Thursday, April 16, 2009

They caught me on my knees adoring Jesus

Kneeling Catholic promised sometime ago to reward its contributors. Therefore I need to recognize a couple of people, maybe three or four. First: Mr. Cristero! You know who you are! I don’t want to say even your first name since it is so unique that if anyone googles it theywill find you right away! Mr. Cristero helped me identify the artist of this UTUBE slide show. "They caught me on my knees adoring Jesus Christ!

El Vicente Fernandez! It is another tribute to the brave and pius Cristeros. I told you they knew how to "kneel for Jesus"! Cristero is getting that Edmund Campion DVD I promised even though he hasn’t figured out how to post yet.

Our other winner is Father James who really did post and will be referred to as the Brave One from now on. Sorry all you timid people. Father gets the cool name. If you post now, you’ll have to be satisfied with Brave Two, Three, etc. Pray for him! All priests! And for our bishop! Honorable mention goes to Jeremy [who reminds us to pray for our bishop!] and Helen [who reminds us that even Jesus knealt] and for their kind emails.

Here is what Vicente is saying [translation by Daniel Muller on]

They will shoot me on Tuesday at six o'clock in the morning
For believing in the eternal God and in the great Guadalupana.
They found a holy card of Jesus in my hat;
That is why they sentenced me:because I am a Cristero.
That is why they will shoot me on Tuesday in the morning;
They will kill my useless body but never, never my soul.
I tell my executioners that I want them to crucify me;
And, once crucified,that then they use their rifles.
Farewell, highlands of Jalisco,Michoacan, and Guanajuato,
Where I fought the government which always fled running.
They caught me on my knees adoring Jesus Christ;
They knew that there was no defense in that sacred place.
I am a peasant by inheritance Jaliscan from birth;
I have no other god but Christ because He gave me my existence.
Killing me will never end belief in the eternal God;
Many remain in the strife and others are yet to be born.
That is why they will shoot me on Tuesday in the morning.
[Long live Christ the King!]
[translation by Daniel Muller on]

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  1. It would also help to insert a picture of Blessed Miguel Pro kneeling just prior to his martyrdom.