Friday, April 24, 2009

Help me entitle this post!

I'm speechless!


  1. The Kneeling Catholic meets the Posing Catholic

  2. I see Bishop Wuerhle (sp?)there.

    Forgive my ignorance--who is who in the top picture?

    Come read Letter to Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos on my blog. It covers my atttempts to kneel at two parishes in my neighborhood (which I cannot go to, but must drive forty five minutes west to get to a place where they kneel to receive Our Lord, and do not stand about and chat in church after mass.

    I wish my local parish knelt, or at least provided me with a place to kneel, even. How could I influence them? I went there for daily mass many times and knelt, which is difficult to do on a bare floor, for someone with arthritis. But they just watched me struggle up and down, they never got the hint or took pity and motioned me to a place to kneel on a kneeler. So I quit going. Now I don't have daily mass.

  3. How about: Actions speek louder than words...Guess who's the real catholic?"

  4. Janet,

    The top photo is the Blessed [as of 1999]Padre Pio! A priest who despite his vocation, saw the value and meaning of kneeling. That's pretty good identifying of the archbishop! btw one of my sources was in Washington D. C. during summer and got to hear Bishop Wuerl go on and on about how he really "showed the pope" what America was all about during the now infamous D. C. papal Mass. Wuerl was apparently using the Mass to make a point.

    Shepherd, I think you might have just won, however the blog Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam made a play with the Spanish word for 'pious', i.e. pio that could be employed here and take the prize. "El pio y el impio"

  5. Thanks KC and thank you for an excellent blog.
    Janet Baker may like to try kneeling on one knee a la genuflection style. This is reverent, helpful to arthritis sufferers and gets the message across (hopefully)

  6. Thanks KC and thanks for an excellent blog.