. Here is a letter (my comments in red) from "Betty" (not her real name) on Friday.

>>My spiritual discernment is "unquieted" by your e-mails. (The emails consist of a link to the blog. ) >>I cannot discern if you are good or bad at this time. <<(Join the club! God Almighty will eventually have His say about me. I only ask that you prayerfully consider my cause and pray for my soul on that day of reckoning!) .>>I do not know if you are really a priest or not. <<<( I'm not! I apologize if I haven't made myself clear.)>>Until I feel "content" in my spirit that what you are doing is "good" and not just confusion good Catholics,<<, (Now Betty!, your statement reminds me of an anecdote I once heard about a sign posted on an old dilapidated castle somewhere across the sea: "Anyone Caught Destroying These Ruins Will Be Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of the Law!" :-) I seek clarity! I crave it! I see the Pope moving in one direction and our U. S. Bishops either ignoring him or mocking him, as Cardinal Foley did at Easter. Who is right? Who is sewing confusion?)...

(Here is a direct email from a MSGR "Betty" [not his real last name] in one of the diocese's wealthy parishes)
>>Do not send me any more of these e-mails!!! << (K. C. is ruffling a few feathers. Pray for our cause and the Holy Father's intentions!)

btw, thank you Fr. Finegan and "the-hermeneutic-of-continuity" and "my heart was restless" blogs for your kind words!

Here is the text of our petition:

To: The Most Reverend Edmond Carmody, Seventh Bishop of the Diocese of Corpus Christi

Your Excellency:

On July 11th 2008 a thief snuck in and stole the Holy Eucharist right out of
the monstrance in Corpus Christi Cathedral’s adoration chapel. In that same month a
professor in Minnesota advertised on the internet for people to send him stolen Hosts so he could “commit real sacrilege.” The scoundrel received quite a number, apparently from people who simply strolled off with them out of Communion lines. This same skulking technique was used this year by a man who attempted to sell a Host from the Papal Mass in Washington D. C. on E-bay.

In the face of these blatant attacks on Jesus Christ we believe we would be fooling ourselves if we did not recognize the fact that there are those among us who do not worship the Holy Eucharist and even some whose only desire to handle our Lord is that they might desecrate Him.
We believe it is significant for all Catholics that on the occasion of this year’s Feast of Corpus Christi, the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, chose to reinstitute the ancient and solemn practice of kneeling, adoring, to receive Our Lord and since that time His Holiness refuses to distribute Communion in the hand.

Therefore, in light of the above named sacrilege as well as our Holy Father’s humble example, we, the undersigned laity of the only diocese in the entire world named for the solemnity of the Body of Our Lord and Savior in the Blessed Sacrament, do fervently desire that our diocese imitate the Holy Father’s example. We pray for the day when Corpus Christi ceases to be a diocese where Catholic schools pressure children into hand Communion and where every Sunday scores of parishioners “pop” our Lord into their mouths along with their chewing gum! We implore Your Excellency: Help us make reparation for crimes committed against the King of Kings! Let us fall on our knees, in adoration and in sorrow. Let us hear angels sing! We beg you, please reinstitute the solemn practice of distributing Holy Communion – on the tongue and kneeling for those who are able.

[followed by a signature table with the headings....
Printed Name Signature Parish Date]

feel free to copy, borrow, whatever, if you would like to petition your own bishops! (or maybe suggest an improvement.)
btw, thank you Fr. Finegan and "the-hermeneutic-continuity" and "my heart was restless" blogs for your kind words!

K. C.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kniend heisst nur Busse?

(thanks to Google translator we are trying a German version of today's text. The English version follows!)

Einer der Gründe so oft wiederholt liturgischen "Experten" geben, gegen kniebaenke während der heiligen Kommunion, unsere intime Begegnung mit Jesus Christus, ist, dass Kniend heist Beichten, Strafanstalt. Sie haben Recht. Kniend ist sehr penitential. Einige Katholiken glauben, dass die Kirche wurde falsch zu betonen, Buße für alle, die "dunklen Zeiten" Jahre. Etwas wie ein tausend neun hundert fuenfunddreissig! Für jetzt lassen wir dieses Gorilla rund um unsern Wohnzimmer turnen!
Lass es!
Aber gucken wir mal auf diese schoenes Bild! Was meint der Mensch vor Jesus? Buße?
Falsche Antwort!
Bettelt er?
Dies ist ein Bild aus einer KinderBibel, die Geschichte der Samariter Aussätzigen (Lukas 17). Warum fällt der Mann vor unseren Herrn? Beichtet er?
Meistens von Kinder können Ihnen sagen, dass er war der einzige, das dankbar war! Unter anderem, Knien, tief und allgemein sagt dankbarkeit ! Bei der zu verbannen Buße von Kommunion, diese modernen Moises die uns zu einem echtwahren Wueste gefuehrt haben , sie haben auch total Dankbarkeit verbannt.
Freunde, vielleicht sind Sie gegen die Buße auf die heilige Kommunion. Aber bitte können Sie uns nicht helfen, um Dankbarkeit wieder zu zeigen? Beten wir alle für unseren Bischöfe und unseren Papst!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Is kneeling too "penitential?"

