Saturday, March 30, 2013

Corpus Christi Diocese Master of Ceremonies Continues Making Altar Servers Kneel for Holy Communion!

Here's some good news for all you out there, bellyaching about our new Holy Father!

Pope Francis' quiet example of making even his deacons kneel for Communion does seem to be filtering down.  Corpus Christi's altar servers now, just now-not before this Holy Week, kneel at our seldom-used Communion rail for Holy Communion!  I noted this in the previous post for our Chrism Mass...but it is been going on all-week-long!
 k.c. suspects that it is the Diocesan Master of Ceremonies who is behind this move....

Good for him!  Pray for him (and for MSGR Marini)

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  1. Good progress in restoring respect to this great gift of Jesus.