Friday, March 8, 2013

Will Cardinal Ranjith be our next pope?

We can always hope! (and pray!)

I might add, k.c. is not the only one backing Cardinal Ranjith!...
"The Remnant" ( is fully behind him! (this is after they apparently attacked him in 2006....(

This would be one more reason to choose Cardinal Ranjith.....he has a way of winning over 'difficult' people....

And.....he speaks 10 languages!  American bishops would not be able to 'pull the wool' over his eyes (as most certainly did happen when they waved the original, dreadful, discredited and discarded ICEL translation in front of confused Vatican eyes back in the 70's (60's?) )

On another note, another strong Asian contender for pope, Cardinal Tagle of Manila.,  seems to have "gotten one over" on Pope Benedict XVI and his vettors according to Sandro Magister,
.  Apparently Tagle's connection to a liberal organization, School of Bologna, was concealed until after he was made a cardinal......

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this one of Cardinal Tagel is not encouraging!!!

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