One of the most repeated reasons liturgical "experts" give against kneeling during Holy Communion, our most intimate encounter with Jesus Christ, is that kneeling is penitential. They are right. Kneeling is very penitential.I will not go down that road today. Some Catholics believe that the Church has been wrong to emphasize penance for all those "dark years" of her existence. Something like 1,935 of them.

For now let's let that chimpanzee of an argument run free around the living room. Let's look at this picture! What is the man before Jesus conveying? Penance?


This is the story of the Samaritan Leper, (Luke 17). Why did the man fall down before Our Lord? Because he was sorry?


Is he begging?


Most children can tell you that he was the only leper who was thankful!Among other things, kneeling profoundly and universally expresses gratitude! In taking aim to banish penitence from Communion, these modern Moses' who have led us out into a true wilderness, have also very effectively banished thankfulness.

Friends, maybe you are against penitence at Holy Communion. But please cannot you not help us to bring thankfulness back?

Pray for our bishops and our pope!

Is kneeling too "penitential"?

Una de las razones más repetidas litúrgica "expertos" en contra de dar la Sagrada Comunión de rodillas durante, nuestro más íntimo encuentro con Jesucristo, es que está de rodillas penitencial. Tienen razón. De rodillas es muy penitencial. No voy a ir por ese camino el día de hoy. Algunos católicos creen que la Iglesia ha sido un error hacer hincapié en la penitencia para todos los "malos" años. 1, 935 para ser exactos.
Por ahora vamos a hacer caso omiso de que los gorilas en el salón. Echemos un vistazo a esta foto! ¿Qué es el hombre antes de que Jesús transmitir? Penitencia? Incorrecto. Esta es la historia del leproso samaritano (Lucas 17). ¿Por qué el hombre se caiga antes de Nuestro Señor? Porque era lo siento?
La mayoría de los niños le puede decir que fue el único leproso que fue agradecido!
Entre otras cosas, de rodillas también profundamente y expresa su agradecimiento universal! En la toma de objetivo de erradicar la penitencia de la Comunión, estos modernos Moisés que nos han llevado a cabo en un verdadero desierto, también han desterrado el agradecimiento de manera muy eficaz. Amigos, tal vez están en contra de penitencia en la Santa Comunión. Pero, por favor, ayuden a nosostros a poner de nuevo el agradecimiento? Oren por nuestros obispos y de nuestro papa!

Se puede una persona mover el mundo?

Please forgive my experiment with Google translator! but it seems many of our friends in Mexico and South America are "clicking out" when they see there is nothing for them. [Se pueden corregirme mis equivocaciones!!!]

Esta valiente monja [izquierda y abajo en el foto con las monjas abajo!]ha enseñado a muchos de nosotros [no necesariamente Kneeling Catholic!] Para tener un profundo respeto a Nuestro Señor. [y para nuestros mayores!] No es un accidente que la parroquia, que es el hogar de muchos de sus antiguos alumnos ninguna persona se comulgan en la mano. Solo en la boca! Esto es tanto más sorprendente ya que prácticamente lo contrario es el caso de las parroquias urbanas de Corpus Christi, a donde van los demás de los alumnos de las escuelas católicas.

Hermana ha hecho una diferencia. Doy gracias a Dios por ella! Tenemos que parar shrugging nuestros hombros y ser-wristed cojera y protestando débilmente: there's-nada-me-puede-hacer-soy-solo-laico-el-mundo-va-rapido-al-infierno - de -todos- modos. ¡Así es! Usted es una persona. Una persona con much ayuda! + Athanasius Schneider+ al Papa +todos los santos y angeles en el Cielo Santo + Dios Todopoderoso! Recuerde lo que Su Santidad Pío XII dijo en su mensaje de Navidad 1942! [En los días más sombríos de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, el Papa dijo que no era momento de desesperación, sino de esperanza y de acción valiente como el de las cruzadas!]

