Saturday, February 17, 2018

FBI Director Christopher Wray SHOULD BE FIRED

Florida Governor Rick Scott is reported to be calling for Christopher Wray's resignation after it was learned that the FBI had received specific reports about the Florida High School Shooter's identity, intent, etc.  The FBI admits it did not EVEN follow its own standard operating procedures. Better things to do, eh?


This is the same FBI which spent the last year  pouring over FAKE FACEBOOK ADS and thousands of hours texting and being preoccupied with a presidential election, yet it did not have time nor inclination to follow up a very specific threat  to American children?  Better things to do, eh?

as of yet few people seem to get it

words like 'not on my watch', 'a captain goes down with his ship' come to mind.

If the President doesn't see this, I will be scandalized!


  1. Wray should be fired! He must be a mole for the deep state!

  2. Sorry, Cha-Chi for the long delay and thanks for your comment!