Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Doug Kmiec, a hand Communion Catholic

Dear Friends,

President Obama's number one 2008 Catholic backer was Doug Kmiec. We probably don't need to go into all Mr. Kmiec has done to get Catholics over their opposition to a candidate allied with abortion, embryonic stem-cell experimentation, artificial birth control, human cloning, homosexual marriage, etc. Mr. Kmiec' recommendation for opposing these crimes against human dignity is simply to promote them. Never mind the contradiction there....he's a professor! [btw.our own diocesan newspaper, South Texas Catholic granted Mr. Kmiec some free space just prior to the election]

Part of Kmiec' scheme was to stir up sympathy because in Sep. of 2008 he had been denied Holy Communion. Listen to his story:
[he's green, I'm red]

...But I was not to receive the Eucharist that evening. The couples who stood in line before my wife and myself received the body of Christ in their hands or on their tongues and returned to their seats. My wife received. My hand outstretched, the priest shook his head from side to side. [Kmiec is a hand Communion kind of guy? I'm shocked I tell you, shocked!!]Was that a no?...... All the traditions--prayers before meals, May alters and rosaries, novenas and indulgences, the pilgrimages to ten churches on Good Friday--all had somehow been zeroed out. [Does Prof. Kmiec think his pious litany should have given him leverage with God Almighty?]

Friends! Sisters and brothers! We are being fed the line that it is possible to do all kinds of things in our worship which were foreign to our Catholic ancestors; take Communion in the hand; turn our churches into 'modern art'; jump around and sing like snake handlers; etc; and yet , 'they' say, we can still keep our same ancient Faith. I have two words for 'them'- lex orandi!

It seems that many of the Holy Father's 'conservative friends' like Cardinal Schonborn (the Cardinal of the now famous balloon mass ! ) think you can mix weird worship with orthodox belief.

But I must remind you that it was less than a year a go that Professor Kmiec would have also been named as a 'conservative friend' of the pope! False friends these are! They shed their orthodoxy as easily as they flick Crumbs of the most Holy Eucharist from their unworthy hands!

If the new prefect for the CDWDS says the pope is surrounded by enemies, then all can not be well! If priests and bishops are going to let Christ's vicar 'twist in the wind' (and they will,) then it is up to the laity to support their Holy Father and let their voices be heard!Otherwise the the pope's efforts to heal and restore the Church are doomed. He is crying out to us! Will we help him? Are days of Catholic courange over ? Where is don Camillo? .

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  1. Doug writes about why he was refused Holy Communion on no other website than (drum roll): . Pretty disconcerting, if you ask me.