Welcome to K. C.'s new followers!

Jane Teresa, Mzala, Mrs. Parkes, Hermit and Ann! and to my old friend Cristero!
As you can see many are "tuning in" thru out the globe and even "in Rome"
I may need to use Google translator into Italian or German! Yesterday afternoon Mexico and South America "lit up". Feel free to email me any good images of kneeling Catholics to

Thursday, April 16, 2009


This picture appeared in Thursday's Corpus Christi newspaper's local section. The main story is of beatified Mother Julia Navarette Guerrero. But do you locals recognized the sister in the foreground? I am almost tempted to offer another DVD if you can tell us her name! [Cristero and Brave One, you can't answer, but Mrs. Jackie Parkes, Brave Two, who lives in the U. K., feel free to hazard a guess :-)!] [[God bless Miles Jesu!]]

This brave nun has taught many of us [not necessarily Kneeling Catholic!] to have a profound respect for Our Lord. [and for our elders!] It is undeniable and no accident that the parish which is home to so many of her alumni (former students) does not practice Communion in the hand at all. This is all the more striking since practically the opposite is the case for the urban Corpus Christi parishes fed by our other Catholic schools.

Sister has made a difference. I thank God for her! We need to stop shrugging our shoulders and being limp-wristed and protesting weakly: there's-nothing-I-can-do-I'm-just-one-little-person-the-worlds-going-to-hell-in-a-handbasket-anyway. That's right! You are one person. One person + Athanasius + the Pope + all the Holy Saints in Heaven + God Almighty! Remember what His Holiness Pius XII said in his Christmas 1942 message! sorry for more Spanish and Latin in this next video but I'll get a translation for you later, or google it!

[In the darkest days of World War II the pope said it wasn't time for despair, but for hope and for brave action like that of the crusades!]

Welcome to Kneeling Catholic's new comers!

They caught me on my knees adoring Jesus

Kneeling Catholic promised sometime ago to reward its contributors. Therefore I need to recognize a couple of people, maybe three or four. First: Mr. Cristero! You know who you are! I don’t want to say even your first name since it is so unique that if anyone googles it theywill find you right away! Mr. Cristero helped me identify the artist of this UTUBE slide show. "They caught me on my knees adoring Jesus Christ!

El Vicente Fernandez! It is another tribute to the brave and pius Cristeros. I told you they knew how to "kneel for Jesus"! Cristero is getting that Edmund Campion DVD I promised even though he hasn’t figured out how to post yet.

Our other winner is Father James who really did post and will be referred to as the Brave One from now on. Sorry all you timid people. Father gets the cool name. If you post now, you’ll have to be satisfied with Brave Two, Three, etc. Pray for him! All priests! And for our bishop! Honorable mention goes to Jeremy [who reminds us to pray for our bishop!] and Helen [who reminds us that even Jesus knealt] and for their kind emails.

Here is what Vicente is saying [translation by Daniel Muller on]

They will shoot me on Tuesday at six o'clock in the morning
For believing in the eternal God and in the great Guadalupana.
They found a holy card of Jesus in my hat;
That is why they sentenced me:because I am a Cristero.
That is why they will shoot me on Tuesday in the morning;
They will kill my useless body but never, never my soul.
I tell my executioners that I want them to crucify me;
And, once crucified,that then they use their rifles.
Farewell, highlands of Jalisco,Michoacan, and Guanajuato,
Where I fought the government which always fled running.
They caught me on my knees adoring Jesus Christ;
They knew that there was no defense in that sacred place.
I am a peasant by inheritance Jaliscan from birth;
I have no other god but Christ because He gave me my existence.
Killing me will never end belief in the eternal God;
Many remain in the strife and others are yet to be born.
That is why they will shoot me on Tuesday in the morning.
[Long live Christ the King!]
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009




this is the text of a sermon delivered at Christ the King [Que Viva Cristo Rey!!] exactly one month ago. Kneeling Catholics comments are in red.

