Monday, April 13, 2009

USCCB goes to bat for President Obama! (a parody)


After withering criticism for last week's protocol faux pas with a Thuringian potentate, President Obama has finally gotten some support from an unexpected quarter: the United States Council of Catholic Bishops. Today a USCCB spokesman, Cardinal C. A. Goh (Noveo Nada Archdiocese) remarked that when the President got down on both knees and clasped his hands together before the Thuringian Emperor he was only displaying the standard show of respect due to a peer of equal dignity. Cardinal C. A. Goh appearing agitated continued: “For 40 years, ever since we repealed the ‘lex orandi lex credendi’** rule, standing has been declared to mean the same thing as kneeling. I don’t see why anyone, especially Catholics could so misinterpret the President’s gesture! We repealed ‘lex orandi’ just a few short years after we suspended ‘gravitas terrae’***. When will you people finally get it!? “

The cardinal’s mention of the ‘gravitas terrae’, is a reference to the U. S. Catholic Bishops’ temporary suspension of the ‘gravitas terrae” in an attempt to aid the first Catholic president’s much vaunted space program.

(Parody! A Joke! Do not enter into Wiki)

* not his real name
**how we pray expresses, (and forms) what we believe
***the earth’s gravity
[No one, not the USCCB, not the Vatican, not even the Pope can declare a truth, like ‘lex orandi’ to be abrogated!]

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