Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trouble in Corpus Christi


A disclaimer is needed! I live in the Corpus Christi Diocese (USA!) and am conducting a campaign to petition our local bishop to follow our Holy Father's example and reinstitute Communion kneeling and on the tongue. I love that so many of you live in other countries, but I am frustrated that my message is not resounding here locally nearly as well! I have been sending out emails to many Catholic activists in our diocese. On Friday I invited all of them to please let me know if they did not want to receive any more notifications. About 7 % - so far- have written to request termination. Here is a letter (my comments in red) from "Betty" (not her real name) on Friday.

>>My spiritual discernment is "unquieted" by your e-mails. (The emails consist of a link to the blog. ) >>I cannot discern if you are good or bad at this time. <<(Join the club! God Almighty will eventually have His say about me. I only ask that you prayerfully consider my cause and pray for my soul on that day of reckoning!) .>>I do not know if you are really a priest or not. <<<( I'm not! I apologize if I haven't made myself clear.)>>Until I feel "content" in my spirit that what you are doing is "good" and not just confusion good Catholics,<<, (Now Betty!, your statement reminds me of an anecdote I once heard about a sign posted on an old dilapidated castle somewhere across the sea: "Anyone Caught Destroying These Ruins Will Be Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of the Law!" :-) I seek clarity! I crave it! I see the Pope moving in one direction and our U. S. Bishops either ignoring him or mocking him, as Cardinal Foley did at Easter. Who is right? Who is sewing confusion?)...

(Here is a direct email from a MSGR "Betty" [not his real last name] in one of the diocese's wealthy parishes)
>>Do not send me any more of these e-mails!!! << (K. C. is ruffling a few feathers. Pray for our cause and the Holy Father's intentions!)

btw, thank you Fr. Finegan and "the-hermeneutic-of-continuity" and "my heart was restless" blogs for your kind words!

Here is the text of our petition:

To: The Most Reverend Edmond Carmody, Seventh Bishop of the Diocese of Corpus Christi

Your Excellency:

On July 11th 2008 a thief snuck in and stole the Holy Eucharist right out of
the monstrance in Corpus Christi Cathedral’s adoration chapel. In that same month a
professor in Minnesota advertised on the internet for people to send him stolen Hosts so he could “commit real sacrilege.” The scoundrel received quite a number, apparently from people who simply strolled off with them out of Communion lines. This same skulking technique was used this year by a man who attempted to sell a Host from the Papal Mass in Washington D. C. on E-bay.

In the face of these blatant attacks on Jesus Christ we believe we would be fooling ourselves if we did not recognize the fact that there are those among us who do not worship the Holy Eucharist and even some whose only desire to handle our Lord is that they might desecrate Him.
We believe it is significant for all Catholics that on the occasion of this year’s Feast of Corpus Christi, the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, chose to reinstitute the ancient and solemn practice of kneeling, adoring, to receive Our Lord and since that time His Holiness refuses to distribute Communion in the hand.

Therefore, in light of the above named sacrilege as well as our Holy Father’s humble example, we, the undersigned laity of the only diocese in the entire world named for the solemnity of the Body of Our Lord and Savior in the Blessed Sacrament, do fervently desire that our diocese imitate the Holy Father’s example. We pray for the day when Corpus Christi ceases to be a diocese where Catholic schools pressure children into hand Communion and where every Sunday scores of parishioners “pop” our Lord into their mouths along with their chewing gum! We implore Your Excellency: Help us make reparation for crimes committed against the King of Kings! Let us fall on our knees, in adoration and in sorrow. Let us hear angels sing! We beg you, please reinstitute the solemn practice of distributing Holy Communion – on the tongue and kneeling for those who are able.

[followed by a signature table with the headings....
Printed Name Signature Parish Date]

feel free to copy, borrow, whatever, if you would like to petition your own bishops! (or maybe suggest an improvement.)
btw, thank you Fr. Finegan and "the-hermeneutic-continuity" and "my heart was restless" blogs for your kind words!

K. C.


  1. Hi,

    I am a Dutch Catholic (converted from atheism) and if you want my advice...

    I live in a progressive parish where everyone just sits. Most people receive H. Communion on their hands, standing up. Our church is very modern (built in the 60's) and we sit in an halfcircle 'round the altar. There are no communionbanks only a few kneelingchairs in the small side chapel.

    Since I've become a Catholic, I have sought a way that fitted my (franciscan)heart. And I came in contact with more conservative catholics and eventually with TLM.

    Now, a TLM Mass is about 10 bridges too far for most of my parishioners and I can understand why my parishpriest is reluctant to use the old form for H. Mass. BUT...

    That doesn't meen I CANT receive the H. Body of Christ kneeling, on my tongue?
    There's no law against that. On the contrary: if you kneel in front of the priest and stick out you're tongue, he HAS to comply. No matter what anyone else thinks of says....

    I know some friends of mine started kneeling in Groningen, and soon the number of kneelers increased.

    So if you want kneeling and tongue-communion in your parish, just start doing it yourself!

    And if your parish-priest refuses you H. Communion that way, tell the bishop. And if HE refuses....well,....I hope it won't come to that....

    Any way, good initiative, and good luck!

  2. Thanks Alina-Ofs! It is ironic that quite a number of the people who have signed the petition still stand and take Communion in the hand. I don't understand it, but I appreciate their support. I think they just want their Bishop to lead!


  3. Courage, KC! Your efforts are worthwhile. Many Saints were filled with zeal but were confounded in their lifetimes. Did that matter to God and to His Kingdom? I think not!

    Remember that the people reading your emails do not have a clear discernment of the Truth, so when it is presented to them they react in strange ways. Since many of them may not have met you but are receiving lots of emails, it is probably comfortable for them to cast you as a "nutter" so that they do not have to think any further about the matter. Keep at it - keep presenting the Truth to people and pray for a miracle of grace that they may see it.

    Evangelisation always carries an element of mortification, so thank the Lord and offer it up!

    God bless, Jane

  4. >>it is probably comfortable for them to cast you as a "nutter"<<

    maybe they're on to something!

    Thanks Jane Teresa!