Comportment in God’s House March 15, 2009
3rd Sunday of Lent (B)
(Jn 2:13-25)
In the Gospel, Jesus performed an important act of the Messiah: he purified the Temple and rededicated it to the Father The Messiah, Jesus, has a special relationship with the Temple: he and the Temple are one; the Temple represents him! The Jewish authorities who did not accept Jesus as the Messiah, also did not have respect for God’s house, and were desecrating it.
His disciples recalled the words of Psalm 69: “Zeal for your house consumes me, and the insults of those who insult you have fallen on me.” When Jesus saw his Father’s house being desecrated, he felt it personally.
Today, we are the holy Temple of God, and our churches are the external representations of our identity as the “Body of Christ.” But
more than merely representing us, our churches are true Houses of God, even more holy than the original Temple in Jerusalem. Because in Jerusalem, God dwelt in His house through the Ark of the Covenant, which contained the stone tablets of the 10 Commandments, and a jar of manna.
Today, God dwells in His house not through words on stone, but through the Word made Flesh, Jesus Christ, who is really present in the Tabernacle, which is the new “Ark of the Covenant.” We no longer have a jar of manna in the tabernacle, instead we have the ciboria which contains the “true bread come down from heaven” (Jn 6:41,48-51) – Jesus Christ, in the sacrament of his Body and Blood.
If Jesus had zeal and reverence for the Temple in Jerusalem as being God’s house, how should we behave in this church, which is the true Temple of God’s presence on earth? Jesus took up a whip of cords and cried out, “stop making my Father’s house a marketplace!” I guess today is the time for me too, to bring out the “whip” and go over the rules of proper behavior in church.
The church is not like other buildings out there. We can’t behave in church the way we behave in the world. This is not like a bank, or a hotel lobby, or a mall, or a department store
. This is definitely not an auditorium or a concert hall or a movie theater, where we come to be entertained. Someone told me there is a big non-denominational fellowship in town that actually has a concession booth selling popcorn in the lobby! A lot of churches these days are turning “worship” into concerts and music performances, complete with lights and video screens and preachers who are professional entertainers. [Father, you might have mentioned that 'night club' acts are not only in protestat churches. They also happening in Corpus Christi's Catholic churches as well. Also in our Catholic schools!]
You can understand things like that happening in non-Catholic churches, because they don’t have the Eucharist. But a Catholic Church is different. A Catholic Church is an actual “House of God.” God truly lives and dwells in the building, by means of the Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist reserved in the tabernacle. This is a house of prayer, and we need to have the same zeal and reverence for this house as Jesus had in the Gospel.
This is a house of prayer: not talking, and no cell phones! We need to maintain a reverent silence when we come to church. We need to respect those around us who need this time to be alone with God, and not distract them by carrying on a conversation with our neighbor. We can do that outside.
This is something we also need to teach the children, from the time they are very small. We do need to bring the little children to church, but we also need to train and teach them about God’s house. If they start crying, take them to the back until they calm down.
There is a cry-room in the back, but the cry-room is only for emergencies, and for those situations where the child just won’t stop crying. The only people allowed in the cry-room are the crying baby, and the parent. Toddler-age should be in the church, learning how to behave correctly. Older children should not be in the cry-room at all. If need be, they can sit in the back row right in front of it.
Parents, don’t let children run down the aisles or climb all over the pews: train and discipline them to be still. Do not let them play with the hymnals or make a mess. They need to learn.
And please do not let them eat in church. Infants with a bottle is okay, but absolutely no other food or drink is allowed in church. Here is where we eat the Bread of Life. Not only is it prohibited to eat regular food in church, we are required to fast from all food and drink for at least an hour before coming to Church, out of reverence for the Blessed Sacrament
. It is not just bad manners to chew gum in church, it is extremely offensive to what a Catholic Church is, which is the House of the “Bread come down from heaven.” Catholics should know this, but if we have non-Catholic visitors who are chewing gum, we need to turn to them politely and ask them not to chew gum in church.
We also show our zeal for God’s house by the way we dress and comport ourselves. Women and young ladies should not wear immodest or revealing clothing that calls attention to themselves and distracts others around them. Both women and men should dress formally: Holy Mass is the most important activity we attend in our lives. It is more important than a formal banquet, then a professional workplace, than a job interview. What are we saying to God when we show up for Mass in casual clothes? The clothing we wear is telling others how we view certain activities, and what we consider to be important.
Here too, we need to teach children about dressing properly. This is God’s house. Children should not be wearing t-shirts, or playclothes. Don’t wear clothing to church that has rockstars or the latest fads on them. It is disrespectful.
Teenagers especially need to remember that they have an obligation to dress appropriately, and not insult the people of God or embarrass their elders. Some young people go in for outlandish hair-styles and clothing, piercing themselves and getting tattoos all over the place, just to make some kind of statement. That is not appropriate for a Catholic: our bodies need to have reverence and respect because they are also Temples of God. We need to dress in a way that is respectful of our dignity, the dignity of others (especially our elders), and of God’s house, and not in such a way that we are calling attention to ourselves, making some kind of immature rebellious statement, or simply being weird. If you have any questions about what is appropriate, see me after Mass…
Besides our dress, there is our comportment, or behavior in church. Here again we need to train children correctly. They need to sit and stand straight, and not be slouching or leaning on the pew in front of them. We need to pay attention to the liturgy, listen and follow the readings carefully because it is God’s Word, and do our parts in the prayers and singing. It is impolite to stand there doing nothing when everyone is singing praise to God. Even if children get bored, it is still no excuse for slouching or being disrespectful. And it doesn’t give them excuse to get up during Mass for the restroom. They need to do that before coming to Mass: restrooms in the back of church are only for emergencies.
These may sound like nit-picking or simple things, but they are important. Our society does not teach respect, and it has no reverence for God. That is why we need to be strict with ourselves, and pay attention to these things. Jesus says, if we can’t be faithful in the small things, how will we be faithful with the larger matters? (Mt 25:21, Lk 16:10). This is where it begins: zeal for God’s house, reverence, the awareness of where we are and what it is we are doing.
Many people who visit our parish notice the reverence we have. I believe we are growing in our zeal for God’s house. May the Lord continue to find us serving Him with zeal, honor, respect, and love, in the little things and the big things.
[Bravo! We sheep like shepherding, Father. Don't fear that $100,000 donations will stop coming in when the pablum stops gushing forth from the pulpit! As a great man and visitor to our Diocese, Bishop Daniel Flores just told us: Jesus said a lot more than "Have a nice day!"]

