Monday, April 20, 2009

Prefect for the CDWDS reinstalls Cathedral Communion rail

and expressly the encourages the faithful to kneel!

If this keeps up, kneelingcatholic will soon be out of business

Te Deum laudamus!!!

The pope's new Prefect of the CDWDS has just left Toledo Spain where his final acts were to reinstall the commuion rails and encourage the faithful to use them.

This is just in from New Liturgical Movement!>>>

Reporter: A few days ago you prompted the faithful to receive Holy Communion kneeling. Does the Church by reforming the liturgy in this way come closer to man?

Cardinal Cañizares: Communion kneeling signifies respect for God, it is the heart of man which prostrates itself before the One Who loves him unto the end. These are signs, it is not about change for change's sake, it is about looking for the whole meaning and overcoming the secularisation of our world. One of the objectives of our congregations is to realise in these years a great campaign of liturgical formation.<<<

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