Thursday, February 1, 2018

Mexican American Students from Corpus Christi lead Texas March for Life

Another upbeat, optimistic blog post!  The students interviewed below represent 100  Saint John Paul II High School students who marched for life this past weekend.  As mentioned in the title, the school is overwhelming Mexican American while Corpus Christi's other Catholic high school is mostly 'anglo' and more affluent. It does not support the March for Life.

This school was founded by our Bishop Emeritus Edmund Carmody (back in 2007 I think)
 I am very proud that SJPII has such a dedicated tradition of pro-life activities and solid teachers, like Mr. Nye-who is also present in the interview below. (full-disclosure: three of our children were students of Mr. Nye)

Listen to four of this year's marchers being interviewed yesterday on our local radio station.....

Saint John Paul II Students Lead Texas' 2018 March for Life

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