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thanks for tuning in!

Here's where today's viewers hailed from.

Hello Oslo! Hello L. A.![for some reason you didn't show up on the map] and Wisconsin! Oh yeah, U 2 UK! ?Que has hecho Mexico?

Tomorrow K. C. will be telling a true story about a local priest here in the Corpus Christi Diocese who has been caught red-handed...!

Stay tuned!

Active discussion on kneeling on Fr. Z's blog

Apparently an American Cardinal tried to say the Pope makes everyone kneel because he is short!

Monday, April 13, 2009

USCCB goes to bat for President Obama! (a parody)


After withering criticism for last week's protocol faux pas with a Thuringian potentate, President Obama has finally gotten some support from an unexpected quarter: the United States Council of Catholic Bishops. Today a USCCB spokesman, Cardinal C. A. Goh (Noveo Nada Archdiocese) remarked that when the President got down on both knees and clasped his hands together before the Thuringian Emperor he was only displaying the standard show of respect due to a peer of equal dignity. Cardinal C. A. Goh appearing agitated continued: “For 40 years, ever since we repealed the ‘lex orandi lex credendi’** rule, standing has been declared to mean the same thing as kneeling. I don’t see why anyone, especially Catholics could so misinterpret the President’s gesture! We repealed ‘lex orandi’ just a few short years after we suspended ‘gravitas terrae’***. When will you people finally get it!? “

The cardinal’s mention of the ‘gravitas terrae’, is a reference to the U. S. Catholic Bishops’ temporary suspension of the ‘gravitas terrae” in an attempt to aid the first Catholic president’s much vaunted space program.

(Parody! A Joke! Do not enter into Wiki)

* not his real name
**how we pray expresses, (and forms) what we believe
***the earth’s gravity
[No one, not the USCCB, not the Vatican, not even the Pope can declare a truth, like ‘lex orandi’ to be abrogated!]

Kneeling and standing are the same?

Many of you have probably seen Saturday’s “7 ways to improve your mood” ‘news’ article. One of its main points was that smiling does improve your mood. Whether or not the study was scientific, the conclusion does make sense from Kneeling Catholic’s point of view. i.e. A human is made of two parts: 1. body, 2. soul. Therefore actions done by the body have an effect on the soul. There have been heretics, e.g. the Albigensians who taught that a human was just a soul trapped inside of a body. Therefore what was done by the body had no consequences for the soul.

