Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Picasso once did beautiful work!


I've heard it said that beauty is the ally of truth. Perhaps it is no accident that as we see truth obscured, we are also subjected to banal, ugly liturgies and just plain ugly church buildings.
Is it not right to say that Judas was the first 'modern' person in that he railed against "extravagance" in our worship of Jesus? He certainly thought that woman with the alabaster jar had gone a little overboard. I think our opponents see people who kneel as going a little overboard. But how can we see Marines at Iwo Jima, or Padre Pio, or doomed cristeros all kneeling for Holy Communion and not want to go a little overboard?

Shouldn't we be wanting to identify ourselves with people like Padre Pio, Mary Magdalene, the grateful leper, the hundred generations of Catholics, before the great 'wreckovation', who knealt before Jesus and did not approach Him standing like Judas Iscariot?

Thank you Mrs. Flanery for reminding us of this!

K. C.

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