Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Did Dr. Scott Hahn's 2005 prediction about Benedict XVI come true?

(Dr.Hahn's 2005 quote regarding Pope Benedict XVI's future papacy)

...He'll direct our attention away from the hot-button issues, which are really peripheral issues -- such as the battles over liturgical language and decoration. , [k.c.'s emphases].....We'll see very soon how this plays out in his pontificate. The synod in October will conclude the Year of the Eucharist with a Churchwide reflection on the Eucharist. Watch for the themes I mentioned: the heavenly liturgy, the de-politicization of the liturgy, [k.c.'s emphases] and the re-sacralization of the liturgy....

Thankfully, I believe,  Dr. Hahn's prediction of a resacralization of the liturgy did occur, however it seems to have occurred thru  Pope Benedict XVI's emphasis upon what Dr. Hahn said would not be emphasized......
or am I reading him wrong....?

Isn't kneeling for Communion a 'hot-button issue'?

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