Hopefully you see where I am going with this! We kneel because we want our bodies to worship God, as well as our souls. There are times we breathe prayers when we are driving or working and we cannot assume a prayerful posture. There are times we worship God with only our souls because our bodies are otherwise engaged. This can take a lot of discipline! There are times when our disturbed minds cannot pray but our bodies can!

Kneeling Catholic believes this is one reason why it was so insidious for ‘experts’: USCCB, priests, or religious ed., to say posture makes no difference when we come, in the most intimate way, before Jesus Christ. They tell us kneeling and standing are equivalents, the same! Kneeling and standing are the same? Really?!!! Any toddler might tell you differently. (unless he has been brainwashed by Catholic D.R.E.s!

It is as His Holiness, Paul VI, feared (Memoriale Domini). Teaching children to receive Holy Communion with their bodies in a casual, ambivalent posture promotes a casual, ambivalent attitude towards Jesus Christ down to the depths of their little souls. This is inevitable because of the body-soul connection. Is this what we want to be doing?

“But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea.”

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Edmund Campion DVD released

Sisters and Brothers!

I wish you a sober and holy Triduum!

St. Edmund Campion, martyred in 1581, died to give hope to persecuted Catholics. I am not exaggerating. The new Anglican faith which was imposed on the little people by Elizabeth the 1st and the spineless Catholic bishops of her realm, made it possible for her spies to distinguish between believers in the new faith and those who clung to the old Faith. What was one of those ways that they spotted Catholics? --According to Cambridge historian and expert Eamon Duffy, they watched for people who refused to take the Eucharist in their hands! Indeed, Elizabeth's leading preachers even insisted that no one should kneel during Communion! Sound familiar?

Too bad those poor benightted Catholics didn't know they didn't need to kneel to receive! If they had only followed the USCCB guidelines they might have lived longer!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kneeling Catholic "outed"!

In February of 2008 the Vatican press published a book written by the auxiliary Bishop of Karaganda Kazakhstan, Athanasius Schneider. The book, Dominus Est! (It is the Lord!) argues that the overwhelming magnitude and intimacy of God’s Mercy given to us the Holy Eucharist should inspire us to a most profound expression gratitude and adoration, in other words: we should fall on our knees! Fittingly, Pope Benedict XVI then chose the ensuing Feast of Corpus Christi to re-introduce the practice of kneeling, adoring at Holy Communion and encouraging communicants to receive Our Lord directly on the tongue. Since that time kneeling has been the practice at each and every papal Mass.

Sisters and brothers! Would it not be poetic if in this land where people chewing gum during Holy Communion may not be corrected, (so long as they are not kneeling when they chew!); if in this land where Consecrated Hosts are stolen and sold for the-devil-only-knows-what; if in this land where most church custodians can tell of instances where Jesus Christ has been tossed away—discarded like carnival litter! if in this land where the council of bishops pressures us into a lukewarm, smarmy, casual posture when we come before the One who was humiliated, tortured and crucified for us! would it not be perfect if in this land and in this very diocese named for the Sacredness of the Body of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, if at last the little people rebelled and said: Enough! Ya vasta! No more profanations! No more greasy familiarity! Corpus Christi Dominus est!

Kneeling Catholic is an insane person! A little person in Corpus Christi diocese insanely dedicated to presenting the Bishop of the most beautifully named diocese in all the world with a petition signed solely by us laity which begs his Excellency to follow the Pope’s example. Think of it sisters and brothers! Does His Holiness give us this humble example for us to ignore or to heed? Do not protest: ‘We are only laity!’ In the 4th century the vast majority of Catholic priests and bishops were ready to teach us Arianism – a lie—which tried to rob Jesus Christ of His Majesty. Three things stood in the way of their cowardly, blasphemous lie: Saint Athanasius, the Pope and the little people—the laity- us!

Is it not tragic that 17 centuries later we again are being mislead to rob Jesus Christ of His Majesty, passing Him out as if He were – to quote Athanasius Schneider—crackers at a picnic? But thanks be to God that He has again given us an Athanasius (Schneider)! And He has given us a Pope! What about ---- us?

To discover who Kneeling Catholic is, watch this slide show: ante El las Rodillas se doblan (Before Him knees will bend!) It honors the Mexican martyrs and the brave cristeros of the 1920’s. [They knew how to kneel for Jesus!] If it pumps fire into your veins, then you will know who Kneeling Catholic is.

Kneeling Catholic is you!