Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pray for Father Peter Marsalek!

"CORPUS CHRISTI — The Rev. Peter M. Marsalek, tennis pro turned engineer then priest and educator, is the bishop’s choice to restructure two Diocese of Corpus Christi schools." [Caller Times reporter Mike Baird]

This is just in! The article does not mention that Father Marsalek is an advocate of kneeling during Holy Communion!

But Kneeling Catholic's sources report that this is indeed the case!

One of the saddest things K. C. sees is when people with good intentions and good sense, miss opportunities because they let other "experts" set their priorities. In Bishop Schneider's interview with Father Pacwa [or was it Al Kresta?!], the bishop tells how an Italian priest finally got the courage to present Bishop Schneider's book, Dominus Est!, to his congregation and caused an erruption!
The parish, in which previously everyone took Communion, indifferently in their hands, voluntarily switched to receiving Communion on the tongue, and the young people insisted upon kneeling. They then asked the priest: "Why were we never told this before? "

Father, our children are being kept in careful, guarded, ignorance by a group of tired, worn-out leaders. They [and we] live, as St. Edmund Campion put it, 'in a kingdom of un-learned ears'! Please, Teach them! (and us!)

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